Havells Firm’s Data Visualization in Business Decision

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Data visualization is a powerful concept used in making business decisions. The data collected are visualized, enabling business leaders to draw important insights for making effective decisions (Healy, 2018). Havells is among the organizations investing in information systems to enhance their decision-making. Data visualization enables Havells’ management to see the trends in sales and generate reports. It also enables the management to focus on the most important aspects for analysis. However, the company’s management faces issues such as difficulty analyzing sales figures. Havells is also facing the issue of choosing which data visualization tool to visualize data. Based on this, the company should ensure that its data management is working effectively. To achieve this, Havells should consider using a single data management system by choosing Power BI data visualization. They should also use Kotter’s change model to manage the process, especially if there is resistance.

Havells’ Background and Sales Figures Analysis

Havells is one of the organizations that has invested heavily in data management. Qimat Rai Gupta established the organization in the late 20th century. The organization had transformed itself to dominate the industry by manufacturing and distributing electronics. However, like other contemporary companies, Havells is faced with the problem of managing a higher volume of data. For example, the management of Havells is faced with the challenge of analyzing sales figures. This can be attributed to the high influx of sales data due to the company’s size. In addition, data collection and reporting are done by people, which takes a lot of time and is prone to error. Therefore, despite Havells’ achievement, the management still finds it challenging to analyze its sales data.

The Background of Havells

Havells India Limited is among the Fast Moving Electrical Goods organizations with a strong global presence. The company was incorporated in 1983 by Qimat Rai Gupta, renowned Indian business personnel (Rana & Goel, 2018). Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously to become a major power distribution equipment manufacturer. The company now enjoys market dominance across a wide spectrum of products and owns some of the most prestigious brands, such as Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree, and Standard. Havells’ success is attributed to its strategic decisions, such as having a selective brand showroom named Havells Galaxy (Rana & Goel, 2018). In addition, the company is trying to make its sales management more efficient by constantly investing in technology. Thus, Havells has become a significant player in the electrical and electronic industry due to its quality products and strong brand.

Challenges Faced by Havells’ Management to Solve Issues in Data Analysis

One of the most pressing challenges experienced in managing Havells’ sales data is analyzing its increasing sales figures. Drawing from the case study, the management of Havells finds it complicated to analyze sales figures. The quantity of sales data being generated in the organization is increasing due to the size of the organization. As these data grow exponentially with time, it becomes challenging to manage. The sales data becomes challenging to analyze when they are vast. For example, the company has more than 500 Havells Galaxy stores across India (Rana & Goel, 2018). These stores provide sales data reports to the managers for purposes of analysis. As a result, the increase in the size of Havells’ operations through stores and the increasing number of customers creates a challenge for analyzing the data.

The other problem Havells is facing is that the analysis of sales figures is time-consuming and susceptible to mistakes. The inability to analyze sales figures is detrimental to decision-making. It takes the management of Havells a lot of time to obtain insights from the sales data. Data collection and reporting have been done manually, and a large workforce is involved in performing the task (Healy, 2018). Based on this, the company was experiencing errors and redundancy, especially when reporting data. There is also a challenge of making a quality decision due to human error experienced during the collection and report of sales data. Thus, the management’s problem is the absence of real-time data reporting and the existence of errors because it is done with people.

Despite Havells making significant investments in information systems, its management experience challenges such as the inability to analyze sales figures. Qimat Rai Gupta founded the group in the late twentieth century. Through the manufacture and distribution of electronics, the company changed itself to become the industry’s dominant player. As a result, Havells, like many other modern businesses, is confronted with managing a growing number of data. Havells’ management, for example, is faced with the task of assessing sales figures. This is due to the company’s scale, resulting in a large influx of sales data. Furthermore, data gathering and reporting are carried out by humans, which takes a long time and is prone to inaccuracy.

Positive Impacts of Data Visualization on Havells’ Business Decision

Data visualization is increasingly becoming important to contemporary organizations because it helps with data analysis. With dynamic visual representations of data, data visualization positively impacts Havells’ decision-making process. Because they can analyze data in graphical or pictorial representations, the management of Havells can now recognize trends more quickly (Healy, 2018). For example, data visualization may help them extract useful insights from large amounts of data in a short amount of time. In addition, data visualization enables Havells’ management to see the trends in sales and generate reports. Therefore, data visualization plays an integral role in promoting effective decision-making because it enables one to see trends and focus on the most important concepts.

Data visualization makes it easy for Havells’ leaders and managers to view trends and patterns in sales and other aspects. Conventional data formats are renowned for making it harder to spot patterns in vast amounts of data (Healy, 2018). However, when visualization tools are used, the most relevant details are brought to the forefront (Healy, 2018). For example, through the DMS sales dashboard, Havells management is able to see the retail sales trends. In the dashboard, the company has continued to receive high revenue since the introduction of the data visualization technique. With this information, the company is able to make informed decisions. Thus, it is much easier to understand trends and patterns when represented using various visuals and laid out in charts, maps, and trees.

Data visualization enables Havells’ leaders to focus on what matters most, saving time during analysis. Due to the integration of visuals and short texts, data analysts can see everything at once and concentrate on the most relevant information (Healy, 2018). As a result, data is effectively simplified since everything is shown at the same time, yet the most important facts take center stage. With each passing day, Havells must become more competitive, and the most critical aspects of any operation will generally entail effective data analysis because it affects the relationship between market performance and operating conditions. With data visualization, business leaders at Havells are able to concentrate on essential data to develop insights (Healy, 2018). As a result, business leaders save time by focusing on the most important aspects of the visuals.

Data Visualization can help leaders and managers at Havells communicate the information acquired with the entire team. Creating graphic and interactive reports gives business leaders from all departments access to their company’s data in one location (Healy, 2018). They are able to engage with data that has already been compiled in an understandable format without having to rely on IT or previous interpretations by consultants and analytics professionals. For example, business leaders have the ability to contribute their interpretative input regarding their expertise due to data visualization’s simplicity, comprehensibility, and accessibility (Healy, 2018). Thus, through the use of data visualization, individuals can share the information obtained with others.

Data visualization is becoming increasingly significant at Havells because it enhances decision-making. The concept improves an organization’s decision-making process by providing dynamic visual representations of data. Havells’ management can now spot trends more rapidly since they may evaluate data in graphical or pictorial formats. For example, data visualization can help business leaders extract important insights from vast amounts of data in a short amount of time. In addition, data visualization allows leaders to detect patterns in a specific area. Therefore, a modern organization like Havells should incorporate data visualization to improve decision-making.

Potential Issues Havells Is Facing Using Data Visualization

There is a need for Havells to have an effective data visualization system. The information from the case study presents some challenges that the company may be going through when using visualization. Although the company has introduced business intelligence in its system, it uses other information system tools for visualization. As a result, Havells have multiple data visualization tools, affecting the quality of a decision. However, it is recommended that Havells’ management choose a single data visualization tool. They should also use Kotter’s change model to manage the process. Therefore, although Havells has experienced noticeable benefits in using several data management tools, it is important for them to focus on a single data visualization tool.

Havells is facing the issue of choosing which data visualization system to use when making decisions. Using Power BI and DMS to analyze data may impact the quality of decisions. When using both systems, there is a possibility of experiencing slightly different outcomes in the sale report (Healy, 2018). The difference may invoke doubts about the insights obtained from the two visualizations. However, the company has been using the two visualizations to analyze its data, but the case study majored in the DMS. The reasoning for using the two is to compare the visuals and choose the most effective. Therefore, the use of power BI and DMS separately may affect the insights generated from the visuals due to the difference in the outcome.

Resistance to change may be a problem facing Havells in using data visualization to make decisions. People usually resist change due to uncertainty of the outcome. For example, business intelligence, such as Power BI, has the ability to help Havells manage its data and draw insights for decision-making (Healy, 2018). However, Havells is still using DMS, a mini enterprise resource (ERP) billing solution, to create visuals for its data. Based on this, it is evident that Havells’ managers, leaders, and stakeholders are afraid of shifting from DMS and internal automation to manage its data. Therefore, there is a possibility of a negative reception of new concepts such as Power BI.

The company should consider using single data visualization and Kotter’s change model to introduce a new concept. First, Havells’ managers should make a decision on the most appropriate business intelligence system to use when analyzing data. With the advancement of technology, the company should focus more on using Power Bi due to its many benefits, especially in clear and easy-to-read visuals. The company should effectively use Kotter’s 8-step change model to introduce the change (Galli, 2018). Therefore, shifting to single data visualization and applying the Kotter change model is crucial in managing the use of data visualization in decision-making.

Havells need to solve issues around its data visualization for decision-making. The data from the case study reveals some of the challenges that the company may face when implementing visualization. Despite the fact that the corporation has implemented business intelligence into its system, it continues to visualize data using different information system tools. Havells has a number of data visualization tools that can influence decision quality. Havells’ management, on the other hand, is advised to use a single data visualization tool. This will help the organization eliminate the possibility of doubts that may arise when using multiple visualization techniques. They should also manage the process using Kotter’s change model.


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