Marketing for the Wrappz Vinyl in Undercover Design Ltd

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Background Information

Wrappz vinyl covers are the new innovative product of the undercover Design Ltd Company. Undercover Design Ltd was established in 2007 with the aim to introduce their product Wrappz. “ is a leading vinyl gadget stickers and vinyl gadget skins provider for laptop, ipod, iphone and so on. The company is offering a wide range of designs” ( company news 2008). This company first introduces this product to European and UK markets. “Wrappz iPod covers, laptop skins and protective vinyl stickers for games consoles are the latest set of accessories” (Wrappz made with crystallized tm-Swarovski elements 2010). Wrappz is one of the best-selling products in the market. It helps to promote the production and marketing of the company. It is also performing as the art medium of designers. Wrappz helps very talented designers and the average gamer to design the IGN skin. “Wrappz for iPods, laptops and games consoles such as the PS3, Wii, PSP and DS” are available in the market (Create your own software 2008). Wrappz helps to protect the laptop and phone and other pieces of equipment. It also helps people to choose their own stylish devices with a Wrappz Vinyl Skin.This new product is very quickly spread in the UK and European market and it continues to increase its growth in demand.

“With over 30 years of specialist print and sales experience, the directors of Undercover Design saw Wrappz as the perfect business opportunity, and with the support of one of the largest synthetic printers in Europe, took the product to the market in a short period of time” (Wrappz launch party at Hamley’s toy store in aid of “BBC children in need” 2009). The different models and designs of Wrappz are available in the market. Wrappz Vinyl Skins protect the electronic devices from dusts and scratches. The perfect new digital techniques protect all devices; thereby increasing its market. The designers make the latest models and background pictures. The customers are choosing and use these designs of Wrappz in their own phones, laptops and other apparatus. It is a cool and perfect skin or cover of electronic devices as it is made out of the original 3M vinyl. It is really useful for electronic devices because it follows very easily applicable methods. “Wrappz will be adding more pictures to its celebrity collection and also plans to release new pictures on various themes“ (iPod skins – Wrappz Launches an exciting new range of their celebrity pictures collection, 2009). Wrappz includes different themes in addition to a very attractive background and extremely beautiful covers. People can design their own phone covers and laptop covers using powerful new software.” With this new service for BlackBerry, adds another platform for individuals to be creative. In addition to the BlackBerry, offers vinyl skins for mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, video game consoles like the Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii, laptops along with Apple iPod“ (Wrappz now launches customized vinyl skins for blackberry, 2009).

Communication Objectives

Communication objectives help an organization to know what the requirement of the communication process is. It persuades people to buy the products in the market. In Wrappz; communication helps in the easy selling of the Wrappz products. It creates awareness in the people about the need for wrapping Skin in the market. Communication helps in increasing the support and passion for the Wrappz products. All marketing communication should be concentrated on the targeted audience. It also helps to realize the importance of the creation of new products. Marketing is a management idea that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication. Marketing communications are of different types. They are advertising, sales promotions, public relation and direct marketing. “The communications objectives must be clearly defined, comprising no ambiguities” (Setting communication objectives n.d.). This product helps in maintaining a good relationship with the customers to boost up the profit. These communications help to promote sales and profit thereby saving time and money. It also helps the customers to make their own exclusive wrappz. The customers are very interested and they get pleasure from creating their own wrappz. The customers contribute their own ideas and designs in their own laptops, phones and games and other electronic apparatus. This new digital technique is highly accepted in the world market. It helps to give a more fashionable appearance to the phones, games and laptops. Marketing communication is the main part of an accomplishment of marketing. It gives good knowledge about marketing processes such as selling, advertising public relations and encouragement of sales. It also gives good opportunities to the business and offers high-quality job opportunities to the public. The advertising method is one of the important communication methods of business. The Wrappz product follows and utilizes different types of advertising methods. The advertising through the media such as radio, television, newspapers, etc helps to promote the business. Another important communication method is the public relations method. The customer relationship is a significant thing of a business. A good customer relationship helps in better promotion of the product in the market. Direct marketing is a very useful method of business marketing. The most important common forms of direct marketing are telephone sales and solicited or unsolicited emails etc. The direct marketing method can be a very cost-effective sales tool. So it helps to attract the customers and makes good relation with customer.

Identification of Market Segments/Publics

The targeted markets will be different from one another. Market segmentation is the recognition of various markets. Customer satisfaction and understanding the customer’s requirements are important and essential for the success of any business. The segmentation process facilitates enhanced understanding and satisfying the requirements of the consumers. A firm can easily progress by satisfying its consumer’s needs. The need for the entire customer may not be the same. So, it is difficult to gratify every consumer by treating them in the same manner. In such situations; marketing segmentation is very useful to business. The public will be interested to receive the new models and high-quality products. The establishment of the Wrappz Skin Product makes the greatest influence on the new generation of people. So it understands the public needs and also it gives the importance of their own choices. The marketing segmentation is following the different methods of segmentation. The location, company type and behavioral characteristics are the main characteristics of segmentation. Marketing segmentation is a necessary part of product marketing. It considers the customer’s needs, so in the case of the Wrappz vinyl Skins offers people to modify their own designs and ideas. The Media are helping the people to understand the ideas about the new product. It also highly influences people’s lives and good advertisements very quickly and captures the audience’s mind.

Messages for Each Market Segment/Positioning of the Product

Marketing segmentation is one of the important market grouping methods. This process helps to group the market into smaller different subgroups. This market segmentation is based on the needs and attitudes of different categories of the targeted audience. Market segmentation, company activity, positioning, company range, etc, are the necessary parts of the product life succession. The market segmentation observes and considers the customer’s taste, behavior, and reactions towards the product. So, Wrappz observes the customer’s tastes, behavior, and needs. Subsequently, the public accepted this new digital technique. Marketing segmentation is relating to media production which recommended the latest opportunities in communicating messages to their customers. The advertisement or the media influences the customer’s life, so they are playing an important role in the consumer’s life. Undercover Design Ltd Company considers the consumer’s age, gender, or lifestyle, and they make new product wrappz. The new generation of people accept the new digital technology and they use the Wrappz Vinyl Skins in their phones, laptops and games. Concentrating on specific product features, positioning on benefits, etc are the different approaches of an industrial products. These approaches are strongly related to the positioning of product features. The product positioning helps to communicate with customers. The product positioning helps to introduce a new product that differs from the traditional products.

Identification of Issues

All the companies face different problems such as financial problems and competition. The lack of finance affects the growth of a company. It also affects the productivity of the company. Another major issue faced by the company is the competition with other business enterprises. All large business organizations face this problem. The Wrappz vinyl Skin product faces many competitions with other companies. Some companies tend to copy the products of other companies. It is one of the most important challenges faced during the launch of a new product, as the low quality of the duplicate product leads to customer dissatisfaction. Sometimes the duplicate product also can capture the mind of people. This prompts the company to make a good quality products and this product rules the market for a long time. Companies face problems in Product marketing. This problem is the main cause of the lack of advertisement. The commonly faced marketing issues are; promotion issues, pricing issues and target marketing issues. The distribution decisions are affected by the support activities. This activity is required to sell the product to all clients. The marketing issues in organizations include other problems such as changing nature of innovations. Day by day peoples change their needs, it reduces the product life cycle. The marketing department in organizations also faces the problem related to communication with other departments. Human resource problems and coordination problems are badly affected by the production process and marketing. So the coordination problems occur between the production and marketing of the organization. The marketing and production department faces coordination problems. Lack of excellent workers is the main issue of marketing. Excellent and brilliant workers help to boost up production and the Marketing.

Analysis of the Components of the Marketing Communication Mix

Marketing and sales play an important role in the existence of the business. Marketing is a blend “of price, place, promotion, product (know as the four P’s), that includes people, processes and physical evidence when marketing services (known as the seven P’s)” (Introduction to Marketing communication 2010). The process and medium of communication for the promotion of the product is the marketing communication mix. Marketing communication mix is the main source of the marketing policies. Marketing communication helps to bring the message about a product to the customers. “The five traditional elements of the MARCOM mix are Advertising, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, Public Relations and Sales Promotion” (The marketing communication mix of tomorrow 2009). Advertising is a promotional strategy that is mainly implemented in the organization for the purpose of promoting their product. This communication mix is a paid form through media like television, internet, radio, newspaper, etc. This helps to bring the message to the public very rapidly. The media like the internet, television and more is a global means so that viewers from various parts of the world see the advertisement. Thus; the sale of the product increases to a great extent. Direct marketing enables the organization to intermingle directly with the consumers. Telemarketing, direct mail, coupons and so on are some of the methods used for the purpose of direct marketing. This method widely promotes direct marketing. Personnel selling is a marketing strategy very similar to direct marketing. In the case of personnel selling the salesperson directly approach the customer or the prospects. They give detailed information about their product to the customer and encourage them to buy the product. Personnel selling is very expensive and if an organization is capable of personnel selling it is the most gratifying factor of the marketing procedure. Flourishing sales start and end with the consumer. The personnel selling facilitates an understanding of the requirement of the customer by satisfying their needs. An important component of the market communication mix is public relation. Public events, press, sponsorship, media releases, etc are some of the tools of public relation. The public relation develops the business practices which are communally aware. Such practices help in the progress of the organization because the cooperation of the public is very essential for the success and existence of any business. Sales promotion is the traditional element of the marketing communication mix. Sales promotion is the method that motivates the customers to buy the product. For the promotion of the sales, it gives many free offers such as gifts, coupons, discounts, prize,s etc while purchasing a product. Such offers increase the sale of the products. For the product, Wrappz advertising is the best marketing communication mix. It facilitates to promotion of the sale of this product.

Recommendations of one or two appropriate communications methods and tools used with public relations

For the promotion of the Wrappz product, the public relation communication mix used the tool media release.So that organization should maintain a harmonious relationship with the media so that they convey a positive message about their company and product. This makes optimistic thinking in the people about the product.

Justification of Choice of Communication Mix

Communication mix is very important in the promotion of Wrappz. The communication mix helps in communicating the ideas of the company to the public. The choice of proper communication mix enables communicating the Wrappz products survival, remuneration and importance to the aimed customers. The elements in a communication mix include public relations, sales promotion, advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, etc. Public relations are highly realistic and believable. For the promotion of Wrappz products advertising is the best communication mix that can be selected. Advertising is a remunerated type of management of products, designs and services. Advertising is the “description or presentation of a product, idea, or organization, in order to induce individuals to buy, support, or approve of it” (Advertising: Definition n.d.). Advertising is chosen because it helps the Wrappz products to reach a large number of customers who are geographically distributed in different parts. The rate of selling will be more using the process of advertising. Even though the overall expenses are high, the cost per exposure is comparatively low. The customers usually see the products that are advertised as more rightful. It helps in the promotion of the company and will enable a higher rate of production. Advertising makes people aware of how the product will be beneficial to the customers and will encourage them to buy the product. It is a powerful tool that will increase the commercial value of the product. It reaches and motivates a larger number of people to buy the product. The Wrappz brand is likely to become more popular using advertising. Wrappz will get a brand image in the market using this. The advertising mainly encourages shot-term sales.

Illustrate Your PR Communication with a Mockup

Public Relations help in handling the communications between the public and any company. PR communications encourage better interaction with the customers of the company. PR communication helps Wrappz to build a business image in the competitive market. The relation between the consumers, staff and public could be enhanced using PR communication. PR communication in wrappz is intended to promote their products in the market. For enabling proper PR communication there is a need to understand the target customers in the market and modify the messages according to them. The messages that reach the public more easily have to be made for communicating with the customers. The customers can be national or global. The generation of efficient messages is done using PR communications. Posters, press release,s etc helps in the promotion of the wrappz product. Advertisements that show the benefits of the products can be given as posters. A message that will describe the quality of the wrappz products to be chosen. The wrappz product helps the mobiles, laptops, iPods, etc to last for a longer period without causing any damage and also provide a better appearance. So “explore the beauty of vinyl covers” will be a good message for the vinyl products promotion.

PR communications also help in the process of research, analysis, campaigns, etc. The products reach the customers faster by understanding the PR communications. PR campaigns are a method of advertising the Wrappz products. The tools that are best suited for PR communication have to be suited in Wrappz. Wrappz uses public relations tools and methods as a component of the marketing policies and for establishing efficient public relations. “Used effectively, public relations will bring your business new customers, even during an economic recession” (Fenell 2010). The sales in Wrappz will show a considerable rise if the PR communications are used in the promotion activities. It will increase the number of customers for the product and will also introduce new customers to the product. It can rapidly bring the news to the public through the press release. It publicizes the information about the product. Most of the successful companies have been using PR communications for their development.


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