Algoma Multicultural Center’s Situation

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The current situation at Algoma Multicultural Center (AMC) has been analyzed in depth from a research perspective to examine the prevailing challenges and opportunities for improvement. From the analysis, it is possible to determine the best approaches that the center should consider to solve the issues it is facing and ensure that it meets its goals and objectives. The analysis considers AMC’s history, organizational processes, performance, leadership, human resource, partnerships, funding, and obligations. Based on this analysis, this memo seeks to provide comprehensive recommendations for improvement as well as control and feedback and a contingency plan.

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Currently, AMC faces serious problems due to poor funding. The organization’s initial funding was personal contribution from Sita Kaith, the founder. After her departure, AMC lost its facilities and primary source of funding. Moreover, the organization heavily relies on money obtained from hosting events, but this is not reliable because the costs of providing this service are high and funds are not available. Currently, government officials have offered to cover the costs of printing tickets and posters but do not provide monetary funding. In addition, AMC is currently waiting for a response from Essar Steel Algoma after requesting them for corporate sponsorship.


The CMA Board of Directors should read the above issues and consider the fact that if new strategies and approaches are not taken, the organization will cease to exist. The situation will need extra steps that will change the organization’s approaches, process, and strategies of doing things. The rationale is to change the entire organization process and adopt new strategies that will help the company focus on profitability for the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of the services offered to the community.

One Year Plan

First, it is recommended that the organization change the non-profit ideology and embark on making profits. The profits will purely be used for expansion and improvement of service provision and quality. In this sense, it is important that CMA consider hosting its own services, helping other organization host services at a fee, and require the immigrants to pay some pre-determined fee for the services. In essence, the people receiving the services will be CMA’s clients and major source of funds. For the first one year, the organization should aim at achieving sales revenue of not less than 7% and a profit margin of 3% with an error of 0.5%.

The second recommendation is to host a fundraiser that will help the organization meet the immediate needs of incorporation and insurance. Since the organization will be making profits, it is necessary that it become fully and legally incorporated. In addition, it needs to obtain insurance and the cost will be met using the money obtained from the fundraiser event.

Third, it is necessary that the organization acquire its own offices to facilitate meetings and events. It is recommended that CMA consider renting offices as the initial step and later consider leasing on a long-term basis. The money needed for renting should initially come from the fundraiser as well the proceeds for the services offered to the clients.

Fourth, it is necessary that CMA starts advertising and marketing its services. It is recommended that in the initial stages, the office of the Chair should consider digital marketing through social media platforms. This approach is cheap as it will only require the organization to register accounts with the leading social media sites, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Unlike the website, it is possible to offer information in multiple languages using online translating engines, most of which are for free. Later, the organization should consider paid advertising and marketing services using methods like radio, newspapers, TVs, and others.

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Additionally, CMA should consider providing professional services that will fetch good income. To achieve this objective, it is necessary that the organization start employing professionals in community work and development. More clients are likely to come in search of help when the organization is using professionals to provide the services. It is recommended that the organization hire between 2 and 5 professionals as the starting step.

Furthermore, for CMA to get federal government funding, it needs to be incorporated, a process which is now ongoing. In addition, AMC need to acquire insurance in order to gain government funding, but this is not yet started because insurance companies require it to have the necessary money for registration. The only person with the experience to fill out application for funding was the founder. But due to her departure, the organization no longer has that capacity, which has contributed to the current issues.

Finally, the organization should start reaching out to families and friends of the new immigrants through its partners. As an example, the students sent to work for CMA should be assigned to go out and physically meet the immigrants in their homes and other places and inform them about the services offered. Indeed, this will be a low cost strategy because the students will accomplish these tasks as part of their work as required by their schools.

Five Year Plan

It is recommended that CMA establish a five year plan following the first year of change in its strategies and business model. First, the organization should focus on achieving an annual sales growth of 12% and an annual growth in profitability of 5%. Secondly, the organization should focus to have achieved a strong growth in revenue to ensure that it will no longer depend on fundraisers and government funds. By the end of the five years, CMA should have the ability to use its income to meet all the expenses. In addition, it should be able to serve at least 5,000 customers per year.

By the second year, the organization should set aside 30% of the revenue to accomplish acquisition of its own facilities through renting or leasing. It is recommended that the organization acquire at least five facilities- office of the executive that will provide working places for the five top executives, boardroom for BoD and other high level meetings, training positions, and working spaces for the other employees.

It is also recommended that the organization develop a fully-fledged IT department with a team of technicians, designers, and other supportive staff. The company should be able to have the office operational by the second year. By the third year of the plan, the office will have assumed full control of the company website, which will end the relationship and reliance on the university. All the website services and utilities will be moved to the IT department and thus end the relationship with the university.

Control and Feedback

Setting performance standards: The chairperson, in collaboration with the vice chair, the treasurer, the secretary and the Board will set the performance standards. They will translate the above plans into standards by making goals of revenue from sale of tickets and services over a period of 6 months. The standards need be measurable, attainable, and clear.

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Measuring actual performance: The executive body will measure the performance after three months to determine whether the 30% of the expected revenue goal is achieved. If 30% and above of the expected revenue is achieved, then the performance is considered good.

Comparing actual performance with goals: After six months, it will be possible to accept or reject the new strategies based on whether at least 60% of the revenue goal is attained.

Analyzing deviations: The executive team will determine why the goals were met or not. They will determine whether more control is necessary if goals are met.

Taking corrective action: The executive team will develop solutions for issues raised after comparing actual performance and goals.

Contingency Plan

Business impacts analysis: This should include assessing the potential impacts of the new strategy, including both positive and negative outcomes. In addition, it will involve reviewing impacts to determine the actual effect that the new business model will have on the organization, its business process, clients, employees, and the community. Moreover, it will involve the key stakeholders, including the BoD, the executive, employees, and partners.

Recovery strategies: These will involve identifying and documenting all required resources. In addition, it will involve determining the plausible strategy based on needs and implementation of the new strategies.

Plan for development: The plan will include developing framework for contingency plan and stablishing and organizing a recovery team within the organization.

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Testing: The final aspect of the contingency plan is to test and will include creating a test plan and reviewing, and updating the plan

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