Halal Diet Products’ Marketing Plan

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Market positioning entails making customers think more about the products that a firm or business offers in relation to the products offered by competing firms (Groucutt, Forsyth & Leadley, 2004). This is an opportunity for a firm to influence the perception of customers regarding the products that the firm is offering. This is a very important step in marketing and cannot be wished away as doing so will leave a vacuum in the marketing process. In this case, customers will fill the gap by positioning the product of the firm basing on the information that they get from competing firms. This will inevitably have detrimental effects on the marketing of the products (Cravens & Piercy, 2006).

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There is no big gap regarding the views of potential customers about the special Halal Diet which will be offered in the market. This is because the new diet is a modification of a product that has been in the market for quite a long time. The diet has been tailor-made to meet the emerging consumer needs in the food industry. The idea behind coming up with the halal diet was due to the consumer needs that were observed. The needs that were identified include the potentiality of expanding the product to the non-Muslim population; the need for weight loss among the Americans; and capturing of the changing eating habits.

The marketing of this diet will base on the diet’s diversity and the strategies that will be adopted in pricing. Basing on new findings from research, little additions can be made to the positioning strategies; though the above strategies will not be much altered.


Marketing strategies are determinant factors of success regarding a product that a firm plans to introduce in the market. It is important for the marketer to come up with simple strategies that can be easily understood and applied (Handlechner, 2008). When formulating marketing strategies, it is important to do an objective assessment of the status of the prevailing marketing efforts. This is because marketing strategies relate to the product that is being marketed, product pricing, the distribution mechanisms, and the means of promoting the product. All these are done in relation to the external business environment, which includes the strategies of competing firms, to enable the firm to achieve its marketing objectives (Kurtz, 2012).

The marketing strategies that have been put in place must be aligned to the general business plan of the company. The major aim of this business is to gain access to the market and the marketing strategies designed have comprehensively addressed this aspect. The marketing plan has been designed in a way to create a distinction of the Halal product in the market. This has been ensured by capturing all factors that differentiate the halal diet from other products. Firms are identified by their products; and the more diversified and unique the products of a firm in the market are, the more likely that the firm will have a positive image in the market. When the products have been known and sampled out or liked by the customers, the firm will attract more and customers thereby making more sales and becoming stronger compared to other firms already in the market. When the firm has gained a relatively stronger competitive advantage, it is easier to adjust to the dynamics of the market conditions through the application of creativity in adjusting the strategies. The strategies are not static and will be responsive to the market conditions through adjustments.

Marketing Mix Product

The marketing mix is a model that is made up of several features which are critical, and which have to be given a lot of attention in marketing. These features are the product itself; pricing of the product; promotion of the product; and product placement (Papantoniou, 1992).The brand name chosen is the first factor of distinction of the diet from other diets in the market. The brand name identified defines the product. Quality has been given a lot of consideration too. The first impression of customers towards the diet will be dependent on the quality of the diet. To attain a high quality of the product, there will be an assessment of different products of the same kind from different restaurants. The ideas gathered will be integrated to come up with a quality diet. Packaging of food is a very sensitive issue. In packaging, the color of the packages has to be considered. The packages must be attractive to the consumers to enhance sales volume. Adequate advertisement and promotional activities have been assigned to the right and efficient media in order to reach targeted customers. Sales promotions have also been put into consideration and more will be organized depending on the response gained from the previous promotions.

Since this will be confined in one state, retail distribution will be used to minimize the cost of distribution when the product picks up in the market. Meanwhile, negotiations will be done with retail food distribution firms and restaurants to reach agreements regarding the distribution of the diet. Price adjustments will be made to ensure that customers get quality products at pocket-friendly prices while at the same ensuring that profits are realized. Discounts will be negotiated with the retail distributors and implemented as per the agreements that will be reached. Major restaurants will be strategically located at different locations within the city.

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Marketing Research

Marketing research is a crucial process in business. It gives an entrepreneur or the firm a clear picture of the market – the customers in relation to the product that is being marketed (McQuarrie, 2006). Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed in conducting market research regarding the diet. Quantitative methods of research will be used in assessing the financial considerations in the marketing process. Qualitative research will be employed in gaining opinions from potential consumers about the diet. Surveys will be employed in this research to analyze the views of potential customers regarding the diet. This will involve the use of questionnaires, conducting short interviews, use of focused group discussions, and use of interview guides as well as passive and active observations. Secondary data and statistics will also be used. The main aim of the first research is to establish the potential number of customers through the responses that will be received from the sampled population. Other issues that will be captured include the preference of potential customers, as well as the other products of a similar nature that are mostly consumed by people. Dietary expectations will also be captured through the research (Beall, 2010).

The results from this research will be analyzed using scientific methods of data analysis after which a comprehensive report will be compiled. The report will be interpreted and applied in accordance with the initial plan. Additions and subtractions to the initial plan will be done based on this report. The major limitations that are expected in this research include funding constraints and difficulties in sampling due to the large area covered by the research.

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