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Human resource management is a fundamental field in any company or other form of institution. It is an important asset that helps a company to achieve its set goals and objective. The company should handle human resources with a lot of respect, develop a just and fair recruiting procedure and build the capacity of its employees. Nalco company’s human resource management department is charged with the responsibility of establishing an environment that both attracts and maintains their human resource. The company takes human resources as humans and not machines by upholding the interdisciplinary approach of persons at the workplace.

The company has developed a guideline for addressing all issues related to human resource management issues such as recruitment, induction, career development compensation, and performance appraisal and employees benefits. The essay seeks to explore the human resource management practices of Nalco Company, their practicality and their influences on the United Arab Emirates economy and society (Armstrong, 2006, p.34).

Human resource practicality in a company involves the implementation of particular responsibilities of human resource managers. The guidelines set to address all issues related to human resources are implemented organizationally. For instance, the recruitment procedures of employees in the company are done by qualified professionals. Successful candidates are taken through the process of induction to learn more about the company. Continuous training to enhance career development is offered to the employees this makes them more competent and qualify for promotion in the same company or chances of holding a senior post in another company. A committee to deal with the compensation of employees has been formed to ensure that all compensations are given to the affected workers as per the company’s requirements. Occupational safety is upheld by providing protective gadgets to workers such as aprons, boots, masks and gloves to control any work-related accidents. The company honors the provision of other employees’ benefits as per the company’s policies. The company carries out performance appraisals of workers annually to monitor and evaluate the quality of service delivery. The human resource management department conducts an evaluation of the set strategies through surveys and employees feedbacks, this enables them to detect any loophole to make the necessary amendments (Ulrich, 1996, p. 19).

Employees are persons with different goals and requirements; the company tries to harmonize these needs in such a way that every employee fits in the company. Training is given to employees in a joint forum to ensure that they are all in a position to appreciate each other’s differences while working together. They are asked to respect each other and in case of any conflicts, the chain of command is well explained in order to help them resolve problems that may arise. Skills are offered in order to update the workers with the current job requirements The Company promotes safe working environment for the employees by minimizing evolution of toxic substances (Harwood, 1996, p.115).

The employees are also trained on the risks associated with the handling of hazardous waste. However, it is not stated how the company ensures that the employees have safety devices to protect them from work related accidents. Employees who suffer from wok related sickness and injuries are compensated by the company. The company avoids any discrimination as regards to sex, race, color and faith. Nevertheless, Nalco does not show the principles which guide the company in recruiting on new staff. Respect among the employees is upheld whereby the company clearly stipulates the code of conducts for the employees. Nalco is committed to the ten guidelines of human rights, workforce, transparency and safe environment.

By the year 2004, the company had managed to reduce work related sickness and accidents by half. For a company to successfully realize its objective of upholding business ethics, in human resource management a good chain of command is paramount. The board of directors in this company is composed of several committees; one of the committee is the compensation committee. The compensation committee sees to it that expenses incurred by the employees due to work related injuries or illness is paid back. Formation of committees to deal with different problems explains the good chain of command by Nalco (Harwood, 1996, p. 56).

Evaluation of human resource management practices in the company aids in identification of strong and weak areas at the workplace, so as to improve the human resource management practices. It also allows the company to put more efforts on developments that are more rewarding and comparison among practices and groups in order to identify the best practices.

The best fit practices are adopted to run the entire corporate strategy of human resource management. The human resource management department explores human resource so as to realize good organizational goals that meet personnel requirements. Indicators used by the company include, job awareness this assesses whether the employees clearly understands their jobs including the goals and objectives which they are supposed to achieve in the particular post. Job support checks if the employees have all the necessary material to enable them carry out their tasks comfortably. Commitment analyzes the workers motivation and willingness to take up their responsibilities.

Employee selection checks whether the company selected the best candidate for the job depending on the provided job profile. Other indicators are supervisory procedures which find out whether employees are familiar with the performance appraisal (Towers, 2006, p. 56).

Human resource management requires use of relevant tools in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. The tools help the management team to identify the needs and also aid in development of training manuals for workers. These are also the tools which help in monitoring and evaluation of the strategies put in place to address issues related to human resource. These tools include discussions groups, internet resources, previous surveys, reports on assessment of human resource managers and ice breakers, the best tools are selected to aid the management.

Career planning is a basic requirement expected from human resource manager; with this skill they are able to help employees to take the right move especially in career development. Human resource manager are also expected to have a formal training on human resource management and to attend continuous career development sessions in order to be able to handle emerging problems in the field of human resource management. They should be holders of at least a bachelor degree in human resource management (Armstrong, 2006, p.9).

Countries from the Middle East are considered to have economy of restricted competitiveness globally. The United Arab Emirates is one of these countries; she faces problems of present and prospect demographic, challenges in the employment procedures in the workforce, sustainability concerns and gender related challenges. Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates involved nationalization policies that advocate for reduction of expert workers in the department of human resource management. It also encouraged women to actively participate in major commercial society which included of private sector in order to alleviate many problems which were being faced in the United Arab Emirate during those days.

The United Arab Emirate rulers faced a challenge of engaging the state human resource in learning and employment in order to achieve advancement of the nation while still respecting the Arab and Islamic culture. A sequence of distinct revolution of human resource actions in order to realize national uniqueness through nationalization referred to as Emiratisation within the United Arab Emirates. Involvement of women in commercial activities was against the Islamic culture as women were only supposed to participate in domestic chores only. Participation of women in human resource education was strongly opposed by Islam.

Discovery of oil which brought about signs of development contributed to more women getting education, the society became more affluent and allowed more room for development. Human resource is a key resource in the economic development, promotion of this resource encourages great economic development. The United Arab Emirate promoted good working conditions, use of qualified experts and provision of good salaries and wages. This encouraged workers and brought job satisfaction into oil sector.

This contributed greatly to the economic growth of the country, more women were employed in the commercial sector they earned better pay and in turn contributed to the growth of the economy as opposed to when they were only involved in domestic chores. Human resource was treated with equal weight regardless of their gender (Randeree, 2006, p.21).

Commitment of particular employee is determined by the scope of job satisfaction in the company. When workers are committed to their works their out put is high thus contributing greatly to the positive growth of economy and the society also develops. Better pay motivates employees to carry out their duties with a lot of commitments. Promotion and salary increment are other aspect of human resource management practices that encourage employees to be more committed to their work. When an individual is promoted to a more prestigious post they are more proud of their jobs and hence gain more job satisfaction.

Human resource practices such proper communication between the employer and employees, job security, good problem solving skills and better pay greatly improves the productivity of employees. Increased productivity boost economy where by the company gets adequate income and in turn expand its investment boundaries. This opens avenue to creation of more jobs opportunities to the public. Better pay helps employees to make investment at the society level hence facilitating economic development at the society level.

The United Arab Emirate has adopted the best training and human resource management practices in order to improve on the out put of human resources especially in the oil sector. The oil sector has been deteriorating so the United Arab Emirates strive to improve on the success by improving on international trade. They aim at improving the workers performance and commitments by making the working environment conducive and friendly to the workers (Randeree, 2006, p.21).


Human resource management play a great role in the development of an organization, human resource helps an organization to meet it goals and objectives. Employers of particular company need to be satisfied with the employment conditions of the company. Training to enhance their career development, job security, performance appraisal and employees benefit contribute to he feeling of job satisfaction.

When workers are satisfied and have the right qualifications they become more committed to their work thus increasing their out put. Increased productivity results to improved economy and living standards of the public at societal level. The human resource manager addresses the needs of employees in order to ensure that they are comfortable. This is done through offering job training, compensation packages, employee’s benefits, proper rating of employee’s appraisal and a fair and just recruitment procedure.


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