H2O Organization: Human Resource Information System

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Human Resource Information System (HRIS) refers to an online solution or software, which is used for data information, data entrance and data tailing requirements of the calculating, human resources, management and payroll activities in an organization. The system helps one in maintaining track of all the workers and information concerning them. Mostly, it is carried out in form of database or in series of inter-connected databases.

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The system consist of the names of the workers, their contact details, job title, department, training completed, salary history, position history, disabilities and special qualifications among others(Heathfield, 2010, par. 1-2). In this case, this paper will address issues concerning human resource information system of H2O organization and make recommendations based on the findings within the organization.

Outline and review of the HRIS

An efficient HRIS offers data on anything the organization requires to track and evaluate about its workers, former workers and new candidates. Hence, an organization ought to choose a HRIS and customize it to achieve the needs of the organization. Therefore, with an effective HRIS, HR staff allows the workers to conduct their own advantages updates and tackle alterations, hence, making the HR staff free in order to plan for more strategic activities calculating. Moreover, significant information for managing the workers, professional growth and development, similar treatment and technology development is facilitated.

Eventually, managers can get access to the data they require to officially, decently and efficiently support the achievement of their reporting workers (Heathfield, 2010, par. 4).

H2O organization is a mid-sized software development company with approximately 3,000 workers and it is located in Germany. One of its objectives is to expand their operations in terms of client outreach. The company is planning to expand its operation from Germany into the United States, though it is interested about crossing over without aligning the Company’s HR initiatives with the United States practices. In addition, H2O organization is currently leading the market with compensation and benefits; it has Google.com-like company culture and is considered one of the best companies to work for in Germany. Therefore, the company is seeking for general information and theory on the way to operate in these critical functions as well as some specific applied research on companies with best practices in each HR discipline.

Manpower and technology needed to operate HRIS

Recently, the information technology has altered the field of HRM all over the world. Companies like H2O, which are interested in advancing their performance and productivity, and minimizing costs, are focused on HR since it is the best place to begin. Since HR affects the whole labor force, all employees should be employed, trained and remunerated, usually by HR; the influence of HRIS has been striking. This system has turned to be a powerful weapon for reducing management costs, heightening performance and productivity, accelerating the reaction period and ameliorating decision-making and services offered to workers and managers.

The most common effects of HRIS has been functional which refers to cost reduction, automating routine activities, advancing productivity internally and removal of administrative challenges to the responsibility of the HR. the common utilizations consist giving benefits programs, automating payroll processing and sustaining employee records (Bohlander & Snell, 2009, p. 32).

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For instance, IHRIM industry assisted Merck’s company to restyle its HR system and as a result, this has enabled workers and managers to feed data, get information and edit their information to excellent decision quickly. This has assisted the Merck Company to eliminate several of the paper work, which the HR group formerly experienced and provided greater convenience to both the workers and managers of the company.

Therefore, the H2O organization should also approach the IHRIM for consultation on how to align the HR initiatives with the United Nation practices. In order for H2O organization to operate the HRIS, there is need to have some work force and technology regarding this area. Currently, software applications are accessible in order to computerize better HR functions than just benefits information, payroll and records.

This will help the H2O organization to have all its HR activities starting from the front line to the back services automated. They will use software in there new operations in the United States to employ, screen and pretest candidates online prior to employment them to train, track and develop them immediately they have been employed (Bohlander & Snell, 2009, p. 34).

Assessment of the importance of the HRIS function

The presence being of a human resource section is very important in the entire performance and productivity of the strong labor-force in any surviving organization. In an organization, HRIS has several functions that assist in running of the company effectively and efficiently. To ensure that the human resource sector is more successful and proficient, new and modern technology is currently being established on a regular foundation in order to make things more modernized and less complicated.

One of the newest technologies on the HR field is the HRIS which the H2O organization should implement in its HR initiatives with the help of the IHRIM industry, which is created to assist in offering information that is utilized in HR decision making like employment, performance evaluation, administration, training and perambulation (Small Business Bible, 2008, par.2-3).

Similarly, the other function of HRIS is to amalgamate HRM data knowledge in order to make simpler the process of making decision and help in multifaceted discussions, which are in the department of the human resource. The main advantage of the HRIS is both automate workers records and databases, and sustain a current account of the conclusions, which have been created or require to be formed as part of the strategies of the HRM. The four major sections of HR, which are impacted by the HRIS consist of HR administrations, labor and time management, payroll and worker benefits.

These four fundamental functionalities are made less challenging, smooth operations without hindrances. Thus, a HRIS system allows the user to view online a chronologically account of a worker from the job position information to individual particulars, benefit data and payroll records. Therefore, when H2O organization implements the HRIS, it will be in a position to use one system in both Germany and United States since all the HR activities will be conducted through online (Small Business Bible, 2008, par.4).

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Since, HRIS incorporation provides data sharing and interoperability in the HR responsibilities of a company, hence when H2O company implement SAP system of HRIS, it will be in a position to align all the HR initiatives with the practices in the United States. In addition, it will be able to computerize the whole payroll procedure for all its employees working both in Germany and in the United States by combing and updating workers payroll information on daily basis.

It also combines data regarding worker attendance, summing up several taxes and subtractions on remunerations, producing automatic occasional payroll check and handling worker tax reports. With modified data, this HRIS system lessens the work that is conducted by the HR department and makes the information available at any time (Small Business Bible, 2008, par. 6).

Metrics HRIS system can produce for the organization

One of the HR responsibilities is to gather information effectively, but not for the purpose of an influence of their projects and activities. This is an important issue since HR companies, which gather effectiveness information is likely to be tactical partners. Hence, if HR desires to participate effectively in a company, it requires improving its capability to evaluate the manner in which individual capital decisions impact on the organization and the way the organization decisions influence the individual capital. One of the lessons we can get from the past is that anytime speed has raised, the need for measures and metrics should increase.

This primary principle came up since as the momentum raises so does the prospect and grimness of harm ought effects go off course. Moreover, the heightened contact to the internet amalgamated with excellent software and hardware indicates that metrics can be summed up nearly instantaneously and described to nearly all individuals at reduced costs (Boudreau, 2004, p.1-2).

Similarly, fields, which used to depend on intuition like manufacturing, purchasing and marketing, have gone a step forward in utilizing metrics in all things they carry out. Thus, all these alterations, shareholders, CFO’s and CEO’s are currently seeking for HR in order to join the metrics bandwagon. However, most of the HR still fear and oppose metrics in spite of the related benefits it provides.

Thus, metrics are important for an organization since they assist the organization to make sure that it is fulfilling its objectives and the objectives of its clients. Secondly, metrics assist one to be focused since they help one to understand where to put more effort and where to put less effort. In addition, it helps one to know where to use the money since it helps one to measure whether the spending is in relation with the budgeting process organization goals or not. When an organization is using metrics, it will be in a position to know what to quit from conducting since it helps to quantify and compare the achievements of every project hence, the manager will know where the resource need to be reduced and who need to be fired or punished (Boudreau, 2004, p. 3).

Consequently, the use of metrics will alleviate confusion. In every organization, managers and workers get several mixed information and communications, which make what is significant to be hard. Thus, weighted metrics explain what is significant and informs the individual specifically what degree of presentation that is anticipated (Sullivan, 1999, par. 2).

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US organizations

In the United States, there are several HRIS organizations, which use the system effectivefully. First there is the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is aim is to create and maintain relationships with HR professionals, non-governmental organization, academic institutions and government in order to handle individuals’ management predicaments, which influence the efficiency and sustainability of their companies and societies (SHRM, 2010, par.1).

Secondly, there is the Association for Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM), which is web-based HRIS, which assist companies manage their work force. In addition, IHRIM is the leading clearinghouse in the globe for the industries regarding HRIM. Currently, IHRIM is a sector of professionals who are competent and dynamic and it includes students, practitioners, consultants and vendors that keep on developing both in quantity, information and knowledge (Association for Human Resources Information Management, 2010, par.1).

Thirdly, there is the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR). This organization represents the interests of the HR experts at the local, federal and state levels of the government. Their aim is to offer information and help to assist the HR professionals raise their work productivity or performances and the entire agency responsibility by offering cost effective commodities, educational chances and services (IPMA-HR, 2005, par. 1).

Another organization with the best practice in the United States is the United States Department of labor (DOL). The DOL advances and improves the wellbeing of the workers by advancing their working situations, improving their chances for gainful hiring, defending their retreat and medical care bonuses, assisting employers get employees, reinforcing complimentary cooperative bargaining and tailing alterations in hiring (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010, par. 1).

The fifth organization with the best in the United States is the Entrepreneur whose aim to gather small business in order to give them information and ideas on how to succeed in their performance. The network mostly informs the executives on how to implement HR functions in the business and to use the modern technology of HRIS in order to simplify the functions of the HR (Entrepreneur Media, 2010, par.1).

Key actions in implementing HRIS system effectively

In order for the H2O organization to implement HRIS system effectively, some key action items are required. When implementing the HRIS system, the H2O organization must have requirements of the organization in mind. The organization need to know the quantity of information that is fed into the system in order to acquire a system that can assist them in entering the amount of data they have effectivefully.

Secondly, H2O organization should have its aims or objectives in mind in order to know which software application are needed. The work of an organization can be conducted in an easier way and all-important data can be sustained through the utilization of software. Software assist in making the work or workers simpler and alleviating confusion since there are several loop holes while using the manual records maintenance (Lauren, 2009, par. 2-3).

For effective implementation of the HRIS system, H2O organization should select the appropriate system that will offer security of the data of the workers. In addition, this system should be in a position to sustain highly confidential records of the organization. It should also make sure there is safety of the organization’s files and no information ought to leak. While implementing the HRIS, the organization should prioritize its activities depending on the accessibility and availability of requirements and resources (Office of the City Auditor, n.d, p. 7).


In conclusion, HRIS is organized as a database; several organizations trade some kind of HRIS and all HRIS have diverse abilities. Therefore, every organization or company like H2O organization should select cautiously the type of HRIS depending on the requirement of the organization. An effective and suitable HRIS offers the following activities or functions; management of the workers’ information, reporting and evaluating of the workers’ data.

Maintenance of the organization associated documents like safety instructions, workers handbooks and emergency assessment processes. In addition, HRIS offers services on management benefits such as individual information updating, employment and status alteration. It also provides absolute incorporation with paysheet and other organization fiscal software and accountancy setting. Therefore, when H2O organization implements the appropriate system like SAP, it will simplify the functions of the HR departments.

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