94 Positioning Strategy Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Positioning Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues
    How to describe Lush marketing strategy? 🧼 This essay researches Lush Cosmetics marketing plan and Lush competitive advantages. 📊 Read the paper to learn more about how Lush produces and sells the best fresh handmade cosmetics. ✨
  2. The Cooler Bag's Advertising and Promotion Plan
    The advertising and promotion plan will require the company to spend more than what its competitors will spend to enable it to gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Alibaba Brand Image & New Strategy Analysis
    What is Alibaba brand image? 📢 Alibaba, founded in China, is one of the leading and fast-growing e-commerce companies. 📈 This paper presents a powerful Alibaba brand strategic plan that can make the company more successful.
  4. Product Development Life Cycle Phases
    The product development life cycle demonstrates phases through which a product creates revenues or starts to be beneficial for the organization.
  5. Apple’s iHealth Product Marketing Plan
    iHealth is a new Apple product that not only has a modern design but also can be used to measure blood pressure, pulse, and other important medical characteristics.
  6. Coca-Cola and Pepsi Companies Strategies
    The Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo are the global industry leaders as far as soft drinks are concerned. Different industry players struggle to achieve market leadership and control their competitors.
  7. Coca Cola Company in China
    Over the past few years Coca Cola has attempted to gain a foothold into the Chinese market through a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.
  8. Reflektive, Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
    Reflektive, Inc., faces stiff competition in the market. The only way of developing and maintaining a pool of loyal customers is to embrace different marketing strategies.
  9. Apple Inc.'s Business Environment in 2015
    Apple Inc. has established its position in the business world by depicting itself as an outstanding technology company on the global arena.
  10. Canterbury Company: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
    This report will discuss an integrated marketing communication strategy for Canterbury of New Zealand or the Canterbury Clothing Company.
  11. Etihad Airline Project: Strategic Management
    Etihad Airways should focus on supplying its consumers with premium products that suit their needs and experiences. The premises should be furnished in a luxurious manner.
  12. Starbucks Company: Market Analysis
    Starbucks offers a range of coffee products including fresh brewed coffee, packaged coffee, tea, food, mugs, and coffee making hardware.
  13. Product Marketing Throughout Three Time Zones
    The relevance and suitability of measuring customer expectations, customer perceptions, customer satisfaction, and service quality is very essential in evaluating perspectives.
  14. Fly Dubai Airline's Market Analysis and Strategies
    The marketing audit report presents a comprehensive situational analysis of different strategies that the low-cost Fly Dubai Airline.
  15. Consumer Innovativeness: A Marketing Approach
    The result of increased consumer loyalty is an increase in products that a given organization produces and sells, and as such, an eventual advancement in the scale of revenues.
  16. Kit Kat Marketing Strategy & Rebranding
    Are you researching KitKat target market? 🍫 Read this study to explore the Kit Kat marketing strategy of rebranding. 📝 The scope of the report includes the marketing mix and recommendations. ✔️
  17. NMC Healthcare Company's Mission and Vision
    The work uncovers the topic of the importance to be a mission- and vision-oriented company operating in the healthcare sector on the example of NMC Healthcare.
  18. Jouf Water Company's Strategic Marketing
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to analyze the appropriate strategies that Jouf Water Company should use in the new market, based on marketing mix elements.
  19. Clarins Company's Strategic Analysis
    The skincare and the make-up market is currently very saturated. The French brand Clarins benefits from such opportunities as market growth and the eco-oriented generation.
  20. Halal Diet Products' Marketing Plan
    There is no big gap regarding the views of potential customers about the special Halal Diet which will be offered in the market.
  21. SunTrust Bank and Bank of America: Marketing Concepts
    The marketing strategies that are chosen should ensure that the customers are given the best services so as to maintain them and to improve on their well being and that of the society’s at large.
  22. Adidas Company's Position and Performance
    Short term liquidity position of Adidas Company has been analyzed below. A number of ratios were calculated during the last 5 years for analysis purposes.
  23. Starbucks Marketing Strategy
    The strategy of Starbucks was to increase the access to its consumers on a level which the competition could not even think of
  24. ExxonMobil Singapore's Strategic Analysis
    ExxonMobil's market position is strategically important in light of the growing demand for oil from regional countries such as China and India.

💡 Essay Ideas on Positioning Strategy

  1. Perceptual Map Simulation
    Competition is not only restricted to your local market; with increasing globalization, the entire international forum is becoming your playing field.
  2. Viability of a New Invention in Gymnasium Industry
    This report would discuss the appropriate way to a new business in energy gymnasium industry as an extended business of the firm named “Amazing Ideas”.
  3. Comcast Cable Company: Strategy Review
    The company offers fast internet connection, clear broadband phone service, digital services and other innovative programming.
  4. Nokia Marketing Plan Analysis
    Nokia, the pioneer of mobile phone producers in the whole world, has many differentiated products. This report is a marketing plan concerning to market these products.
  5. Jordan’s Landscaping: Marketing Management Plan
    in the case of Jordan’s, they provide an all-around the year property maintenance for any project that they have maintained for very competitive rates.
  6. Google: Strategic Management Case
    Google offered advertising solutions, international internet search solutions, through its portal that means the computing domicile site for a web browser on the internet.
  7. Adventure Tours Australia: International Marketing Plan
    In order to introduce a new product to the market it is important that a comprehensive marketing strategy be developed by considering target market, market segment and positioning.
  8. Furniture Company: Marketing Research and Enhancement
    This report identifies the future changes in the trends of the furniture market and also recommends possible strategies which can be helpful to recover from this situation.
  9. Positioning and Brand Management in Coca-Cola
    In the case of Coca-cola positioning and brand management is the key point of the company’s sustainability and survival in the open market.
  10. American Automobile Industry
    This paper is based on the American automobile industry’s recent integrated marketing communication strategies.
  11. Report on George at ASDA
    This paper is a report on the business operations of George at ASDA in the value clothing market in the UK and the challenges it faced in the market.
  12. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.
  13. Street’s Ice-Cream Company’s Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
    The ice cream product can adopt various strategies involved in marketing to improve its image and sales to the public: advertising, branding, customer focus and sales promotion.
  14. Diesel Product Line Role in Male Beauty Products Market
    This paper mainly focuses on the product line of Diesel in male beauty products through the various aspects and explains some strategies to establish the brand in the market.
  15. Strategic Management in Ryanair
    The paper examines the strategic management structure and two Mintzberg models implemented in Ryanair Airlines Company.
  16. Marketing Analysis of GameStop
    This research deals with a market analysis of Game stop and its ability to use e-marketing theory, its competition, customers and marketing needs, target market profile, etc.
  17. Starbucks Corporation's Promotion Strategy
    Starbucks has engaged in some promotion strategies in its coffee and beverage business to emerge as a global market leader.
  18. Primark Stores Limited’s Supply Chain Management
    The discussion involves an analysis of the role of supply chain management in the fashion retail sector. The analysis entails Primark Stores Limited as an example.
  19. Honey Monster Cereal Products: Brand Extension
    Brand extension is one facet of brand positioning. Honey Monster has evolved from a product promoting mascot into a company banner due to its acceptability and popularity.
  20. Middlesex University: Integrated Marketing Communication
    The plan is designed for Middlesex university for conducting a seminar in Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego, Portugal for attracting more number of students.
  21. Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack: Case Analysis
    This paper has centered to represent an analysis and examination of the merger between Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack, and an investigation of whether it would be successful or not.
  22. Personal Finance Tesco Company
    Tesco Plc is known as major grocery retail store worldwide. But now Tesco is going to offer Consumer Banking n the financial market to gather potential customers.
  23. We Simplify the Internet: Internet Accessability for SMEs
    The mission statement of WSI Internet Consulting is increasing the growth and profitability of SMEs businesses through an enhanced and efficient provision of internet solutions.
  24. Product Positioning in Oligopolistic Markets
    An oligopoly is a kind of market structure wherein a few sellers control the proceedings in an industry or a certain market segment.

👍 Good Positioning Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Sony Corporation and Its Product: Marketing Planning
    Marketing planning provides the basic means for designing the marketing mix, implementing marketing programs, and establishing new marketing objectives.
  2. Hong Kong Greenking Food Stuff Co Ltd.: Case Study
    The company selected for analysis is Hong Kong Greenking Food Stuff Co Ltd. This company specializes in frozen food distributed through traditional stores and the Internet Web Site.
  3. Marketing in Everyday Life
    The aim of the paper is to analyze two business organizations, which operate on a single market sphere; investigating the respective marketing activities of these organizations.
  4. Marketing and Its Segmentations
    It is important for the company to implement effective marketing strategies. Before a company determines the correct marketing strategy, it must first analyze its place in the market.
  5. Consultancy Business Proposal for M&S
    M&S’s problems have been created by its rigidity to change and this implies that changes from within can alter the company’s results in the future.
  6. Coca-Cola: Product Development Analysis
    This paper aims at analyzing some of the reasons that have made some products successful while others fail to gain market.
  7. Sony’s Brand Strategy: The Effectiveness Brand Strategy in the Creation of Brand Value
    Due to the measures that the management has in place, the Sony brand will continue to reverberate across the Electronics sector, but this can only be for some time.
  8. Toyota Prius – Marketing Plan
    The paper will attempt to present a marketing plan for the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Prius has launched a few years ago and has seen a significant degree of success.
  9. Red Hook and Widmer: Corporate and Industry Background
    Craft Brewers Alliance Inc has demonstrated its strong position as a market leader in a market dominated by stiff competition from the national brewing companies.
  10. New Emerging Genre From Hip-Hop and the Music Industry
    This report details the process involved in achieving successful launch of the product in the market for Starshots Glamour Company. The company uses unique pricing strategy.
  11. Aussie Pooch Mobile Pty: Strategic Plan
    The main success factors include the popularity of the brand among customers and franchisees and the increase of the company revenues.
  12. Apple and Microsoft Companies' Marketing Approaches
    Marketing strategy determines the choice of market segments that the company is targeting and it is part of the strategic direction of the company.
  13. Subway Franchise's Positioning Strategy
    The changing social environment and the lack of proper marketing campaign strategies that support Subway's repositioning are limiting rapid success in terms of market penetration.
  14. Consumer Behavior Audit: Anoush Soap
    In this review we are going to lay our focus on a toilet soap called Anoush, which is manufactured in the United States and go-ahead to look at how well it can perform in Brazil.
  15. Strategic Brand Management: Coca-Cola and Pepsi Brand
    Branding is one of the most important marketing strategies. This paper looks at brand management strategies as used in Coca cola and Pepsi brands.
  16. Market Share of Lowe’s Corporation Improving
    The competitor analysis of the Lowe’s market share shows that the company actually needs strategies for improvement.
  17. Abercrombie & Fitch: Brand Revitalization and Extension Strategies
    The target customer for A&F brand must be extended in terms of demographics i.e. age, sex, color, and race. The traditional white man’s wear concept of the brand must be changed.
  18. Pfizer Inc.: Company Analysis
    Competition is the main threat and problem facing Pfizer Inc. bearing in mind that any loss or decline in market opportunities is a potential killer to any business.
  19. Marketing of Services in Industry Sector: General Electrics
    This article will explain why the product dichotomy in marketing theory is no longer sustainable, how services are not different and how marketers just need to look beyond ‘goods’.
  20. Marketing Fundamentals to Magnolia Web Studio
    Demonstration of the applicability of the marketing concepts to promote the website Magnolia Web Studio. The paper contains an overview of the general marketing concept
  21. Dena’s Salon: Marketing Plan
    Dena’s salon is a professional beauty salon committed to providing every time highly customer’s satisfaction through its rendering outstanding service.
  22. Tukster Hotel: Business Strategy
    The context of the business strategy of the Tukster Hotel will involve the in-depth analysis of the resources, capability, competitive advantage, and strategic formulation.
  23. Jet Airways' Strategic Financial Management
    The purpose of this report is to evaluate the strategic position of Jet airways. Jet Airways is one of the leading private airlines in India.
  24. Saxonville Sausage Company: Ann Banks' Case
    Saxonville Sausage Company hired Ann Banks for analysis of the company’s relevant reports and she offered new brand positioning and marketing strategies.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Positioning Strategy

  1. Vodafone’s Marketing Strategy Within the UK Market
    With the rapid globalization aided by technological advancement, the information technology industry has bequeathed man with an easy way of communication.
  2. Corporate Travel Services' Tourism Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan aims at creating an environment for the Corporate Travel Services company that will allow it to survive the current downturn of the global economy.
  3. Sweet Bits Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Strategy
    Various products manufactured by SBC will remain faithful to the principles of high-quality, low-cost, organic, and ethically manufactured food
  4. Nokia: Market Planning
    Segmentation, targeting and positioning are the most important elements in marketing. Segmentation helps to identify market segments where a product can be marketed.
  5. McDonald's, Tesla and Apple: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
    This article will explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning using the examples of McDonald's, Tesla Motors and Apple Inc.
  6. Easy Jet Marketing Plan and Reflection Report
    Easy Jet is Europe’s leading short-haul airline with a market presence in more than 30 countries around the world.
  7. Gogo Juice Company: Financial Plan
    Financial projections indicate that it should begin making a substantial profit, which will keep multiplying, by the end of its 3rd year with an initial capital of $200,000.
  8. Using Perceptual Maps in Market Simulation
    To ensure that sales revenue of products is increased, it is necessary to consider the product situation and include the necessary parameters to be used in the marketing strategy.
  9. L’Oreal Paris Strategic and Marketing Objectives
    This report aims to provide efficient marketing mix solutions to reach the company's strategic and operational marketing objectives.
  10. The Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Model
    The segmentation, targeting and positioning model proposes a method where a firm selects a segment of the market and delivers products that meet its needs in the best way possible.
  11. Emaar Hospitality Group's Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Strategies
    Emaar Hospitality Group focuses on high-end luxury hotels and restaurants that revolutionize the hospitality sector in the United Arab Emirates.
  12. Amazon Company: Internal & External Analysis
    This paper discusses the Amazon industry, the discussion includes the internal organizational audit, external stakeholder analysis, and strategic plan of the company.
  13. McDonald’s Accounting Information System
    This paper examines the information system of McDonald’s to respond to issues related to information systems and the accounting information system.
  14. Strategic Positioning: Management Accounting
    Strategic positioning can only be achieved through the integration of accounting practices with other practices of the organization.
  15. Holistic Marketing in Practice
    The changing legal and political environment can be a major problem for the sustainable growth of Royal Dutch Shell.
  16. Tesco Plc Company's Business Environment
    To analyze and evaluate the business environment of a Tesco Plc Company, factors like competitors, and the legal factor will be analyzed in this paper.
  17. JetBlue Airways' Hybrid Business Model
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the airline’s hybrid business model and how it has enabled the company to achieve sustainable growth in this market.
  18. Almarai Company and Dynamics of Business Environment
    A change in the political environment can change how corporations are governed and the models of business to adopt.
  19. Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) Charles Chocolates
    Strategy for the Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) Charles Chocolates Company of entering the vegan chocolate and chocolate milk markets in Trinidad and Tobago.
  20. The Animal Foodland Organization: Branding Strategy
    This paper will focus heavily on the marketing and branding strategy of the Animal Foodland organization in its region of operation.
  21. Emirates Airlines’ Business Model
    The mechanisms of segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the main components of Emirates Airlines’ business.
  22. Arrid Brand: Environmental Scan and Industry Analysis
    The report demonstrates Arrid's analysis, including environmental scan and industry analysis, and indicates the current brand's situation and its competitors.

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