Management Techniques Analysis

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The marketing executive job is a challenging occupation that plays a very vital role in an organization. For the success of every marketing department, the contribution of the marketing executive is of great importance. The marketing executive must be integrated well with the firm’s marketing strategies and visions to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Job description

The marketing executive position is challenging because of how large our firm is. Being an international organization, a marketing executive position covers a wide range of issues cutting across many dimensions on various marketing populations. The job position is very vital to the success of a firm as it contributes to the success of the marketing department. It is integrated into the marketing strategy and aimed at boosting the overall firm’s sales. The position plays a vital role in marketing through promoting the company products by developing marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns are held every now and then in our organization and their success largely contributes to our sales around the world. The position entails promoting our products both locally and internationally via available means. These include the internet. The major target for the job position is to have as many people as possible reached out and again to persuade them to buy our commodities. Other duties that are a constituent of this challenging job position include research, sponsorship, public relations, distribution, and event organization among others.

In essence, the job position entails carrying out research of the techniques and methods that should be applied to reach out to as many people as possible through efficient and economical means. Such research must focus on people’s tastes and preferences on the best method that should be utilized in advertising, the best time for various events, the types of populations on target, and the ability of the firm to achieve the desired results. The marketing executive position entails not only the research into better techniques and methods of reaching the sales target but also the planning of better means to achieve these targets. There are various techniques involved in the planning of the strategies aimed at achieving sales targets. But these mostly revolve around the customer and the products. The job entails planning for the best way to reach potential customers, the best time to do so, and how to achieve the maximum benefit out of advertisements. Launching of advertisement for our products has been carried out in a timely manner when we are likely to reach to more people, and when these people are likely to respond through buying our commodities. Since the company’s products have peak demand at particular periods of the year, it is through careful planning that as many commodities can be sold. The job entails finding out the possible changes in the consumption of particular media used for our advertisement. This is because culture is dynamic. We do not expect that the current trend in media consumption will remain the same. Since we anticipate that many people will be utilizing the internet, the devising of the strategies for internet advertising and planning is carried out in the marketing executive department. However, the job also entails finding out the actual patterns of media consumption among various people and communities. This is because it is well understood that cultures are dynamic and therefore analysis on the changes must be carried out to determine the best method possible to achieve the desired results, and in the best way possible.

The position carries the responsibility of organizing meetings and subsequent networking and negotiating with our suppliers around the world, customers-both local and international, and our suppliers. The interaction is not limited to physical, but recent advances have been aimed at empowering the marketing executive department to reach more people through the power of the internet. The position will entail reaching out, actually contacting customers and the aforementioned-either through physical engagements, emails, telephone calls, and any other relevant and available means-so as to ensure that they are up-to-date with our products and they can assess them easily. Included in the list of those to be contacted include partner organizations which have business interests with our companies. The job entails the determining of the priorities to such duties and responsibilities. The job will also entail the management of the relationships with customers and making sure that they are for the benefit of the firm. All means of communicating and keeping in contact with the aforementioned must be explored. The job will also entail placing advertisements in various local media and international media channels. Advertisements are placed on these means after careful consideration of the possibility of using the most effective channel. The planning of advertisements is also entailed in this job.

Advertisement is a very broad area that the marketing executive department must exhaust. The organization, planning, and production of the company’s newsletters, posters, flyers, and leaflets are also part of the work of the marketing executive. The job also will involve ensuring that the designers and printers produce the required material for advertisement. This is achieved through effective communication on these needs, and coordinating with the marketing executives. Since modern marketing entails buying and selling products over the internet, it is paramount that e-marketing is included in the job description. This is also because e-marketing is emerging as a very vital aspect of marketing. Thus, entailed in the responsibilities is also the task to update and review the customer databases, attend to their request, complains and listen to respond to their needs. It is also paramount that the responsibilities also include the finding out of the possibility to incorporate customers’ views into the sales plan, and forward customers’ recommendations, views, or complaints about our products and services, to enhance product developments.

In order to meet customer preferences and needs, marketing research is an important component of our marketing strategies and is achieved by the marketing department through the marketing executives. Therefore, the job of the marketing executive will also involve the collecting of the views of the customers, recording and the analyzing of such, to aid marketing research. Part of this challenging duty will involve the collecting of the views of the customer through

Recruiting Plan

The recruitment drive will be an initiative of the Human Resource Management to search for a competent individual. The company will be aimed at recruiting several marketing executives to cover the only. The recruitment of marketing executives will be carried out by calling first for applications from qualified individuals who will be required to submit their testimonials.

Only one person will be recruited for the position of marketing executive to replace the vacancy. This is expected to raise the number of staff in the department to be 1000. the employee will be assessed on a variety of recruitment needs including expertise and experience in the job description. The testing plan (HR Management, 2009) will include identification of whether the person is qualified for a marketing executive job including competent educational or theoretical skills. This will be incorporated in the interview for the employee. The interview will also comprise questions that will test the competent skills required for the individual such as determination, self-drive, and courage since this is expected to be a challenging opportunity. Other testing tools will include those determining the person’s past performance and hands-on knowledge about the position. The individual will be expected to have a wide range of characteristics, namely, perseverance, aggressiveness, among other characteristics that will enable him to perform the tasks. Psychological testing will therefore form an important component for the testing tool to identify the right individual for the position (Psychonomics, 2002). To test these, the individuals will be subjected to practical environments which will allow actual interaction with the recruiting staff in order to demonstrate the required skills. The recruitment drive will therefore take a number of days.

The channels for recruitment will also be important. The executive shall be sourced from any available source but preferably from the working class since it is expected of him or her to have vast experience in the job. This will include working with very reputable firms (Resource Center, n.d.).

The Human Resource manager will receive the CVs for the job application 4 weeks from the date of advertisement of the post or vacancy. No late applications should be allowed. The documents will then be reviewed by the aforementioned staff and consult the board to aid the selection of candidates for interview. The board will be responsible for the interviewing of candidates and the marketing manager will make the final informed decision, based on the views of the board. The decision will be the final recruitment decision. The decision will also be based on the overall results for various individuals. The recruiting board will present the results for comparison by the Human Resource Manager who will pick the best candidates to be presented to the marketing manager for the selection. The recruiting board must therefore include their comments and recommendations for each individual.

The budget for this recruitment is expected to be no more than 50 dollars in total and most will be utilized in the meetings being held for the board as well as the preparations for an interview and other meetings.

Performance evaluation philosophy

Performance evaluation has been evidenced to result in improved income per employee, sales per employee, sales growth, among other things according to Auxillium West (2002). The performance of an employee is of paramount importance in any organization. In the marketing department, the marketing executive will be evaluated and necessary actions are taken or plan developed according to the results. The actions could be an organization for retraining or an increase in compensation. The first interest is to build trust between the evaluator and the person being evaluated. The trust will be built on the core principles that evaluation will be for the better of the organization and the individual. In addition, the clear intent of the evaluation must be communicated to the employee so that he will be made to collaborate with the evaluator. There must be boosted effective communication between the evaluator and evaluate (Davenport Diocese, n.d). Evaluation will be based on the actual work done, including the analysis of the productivity and results of his/her job. The evaluation is not expected to be over a very short period of time but over a wide range of activities performed during the job. The actual evaluation tests will be developed from time to time depending on the need for the evaluation. The evaluation will be carried on the basis of product levels sold, efforts by the executive to market more products, and his or her initiatives to develop more markets for the product, efficiency of handling customers, and customer response on the individual. The feedback for all the executives will be collected on a regular basis over an identified population so as to be familiar with the impact of the executives. It is the responsibility of the marketing department to collect feedback on the particular employee and advise appropriately.

Training and development

Training and development for the marketing executive will involve the development of the skills that will boost motivation, and that will improve on the individual skills for the person to perform his activities. Training will be developed based on the evaluation needs identified during evaluation because it will be expected to cover up the shortcomings. Training will be carried from time to time. It will either involve seminars, sponsorships for various courses and attending workshops internally or externally organized by the company. The career development staff in collaboration with the human resource department will develop a training program for the whole year, at the beginning of the year. The program will be budgeted for. The departmental heads are responsible for the identification of the training gaps existing within the marketing department and will liaise with the marketing manager to enhance their performance. Before training, the marketing manager in collaboration with the career development staff will develop the training needs for all employees, in collaboration with the departmental heads and manager. The training needs will be over a very wide scope including boosting psychological ability, social and emotional competence, physical and physiological skills. Marketing executives’ training needs will be focused on increasing the overall sales output and performance according to the job description. The assessment of the needs for training or retraining will also be based on the job description to make sure that the organization achieves its objectives without wasting resources. Training will also feature boosting communication skills, computer skills, dealing with social issues such as safety, and arising awareness on the issues such as workplace diversity and the need to work together (Free Management Library, 2010).


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