MISCEA Faucets: Company Analysis

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Executive Overview

How consumers will benefit from MISCEA faucets

Hygiene, easiness in use, quality, reliability and fashion design are the main characteristics of MISCEA products. We are offering unique, technology breakthrough products that will revolutionize the way you think and practice hygiene in your homes or institutions. The MISCEA faucets incorporate the latest developments in sensor technology in order to offer a product which is reliable, easy to use and highly efficient. Being a product specialized in hygiene, our first offer to the market is for those institutions and businesses which deal with large number of people daily and for which hygiene might become a concern and threat to public health. Such institutions are hospitals and / or any other health related institution. Also, such businesses are bars, restaurants and hotels. These are the primary target customer group for our company in its initial phase of product launching.

For hospitals, it is vital to have products which they can rely upon since they deal with extreme situations. These institutions have hundreds, if not thousands, of patients who pass their day inside them and that many, if not more, which pass only hours of the day. Thus, it is best for them to have faucets which are touch less so that germs will not be transmitted from one patient to the other or to any other people. This is why hygiene is a big concern for all healthcare related institutions in general.

Hotels, bar and restaurants are also concerned about hygiene. Even here hundreds of people use their faucets, thus, increasing the risk of germ transmission from one person to the other through the touch of the faucet. It will be less of a concern with our MISCEA products.

These businesses are also concerned about the aesthetic part of a product. For hotels and restaurants it is an integral part of their presentation to the customer. They compete with each other not only in the quality of food they serve but also in the quality of service they offer and the ambient. Faucets are parts of the general servicing and ambient with which they try to attract customers. We at MISCEA understand this very well. This is why we have put particular attention to design and ease of usage of our faucet products. We are here to ensure not only high levels of hygiene but also eye attracting products.

Our Understanding of the Issues You Face

Our faucets comply with what patients expect to find in a hospital, and what customers in a restaurant, bar or hotel; easiness in use, high hygienic standards, modern design and reliability. Our faucets are also how your company’s personnel would like to have every product; reliable and no need for continuous and hard maintenance efforts.

Save Money

You will not need to pay additional personnel to perform regular maintenance duties. Save thousands of dollars compared to the cost of buying new faucets every month or so;

Save Time and Efforts

Stop losing an important amount of time trying to maintain your faucets and divert attention from other more important activities;

Major Impact

With a small investment in our faucets you will relieve your personnel from unnecessary duties and increase patient satisfaction;

About Our Company

Company History and Overview

The history of Miscea GmbH dates back to 1999 when in Augsburg two engineers started the development of an improved dispensing system. The Miscea has been in operation since 2003 in high impact facilities such as medical and foodservice environments.

In 2007 Miscea has launched its new range of faucets, incorporating our know how to accumulated over the previous eight years. Together with our partners in Community Miscea we seek to give you a higher level of care with better designed dispensers and refill products which are friendly for both skin and environment.

Miscea GmbH is a privately held company based in Augsburg, Germany, which designs and manufacturers state of the art dispensing systems. Our products are designed to provide our users with a durable product enabling higher standards of hygiene and efficiency (MISCEA, 2010).

Our Approach to Business

The MISCEA combines the functions of a faucet and a dispenser in one. This revolutionary technology is the one who forms new experiences by dispensing water alongside with a mixture of other products. These products can be any product that you might choose and any combination of soap, disinfectant or detergent based ingredient.


The MISCEA faucet is made of stainless steel. Its composition is an assurance of its quality. Also:

“Its elegant design is accentuated by the interactive user interface. The faucets head is made of laser engraved glass with LED lighting. The quality of the materials ensures durability even in the most demanding environments.” (Miscea, 2010)

New Standard

Combining multiple functions in one touch free faucet allows for an overall economic solution. Electronic dosing saves water and other dispensed products. A touch free operation ensures high standards of hygiene and minimizes your cleaning effort: a new standard in dispensing.

Sensor technology

“The MISCEA is based on the latest sensor technology with advanced software. Simply moving your hand over the indicated section of the glass daisy a light signal will show which product will be dispensed. The MISCEA even will allow for motion controlled temperature adjustment. Just bring your hand next to the plus or minus and the temperature will change as indicated by the digital display.” (Miscea, 2010)

System box

MISCHA’s faucets are composed of two main components, “the faucet and the System Control box that is mounted below the washbasin. The system control box is the command console and includes the electronic controls, the required pumps and the liquid reservoir.” (Miscea, 2010)

Last but not least, the MISCEA is easy to install. The manufactures have used standard measures of the industry and thus these faucets can fit in any washbasin or kitchen which is sold today in the market. The client should also be reminded that “the system operates on 12 volt and does not require batteries reducing maintenance needs” (TechCraving, 2009).

Why Select Miscea?

Unique Value Proposition for [COMPANY]

Expertise & Stability

  • Industry Recognition
  • Powerhouse Solution
  • High-level Standards
  • Stability


  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability
  • Reliability
  • Options and Functionality

Customer Service

  • First-class Service
  • Support
  • Client Input

Product Offering

MISCEA’s Solution Designed to Address Your Needs

Here under you will find MISCEA recommendation for using our special faucets that will solve your specific problems and address the challenges discussed in the preceding section.


Our MISCEA faucets are available in four different sizes, three wash basin models and one wall mounted model. Our MISCEA faucets can dispense water according to need alongside one or two different products: soap, detergent, disinfection, lotion. Temperature can either be sensor operated or set at the system box.

One cannot unnotice that these faucets are of an elegant design and come along with several unique user advantages depending on the mode of usage and needs of various customer groups. Furthermore, because of its different functionalities “the MISCEA is of large importance for usage as well in the medical sector, food industry, facility management as at home” (TechCraving, 2009).

In medical and dental practices as well as hospitals and laboratories it is essential to prevent the risk of cross contamination. Increasingly medical guidelines prescribe the use of touch free faucets and dispensers. MISCEA offers medical professionals a way to optimize hand hygiene: a non touch all-in-one solution.

Easy to Use & Efficient

  • Easy to use no-touch sensor faucet.
  • Gives you the possibility to select between soap and disinfect options.
  • Allows you to graduate the temperature of the water.
  • Guaranteed, continuous water at the desired temperature.
  • No need for continuous maintenance.
  • Secure online payment.

Affordable Pricing

Flexible pricing is determined by the number of contacts targeted.

Product description / Modes of usage

Bucket fill mode

In the case you just want to fill a glass of water, it is sufficient to hold it under the faucet. Soon, the water will flow until you remove the glass underneath it. There is also a so called ‘bucket fill’ mode which you can use to fill things larger than a glass. If you simultaneously activate the + and the – , you can see the sections and two LED’s in the display lighten up. The water will begin to flow immediately. To stop the water flow you need just to activate one of the two sections on top of the head of the faucet (e.g. soap). It will stop promptly. This way you have the opportunity not to consume unnecessary amounts of water and easily wash your hands without the need for ‘complicated’ operations.

Water temperature regulation

if you like to adjust the temperature it is just as easy. Move your hand to the temperature section of your choice (or + or -) and you see at once that both the section and the display lighten up. You are able to change the temperature before washing your hands or during the washing – one hand for the water, one hand for the temperature section-. This way you have the opportunity not to consume unnecessary amounts of water and easily wash your hands without the need for ‘complicated’ operations.

Our Company’s Investment

Business Model & Financial Projections

Business Model

As a business model, the selling of MISCEA products is designed as follows:

Business Model
* Cost of Goods sold includes the installation procedure

Financing Model

Being a retail distribution company our staff will be composed of sales personnel and management personnel. As for financial projection we have determined the following:

  • Average sales personnel salary will be $40k-$50k.
  • Average management level personnel salary will be $55k-$65k.
  • Initially, salaries will be 60% to 75% of non-COGS expenses but will come down to 50%-55% in a three years period. The remaining expenses will be rent, utilities, supplies, phones, travel.
  • There will be no extraordinary marketing effort since we have a pre-determined customer group (health care institutions, bars and restaurants) as primary target.
  • Sales projection is a three year plan will be $20-$25 million.
  • Market size will be 5%-10%.
  • Revenue per management personnel will be $170k-210k.
  • Revenue per sales person will be $110k-130k.

Product Sale Terms

Amounts are invoiced and payable as follows:

  1. First delivery; upon delivery.
  2. Additional distribution; upon receipt of invoice.

Return On Investment

Value Analysis

Is an investment in the products we are recommending a good business decision for you? We have attempted to calculate the potential impact and ROI for our company based on current market trends and industry demand. In the following explanation note we show the potential of our solution to improve your business results. We are confident that what we are offering is something unique to the market and with great benefit potentials for both, the company, its clients and investors. Below we will describe in details how these products we offer can impact the designated target customer group.

Impact of MISCEA faucets for a healthcare institution

Hygiene is one of the primary aspect that patients notice inside a healthcare institution, be that a hospital, eye or dental clinic. Coupled with patient care (which in this case is equal to customer care) it can make the difference in gaining more customers. More customers, means more revenues and profits for a hospital as for every business. Water is an important element of hygiene. In fact, without it we cannot speak of hygiene at all. The metallic parts of a faucet are like ‘housing units’ for germs and bacteria. Eliminating the touching on the metallic parts of the faucet means to avoid these germs and bacteria. Patient can be sure they will not have the problem of closing the water after they have washed their hands.

Impact of MISCEA faucets for a service-offering business

Beautiful designing, reliability and easiness in use are a powerful combination which attracts customer attention. We are talking about your customers. In a bar-restaurant or a hotel, these ‘small details’ are what people imprint in their mind in forming a perception upon your service. Our products, combined with all the other elements of your service, will ensure that a positive perception is formed in the mind of a customer. Positive perception is the first step for customer satisfaction and one of the fundamental steps for branding.

Revenue Increase

Customer satisfaction is one of the keys to revenue increase. Our product will provide the hospital with a positive image in terms of hygiene and comfort. Our product will provide your bar, restaurant or hotel with a positive impact on design and easiness in use. This will directly impact customer satisfaction. Do not forget that customer satisfaction is the prelude to customer loyalty. This one will increase your market positioning which in turn will benefit your sales and revenues.

Our product will impact your costs by cutting significantly the maintenance expenses on this sector. You will be able to assign your personnel other duties and thus increase performance and the efficiency of your business.

Key Process Steps in Moving Forward

FundRaising & Venture Capital

After reviewing this document, the following process steps must be performed in order to finalize the launch of our business. We have listed specific actions that, if taken, will move us closer to a successful implementation.

The raising of adequate funds and venture capital is essential for the launch of operations of our company. From the above made analysis we are offering to investor a unique opportunity. We are offering to all interested parts in financing new ventures a unique opportunity to finance a company with an innovative product offering in the market. Having an innovative product is an essential market advantage which greatly benefits the company launching it (Mullins & Walker, 2008).

We are confident to have the right ideas, as demonstrated above, at the right time. Also, this is a product for which has been significant market demand for years. As studies demonstrate, hygiene has been a concern for hospitals and other health care institutions for decades. The market potential for MISCEA faucets is limitless since no other similar product is yet launched into this market.

Nevertheless, there exist a few barriers to entry and the competitive environment promises to be on the rise. Even though there is still no other company offering this category of product in the market, some companies are planning to introduce them in the near future. Therefore we have to act immediately in order to forerun the competition and avoid complications as new market entrants.

Beginning an enterprise with minimum risk association is one of the key elements which will ensure any company’s growth and sustainability.

Another important advantage that we are willing to create for our company is an active board of directors. The board and management team will cooperate together in a step by step process of designing and implementing solutions needed for the business. This active role of the board of directors will ensure that the company will ensure that our business does not make errors during its product launching phase.

For all of the above mentioned reasons, we invite you to invest in our company and trust us in building a successful business model for the future.

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