Marketing Campaign: Analysis and Review

The overall Manager will be in charge of overseeing the functions of the business, decision making in conjunction with the other managers, staffing with the help of departmental managers, and budgeting of farm expenses with the help of departmental managers (Strauss, 2008).

Then there is the advertising manager vested with the responsibility of supervising marketing and distribution, sales promotion, and other company activities that so much concern the sales and marketing department.

The advertising manager does all the facilitating and collection of all resources used in advertising: this encompasses all efforts to solicit funds from the treasury and servicing of company vehicles and other facilities. This department is also responsible for the day-to-day operation staff will.

Among other key responsibilities, the sales staff will carry out all other front office services such as the reception of customers. They will also be expected to carry out immediate supervision, handle banking transactions, and take minutes of meetings.

To ensure the good performance of the enterprise, a regular staff evaluation based on their diligence, competence, and discipline will be carried out. This aims at establishing who needs to be promoted and who needs to be fired. The profit generated, and the level of stock may also be used, as parameters, to evaluate the staff (Miller, 2011).

Employee attributes like work skills, performance ability, social behavior, absenteeism, and communication relations that may greatly affect the enterprise’s productivity should be given an upper hand during the appraisal process.

Look for a new market, handle the sales directly, maintain contact with clients, and ensure the customer satisfaction, helping the manager to develop marketing strategies and securing orders from customers and negotiation purchase terms (Strauss, 2008).

Competition, knowledge, skills and demand always highly prompts for the formulation of a suitable marketing strategy as regards campaigns and marketing as a whole. It affects the choice and formulation of marketing strategy in the sense that, if the competitor’s products are sold at a lower price, more customers will shift to them. Also if the quality of goods or services offered by the competitors is high, an entrepreneur is likely to lose more customers as they go for the quality products. Thus the pricing and quality of products in a business determines the performance of the business in the midst of the competition offering the same products (Miller, 2011).

To win and maintain a reasonable number of customers the business offers quality products at affordable prices, demand as a factor affecting marketing strategy, it refers to customers expressed needs for the products being offered to the market by a business. When there is high demand the production rate is high and the business benefit from the economics of scale. When the demand is low the production rate will be low (Miller, 2011).

Skills and knowledge has an effect on the quality of the products. We ensure that the workers are competent and ready to care for customers. The marketing strategy policies include promotion policy such as displays, advertisements, after sale service. These methods inform customers aware of the services the business is offering to the market, the time, and in the conditions.

Pricing also affects the sales and the cost of the products. Most customers are likely to buy products from businesses offering them at the lowest price. When the business offer products at a low price it means that even the cost of production must be kept low for the sake of profitability. However this is likely to affect the quality of products to be produced. Nevertheless, the quality of the products also matters in pricing. Since the quality of the goods is excellent, customers will be willing to pay for the products (Strauss, 2008).

Marketing strategy has also to do with the location of the business. The business is at the strategic place that is easily accessible to customers. This is because the success of any business depends on the number of customers visiting, hence, the sales rate. The quality customers will not go for the quantity goods unless otherwise. The business management will, therefore, ensure that the products offered are of high quality (Gupta, 2006).

These are strategies laid down to extend the market area and increase the sales within the same market area with the same products by attracting customers. It is the goal that at the end of the financial year we are targeting to get at least 55% of the market share.

There are various ways of creating customer awareness to the premise. This through-: promotion booth/stand/public display, use of posters use of calendars, use of sign post, use of flyers and brochures and application of internet social networks and websites.

Public relation is also another scheme to make the campaign successful. This is possible through good customer care. Training salesmen on how to receive and serve customers, to always humble themselves even when customers are harsh.

The extents to which the products penetrate in the market depend on the prices of the products. The prices will be based on the following factors. Expenses incurred in the business should be taken into account. As regards competitors the business should bear in mind the prices that her competitors offer to their customers and the turn up of the services offered in relation to the prices before setting the price. The prices should give an edge over competitors and also ensure that a profit is realized (Gupta, 2006).

Distribution will be majorly made by use of Delivery trucks/pickups and customer picks. These vehicles will be used to ferry the produce to customers and also getting supplies from the suppliers. They will be put under regular servicing. The other mode of delivery will be customers coming to pick the products from the firm (Strauss, 2008).


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