21 Market Penetration Examples: Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, Etc. 

How did Google become the #1 search engine in the world? It processes over 90% of all internet searches! The answer is the market penetration strategy.

Please keep reading to figure out what market penetration is and how companies can increase their market shares.

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🔃 What Is Market Penetration Strategy?

A market penetration strategy is a method companies use to achieve a higher market share. This is a typical action plan for the most influential brands and those who are only starting. Combined with other business strategies, a well-planned market penetration guarantees success.

Marketing Penetration Strategy Explained

By definition, market penetration indicates how intensively a company’s product is used compared to the total estimated market for that product. A brand must first measure the current market share to acquire a better grasp of the market size and the percentage of people that purchase its products.


For example, a simple Apple market penetration strategy entails a steady stream of upgrades. As a result, Apple’s market share in the United States reached an all-time high.

How to Calculate Market Penetration?

To determine market penetration, use this formula:

Market Penetration Rate = (Number of Customers / Target Market Size) x 100

Here’s a market penetration example: If you live in a country with 100 million people and 10 million use your product, you have a 10% market penetration rate. Theoretically speaking, there are still 90 million people to whom you can reach out.

What Is Price Penetration in Marketing?

Penetration pricing is a marketing strategy when a manufacturer sets a low price for a product as an initial offering. The strategy aims to persuade customers to test the new product and gain market share while hoping to keep the customers after the prices return to normal.

✍️ A List of Market Penetration Strategies

  1. Price adjustment. A pricing adjustment strategy includes lowering or raising prices to boost sales.
  2. Marketing strategy changes. One example is the Coca-Cola market penetration strategy, where the product is remarketed as a catchall beverage rather than just a drink partnered with snacks.
  3. Quality standards improvement. Inform customers of the improved product quality, perhaps through a simple change in packaging.
  4. Thinking outside the box. Every marketing trick described in books has been implemented by major companies. Maybe it’s time to pull off something that’s never been done before.
  5. Sales promotion. Encourage customers to come back through loyalty programs or offer discounts and other perks.

🌟 Market Penetration Example – 4 Best Cases

Let’s look at these market penetration examples from the market giants. These companies invest a lot of effort in marketing, so there’s something to learn for everyone.


The Google market penetration strategy combines several tactics. Its aggressive strategy is a compelling blend of diverse product lines, appropriate pricing structures for various industries and markets, widespread product distribution, and cost-efficient promotions.


Another tremendous market penetration example is from Starbucks. They intensively expand their presence by growing the number of stores, elevating the coffee experience, and championing digital engagements.


One marketing penetration approach by Coca-Cola is the acquisition of its rivals in the same market. This is obviously not a viable strategy for startups, but it paid off handsomely. They now own Smartwater, Vitaminwater, and Minute Maid.


Amazon enjoyed rapid growth in the United States because of its market penetration strategy. They offer low costs and prices and implement an active marketing campaign to attract more customers.

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