Hexaware Technologies Firm’s Human Resource Management

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This paper will discuss about the human resource management style in Hexaware Technologies. It will mainly focus on the developments of human resource management and discuss certain changes in the company that will or have affected the employees. Hexaware is a big organization which requires a big number of employees to run its daily tasks. With such a large number of employees the organization has to come up with proper managing concepts which will help drive its development agenda.

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Organization Background

Hexaware as organization provides services in business processes and technology, in other words it is a service provider company. This company provides softwares for companies in the air line industry, finance industry and banks. This company is based in India but it has other branches in several countries across the globe. The company has had a significant growth in terms of manpower and in infrastructure since it has a labor capacity of 5000 employees in the Mumbai head office. This employee’s base makes it significant for the company to restructure its management concepts and ideas in order to fit in the current market.

Human Resource Management Amd Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the management of various activities designed to enhance the effectiveness of an organization’s work force in achieving organization’s goals (Nankervis et al, 2008). On the other hand organization strategy can be defined as the overall plan that top management engage in so that overall objectives of an organization can be achieved. Human resource management strategy involves coming with a comprehensive plans on the kind of people the organization needs so that it can achieve a competitive edge and how it should deal with them so as to increase their skills, make them comfortable and also retain them.

Many organizations are dependent on their managers and the value of the managers is highly appreciated. According to management defined as a set of activities directed at the efficient and effective utilization of resources in pursuit of one or more. A manager is a person responsible for directing the efforts aimed at helping the organization achieve its goals (Nankervis et al, 2008). For an organization to achieve certain goals in an organization, managers must perform specific tasks which will also be channeled to the other employees. In pursuit of these objectives the organization normally requires the availability and efficiency of these resources. Since Hexaware -technologies is a service organization requires the services of quality employees managers included to perform tasks which will eventually make the enterprise profitable.

Managers are very critical in an organization since they plan the daily business on how the organization is to be run. Managers facilitate the production of tasks and lay procedures on how the tasks are to be done with a particular sequence (Nankervis et al, 2008). It is also important to note that managers are the decision makers in their organization. This means that they are initiator of ideas on how the organization must be propelled towards achievements of the goals. They also suggest corrective action in the face of a crisis so that such problem can be solved amicably. Still under decision making the manager decides how resources of an organization can be allocated to various tasks and activities so as to make sure projects are finished as scheduled. Mangers are also concerned with how information is transmitted in and outside an organization. This ensures that managers acts on behalf of the organization to get information to and from external. He or she is the spokesperson of the organization (Nankervis et al, 2008). A manager also builds good working relationship with staff under them, communicates organization goals to them, motivates and coaches them to improve the morale of workers.

Human resource planning

Human resource planning is a process of finding out the outcomes of an organization strategy’s employees. It is important to strategize on how the organization can achieve competitive edge in the face of competition through the use of human resource. This usually involves activities done by HRM to ensure the welfare, training and development of the employees.

Global Economy

Global economy is also called world economy and refers to the sum total of all economies of all the countries in the world (Bolick and Nestleroth, 1988). It can also be looked at as the sum total of all national economies. Most of times it is expressed in monetary terms like dollars but economist are reluctant to use formal exchange rates when doing their work. Global economy has turned to reality especially in 21st century due to the sprouting of information society which has been brought about by information technology. Globalization which can be defined as the manner in which the world is seen as a small village has enabled many organization to do business abroad (Bolick and Nestleroth, 1988). This means that nowadays even emerging or small businesses are in a position to compete with big businesses since information technology has enabled them to access global markets hence being put in the same level as their competitors (Bolick, 1988).

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Teleworking which is whereby the employers work at the comfort of their home has brought big changes in our businesses and organization. People do not need to go physically to heir offices now a days and this has brought about advantages and also disadvantages.For example, employers do not need to have a lot of capital to set up an office but can do so with the little they have since the employers will work at home. On the side of employees they need not to worry about commuting to the offices and also no one is supervising them and hence do the job at their own pace (Bolick and Nestleroth, 1988). The changing nature of employment is also seen where the employers advertise vacancies online and also applicants apply online. The other thing is business process out sourcing.

Effective management of human resources has a great impact on the success of any organization. When employees are rewarded well, they feel motivated and they increase productivity and reduce chances of having strikes and things like go slow (Edstrom and Galbraith, 1994). Hiring of qualified employees ensure that the organization will be up to its tasks and will deliver good quality services and products. Good training and developments means that the company or organization has the capacity to handle emerging technologies with diligence. In addition to this it will be in a position to avoid ill advice or outdated advice to its customers (Edstrom and Galbraith, 1994).


Demographics in the areas of human resource management has been proved to change over time especially in the 21st century.For instance you can find that women are now doing the jobs that were previously dominated by men. The same case applies to men who are currently doing jobs that were previously dominated by women like nursing.

HR Planning In Hexaware Technologies

Given the fact that Hexaware Technologies is a big company there is therefore need to come up with strategies of keeping the human resources on track to make sure that standards are met through good performance.

Recruitment and selection

The most significant aspect of management of any organization and at any level is management of staff (Gardner and Palmer, 1997). The overall performance of an organization depends to a great extent on whether the staff performs the work willingly. This in turn will depend on how the management handles the staff that is select, train, motivate and deal with their problems. The aspect of management that deals with staff matters is known as the personnel management (Gardner and Palmer, 1997). This department is concerned in increasing the effectiveness of human performance in an organization. Selection on the other hand refers to a certain applicant meeting the needs of the employer for a certain position depending on what the position requirements are and what the employer is looking for.

However, there are quite a number of sources where a company can obtain staff like advertising in newspapers, interviewing, appraisal and employment agencies (Gardner and Palmer, 1997). The word appraisal commonly known as merit rating refers to the regular assessment of how well a worker is doing his job. It is subject and its purpose is to assess ability for the purpose of promotion and to award extra pay for extra effort. Basically, the most qualities assessed in appraisal are the quality of work performed, the quantity of work and the dependability and initiative. In most organization, appraisal is normally carried out once in a year. The advantages of appraisal are that it gives recognition to workers of greater ability and also compensates for some of the disadvantages of job grading (Gardner and Palmer, 1997). It also improves morale and this makes it the most outstanding method of promotion.


This refers to asking questions to the applicants who qualify. The purpose of interviews is to access character and personality. It is also aimed at accessing the ability to perform the duties of the job. It also gives detailed information about the applicant (Gannon, 1979). All the same the employer determines the requirements of the job and this varies from one organization to another. The selection process is done by the management. This involves taking the most qualified applicant for the job among the many interviewed people.

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Recruitment sources

Recruitment is a very important aspect of personnel management as it ensures that the organizations demands for man-power are met by attracting potential employees (Gannon, 1979). One of the most ways in which recruitment is done is by advertising in the national and local newspapers. Advertisements should give as much as factual information as possible stated in precise and accurate facts. Another source of recruitment is through present employees. A personnel officer can contact employees to look for a suitable candidate who can be employed for a particular position (Gannon, 1979). This source is most suitable for unskilled and semi-skilled employees. Professional magazines are another suitable source for jobs requiring highly skilled people of professional level like doctors, lawyers and engineers. Employment agencies also assist their registered members to obtain employment or change positions. The use of these bureaus saves the time of advertising and informs the candidates at a short notice. Consultation refers to the process of approaching a suitable person who is already working somewhere else and convinces the person to move and join your own company (Gannon, 1979). This is usually done for high level positions. Posters can also be displayed outside the factory or office or in the notice boards that are normally found in most of the towns. Schools, colleges and universities usually post their graduates to various places of work but this is only for junior officers a position that does not require experience.

Training Ang Development

Training and development is a planned effort to facilitate employee learning of job related behavior in order to improve employee performance (Verma and Boyer, 2000). The most common training programmes are; orientation training, technical skill training and management development training. Orientation training is usually a formal program designed to provide new employees with information about the company and their jobs. Technical skills training are oriented toward providing specialized knowledge and development in the use of methods, processes and techniques associated with a particular trade (Verma and Boyer, 2000). Management development programmes focus on developing managerial skills for use at the supervisory, managerial or executive levels.


Induction training is close to orientation in the fact that it is meant for preliminary preparation to an employee when he or he takes a new position. The aim is to assist incoming workers to get to a level same as that of other employees or workers (Verma and Boyer, 2000). It is also expected that employers get to now the target expected of him or her at this juncture. Also an effort is made to introduce the new employee to other senior staff including the layout of the organization. Assessment centers may be defined as part of an ongoing recruitment process whereby many activities are taken or are subjected to the job applicant to identify more weaknesses. This may take all the day or even longer depending on what they want to test the applicant. This part of recruitment is mostly subjected to those applicants who apply for managerial positions and consumes a lot of resources in terms of time (Verma and Boyer, 2000). It may include things like aptitude test which may be verbal (oral) or even written to determine the speed of reasoning of the applicant. At this point the applicants are also tested to determine their management ability in the given organization. A question can be tailored according to the way the organization carries its activities to see how that applicants can handle such situations.


Training needs are determined by the market segment and also the products and services the company or organization is offering. For instance emergence of a new product in the market may trigger development of training a specific number of employees so that they can have the capacity to advice the customers on how to use it (Verma and Boyer, 2000).

Management by objective can be used to evaluate manager. This is done by giving managers some objectives to achieve in a given time frame. If this is achieved on time there is no reason why the manager should not be rewarded by means of increasing the salary, promotion and being given gifts such as CEO of the year.

Management development programs

For the sake of the success of any organization the management team is core and this makes it reasonable for management team to come up with programs like management trainees programs which assist in developing future managers in organizations. Young people are trained on how to become managers of the future and successful ones are employed after the training.

Management of Performance

In today’s organizations its crucial for the human resource managers to take their part in ensuring the success of the organization by keeping track of the performance.This means that performance need to be managed.

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Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is the process of defining expectations for employee performance, measuring, evaluating and recording employee performance relative to those expectations and providing a feedback to the employee (Kirby, 2005). Performance appraisal is meant to positively influence the employee performance and development. It can also be sued in determining merit promotion and salary increment. Performance appraisal can be undertaken using either of the following methods:

  1. Performance rating scale – Where supervisors are asked to rate the performance of an employee on a scale of 1-10.
  2. Critical incident – In this case poor and good incidences are recorded and at the end of a given period the supervisor evaluates the employee’s performance based on these incidences.
  3. Management by Objectives – Employees are given objectives to attain over a given period of time. When the period expires, the manager evaluates the employee based on the level of attainment of the preset objectives.

On the other hand performance measurement can be defined as a process where managements come up with standards within which procedures and acquisitions must reach the required or the targeted outcomes (Kirby, 2005). This means that for every standard outlined, the manager must be able to measure performance attained. The means of measuring performance may include; quantity produced, money collected for service rendered, amount of material used, profits, return on investment or quality of output. Performance reviews attempts to assess the act on the work. The results of performance review resolves if the employee is going to be promoted or whether something needs to be done to improve the performance (Kirby, 2005). A corrective action is a kind of change meant to counter a weakness seen in management. They are response as a result of complaint by client.

An example of a work place with an issue that affected the strategic goal is Hexaware-Technologies.The issue was the fact that the customers were not in a position to properly identify the some of the brand of this company. As a result the company was not making profits as expected due to lack of brand loyalty (Kirby, 2005).To address this issue, the human resource management hand to hire other employees who were in position to sell the brand name to the customers so as to win the brand loyalty. They also had to set targets of each employee in the company and those who managed to achieve the targets were rewarded accordingly. The outcome was that the brand of their product was successfully sold and the company started to almost achieve its target. The profits records also increased significantly.

Significant HRM problem

One of the problems facing human resource management is poor recruitment and selection. This is because; initially they had employed people who didn’t have the capacity to sell the company’s brand to the consumer. The solution is to simply adopt new methods of employee selection and recruitment whereby each and every applicant is assessed for his or her capability depending on the products and services offered by the company in question.


Management has always been a key factor in any organization. The most important thing about management is to oversee the success of that organization by planning, organizing, leading and controlling the resources of the organization. Human resource management is an important part of management in an organization since it oversees the recruitment, training and development and welfare of the employers (Mendibil, 2005). This enables the employers in any organization to feel motivated and not as if they are forced to work like slaves. To make sure that an organization is on a good track, performance appraisal must be done regularly to determine the progress of that organization and then decide what should be done to put the organization back on track (Mendibil, 2005). It is also important to appreciate the employees who do good work at any one time. This is done by simply rewarding them. Management is a key factor in every organization and hence should be taken seriously.


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