Human Resource Manager’s Job Description


Increased globalization has enhanced competition across markets, and different strategies are used by companies and other business entities to maintain their main resources. Employees will need to develop their skills regularly in order to achieve career goals. Since Human Resource Managers (popularly referred to as HR) are the links between workers and the management, their profile is difficult enough. This paper will be analyzing a human resource manager’s extensive job description.

Human Resource Manager as a Career

Human Resources play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of a company’s workers. In a company, well-organized management practices are structured to enhance product quality to the maximum. Human resource management integrates human resources’ responsibilities with the company’s planned priorities to maximize overall efficiency. Firms have to adapt rapidly to the needs of employees in today’s fluctuating market environments. As a result, implementing a separate recruitment strategy that can be quickly executed to fill all available vacancies is crucial. The loss or gain of good resources for the company may be the wrong candidate’s choice or the rejection of the right applicant. The Department of Human Resources uses its expertise to frame the recruitment strategy by using various approaches to achieve the best results (Cascio, 2018). Recruitment and selection, planning and forecasting, personnel evaluation, and assessment of motivating employees are fundamental human resource management goals.

Human Resource Manager as a Professional

Human resources have become an increasingly sought-after occupation, as companies are searching for personnel who are trained in this field as well as consultants who are highly qualified professionals. Today, these managers are expected to have higher compensation in the labor market over the coming years and are among the best in the current job market. Nevertheless, the job comes with an immense amount of obligation, besides the high salary. These practitioners are also capable of helping people in the company develop. A good organization will always allow its workforce to learn new skills so that they can improve their expertise (Bratton & Gold, 2017). Specific consideration is that human resources administrators are paid to support other employees in the organization. Because of that, workers approach human resources for personal issues, conflicts related to employment, and other kinds of problems (Cascio, 2018). While a human resource manager may feel overstretched, their performance growth can be satisfying and provide job satisfaction.

The Path to a Human Resource Career

Human resource managers are mandated to handle various aspects of the enterprise, which contains the following:

Compensation and Benefits: They are responsible for choosing and initiating compensation and benefits programs for their organizations. They need to understand corporate strategy and various remuneration policies to select impeccable systems for their company employees. They review and change compensation and benefits packages to ensure that such programs help their organizations attract and retain top talent (Kopeć, 2019). This person must have an excellent understanding of pay and benefits and also how the two operate. They should also have knowledge of how these compensations are to be allocated and what workers are looking for per the corporation’s budget restrictions.

Training and Development: As training and development administrators, they handle all aspects of workers’ training and career advancement. They set up alignment workshops for recruits; all-staff training sessions, individual development classes, and any other in-person training which the person needs to improve their careers. They are also responsible for establishing some training guarantees for workers, including guidance and books (Kopeć, 2019). People in this role must have excellent talents, as they typically welcome meetings that require interest and encouragement from employees. These managers ought to have in-depth awareness within their organization of the laws and defiance provisions to keep workers up to date.

Labor relations: Labor relations serve as the link between businesses where they operate and the labor unions in which the company’s employees engage. To negotiate contracts that comply with labor laws and regulations, public relations personnel must be specialists in local, state, and federal labor issues. In any legal action and periodic public affairs, a labor relations professional is also a representation of the organization. The labor relations expert should always concentrate on legislation, ensuring at all times that his or her employer is acquiescent (Trubek et al., 2016). It is therefore essential for HR to address the employees’ skills, their capacity to read, write, and translate legal documentation, and also the type of communication skills they have.

Recruiters: Human resource managers work as executive recruiters, they are also referred to as headhunters. They search for workers, usually in other companies, to fill senior executive roles. These professionals need to know their markets well enough to convince prospects from rival companies to come and work for them or another company. They interview applicants about their experience and introduce the ideal recruits to the organization seeking to hire them.

Employment, recruitment, and placement: These managers control how and when a corporation recruits workers. They lead their staff on where to find talents, track applicants, and determine which individuals to recruit. They must also have sound judgmental skills and an approach to recognizing the challenge for new workers. They should have excellent interviewing abilities and the capacity to work closely with hiring managers in the business’s various divisions (Sparrow et al., 2016). In most cases, recruiting and placement managers work under the Human Resources Manager.

Human Resource professionals sometimes find it difficult to get the most from their best workforce. There may be many applicants but not enough candidates with the right blend of experience, knowledge, competitive drive, and attitude to be the best performers. Any HR Manager’s aim should be eventually to help their business become the preferred company and foster employee satisfaction. It is not easy and does not happen immediately, but as an employer of choice, the business will create a good reputation. With effective leadership and vision coming from those heading the organization, everyone else in the company will actively make an effort of being more productive.

Human Resource Certification: When reviewing the prerequisites for human resource management employment, it is apparent that human resources certification is progressing rapidly from being preferred to necessary. This is a telling indication that organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit, are subject to professional certification with a high degree of respect. Human resources certification is currently seen as an essential addition to one’s resume (Cascio, 2018). Today, human resource management practitioners face complex issues such as the lack of eligible applicants due to the enterprise’s globalization.

Professional certification is commonly defined as an exam-based certificate requiring job experience and academic eligibility. Certifying bodies typically provide learners with prep exam content generated using a professionally built and verified knowledge base. Re-certification includes the completion of sufficient human resource development programs and experience (Cascio, 2018). Besides, re-certification is deemed to be of benefit to practitioners and workers in human resources. The value of human resources certification is that it keeps its managers up-to-date, which is done by continuous learning. There are several nationally accredited designations for human resources. Completing a Major in Human Resource Management course typically requires a high level of dedication and commitment (Cascio, 2018). The degree programs of an associate, which offer entry-level opportunities, typically take two years. At the same time, it takes four years for a bachelor’s degree program. In particular, master’s degree programs and MBAs require one to two years.


A human resource manager’s role is to support the company’s employees by administering, creating, enforcing, and overseeing policies and regulations which are necessary for all employees as well as having knowledge of how to administer the same functions. The monitoring of attendance and the recording of leaves is a vital part of the HR management function. It is also important that HR managers concentrate on the areas that organizations should improve to move ahead with current trends. To meet these objectives, human resource managers have to be completely prepared with all the appropriate resources, such as the human resource management system. Lastly, the position of a human resource manager will always be based on human growth, confidence and engagement, ability to adapt, and job skills.


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