StarDogs Grooming Studio Evaluation


The new business venture that I will evaluate is the dog grooming studio that will be opened next month. It will be a salon providing haircuts, bathing, and nail grinding services for dogs of different breeds. I am going to provide mobile and salon services. The salon will be located in a room with a display case and sufficient space to wash several large dogs simultaneously. The location will be chosen next to the park, at the intersection of popular walking routes. The salon will have three full-time pre-trained masters and a 4-hour day secretary who will communicate with customers.

SWOT Chart

SWOT Chart
Figure 1. SWOT Chart.

SWOT Analysis

The grooming business is one of the most popular industries today because Americans love their pets and care for them. The humanization of pets has resulted in consumers spending 55.7 billion of them 5 billion on dogs in 2013, suggesting a market stabilization(Rice, 2017). The increased demand for grooming services has led to an expansion of the range and the opening up of a large volume of needs for pets, such as restaurants, hotels, pet grooming, health insurance, grooming (Silva, 2017). Therefore, starting a business in an industry with high demand and average market saturation is the strong point of the new business.

The second significant advantage is the low cost of starting a business and operating costs. The rental cost, in theory, can be completely levelled out if you provide services at home or on the road. At the same time, the cost of consumables is low – about $ 300 will be needed to purchase shampoos with a stream of dogs, which corresponds to the work of three masters. Other consumables, for example, grooming tools, also require updating, but no more than one or two tools per month; therefore, these costs are also insignificant. Low recurring costs are an advantage because, as a result, almost all income is converted into profit.

Weaknesses are similar to those of any start-up – lack of loyal customers and a well-known brand. Regular customers are the backbone of the grooming business, so some funds will need to be spent on advertising to attract new customers every month. A considerate attitude will help build trust between the salon, the dogs, and their parents. Presumably, a permanent customer base will be formed within three months. The software will be procured to manage the client base and visiting schedule, and the secretary will ensure courteous communication and timely customer satisfaction.

Typically, going to market for a business comes with additional advertising costs. The business will be named StarDogs and the dog constellation logo. Initially, substantial sums will have to be spent on traditional television, radio, press, and outdoor advertising. At the same time, in the first and subsequent months of the launch, advertising will be made on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TicToc, and others. I will personally take on the role and responsibilities of SMM to ensure success in the initial work with clients. EWoM and influencers will help to get enough referrals, which are the basis of traffic. As part of providing convenience, an online application form for visiting the salon will be developed. Therefore, the weaknesses of the business can be easily overcome by following simple steps related to communicating with customers and conducting a marketing campaign.

The main opportunities associated with organizing a start-up are the possibility of high-quality competition starting from the first month of the salon’s operation and the opportunity to expand and create a network of salons due to the high demand for grooming services in the industry. It is noteworthy that the salons compete with the quality and variety of services, and focus on regular customers. Therefore, from the first days of the salon’s work, there is an opportunity to work with dedication and immediately establish itself as a multifunctional salon with a full range of services. The presence of outdoor advertisements from targeted locations such as parks and pet stores will help attract customers. The showcase will allow you to declare yourself as a high-level salon. The sale of food and toys will further expand the range of services.

The network of salons is an excellent opportunity to expand your business within the framework of a five-year development strategy. Presumably, within a year, the salon will form a stable customer base and establish ways of doing business, including hiring employees, purchasing tools and supplies, brand awareness, and uniqueness. During the last two months of the first year, the salon will start working on expanding to neighboring areas of the city to reach more clients who need our services. The opening of two more stores will triple the annual income and revenue, creating a fund for further expansion up to the demand limit. Additional income will also allow you to experiment with the type of service, and expand specialization, for example, conduct educational training, dog shows, and the like.

Threats or risks are also similar to the factors that threaten any start-up associated with services provided. Firstly, industrial injuries to people and animals are possible, so it is necessary to provide insurance. Secondly, if the demand in the selected area is not sufficiently comprehensive and advertising does not reach the target audience, a start-up may face low demand. In this case, it will be necessary either to pay more attention to advertising or to change the area for the salon to operate. Thirdly, there are unforeseen risks associated with the growth of interest rates for funds allocated by the bank and a rent increase. It is necessary to draw up agreements, where possible changes in these payments will be spelled out to reduce risks. Then, there are risks associated with the name of the salon – if the chosen name already exists, its domain name can be taken up on the Internet and Facebook. Therefore, it will be necessary to verify the brand name before its official registration.

Start-up Costs (in USD)
Basic equipment for grooming 1000
Additional equipment for grooming 1000
Personnel training 3000
Total 5000

Table 1. Start-up Costs.

Monthly Operating Costs (in USD)
Staff salary 9000
Rent for premises 3000
Replenishment supplies 100
Advertisements 500

Table 2. Monthly Operating Costs.

Income In USD
Clipping + ear cleaning + nail grinding 50
Bathing 20
Teeth cleaning 15
Odor removal 10
Mobile grooming 15-20
1 dog * 8 hours * 3 masters * 50 (average price) 1200 per day
1200 * 22 26400 per month
26400 * 12 316800 per year

Table 3. Income.


Thus, the SWOT analysis was performed to evaluate the new dog grooming business, StarDogs. Based on the analysis, the business venture should be continued. There are several arguments for this decision: firstly, the strengths of high demands and low start-up and operating costs are almost a guarantee of success and can symbolize a safety net in the event of unforeseen risks.

The presence of serious threats is minimal and can be mitigated with the careful signing of employment, service, and rental contracts. Potential weaknesses in brand awareness are also easy to overcome by spending a small amount on traditional and social media advertising. At the same time, the opportunity to expand your business and conduct quality competition will allow you to acquire a client base and increase income.


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