22 Functional Strategy Examples: Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike

Business giants like Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, and others implement a functional strategy. It is an essential part of strategic management aimed at improving a company’s performance and ecosystem. Keep reading to uncover all the details about the functional-level strategy and get the best examples!

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🤔 What Is Functional Strategy?

A functional business strategy (functional-level strategy) is a tool used mainly by big corporations to optimize processes in each department. The name “functional” relates to particular functions performed by different departments.

To use this method more effectively, strategic management specialists combine it with business- and corporate-level strategies. The three-tier strategy model is the following:

  1. Corporate level – fundamental questions about the company (strategic intent, business type, etc.).
  2. Business level – means and ways for achieving success (numerous business strategies).
  3. Functional level – ways to improve corporate and business strategies (marketing, HR, etc.)

In this article, we will focus on functional strategies. They are especially relevant for material management, production or manufacturing, and other operations.

What Is Functional Strategy in Business?

Functional level strategy is assigned to one or several areas (departments) of a business. It sets objectives for various company departments and ensures that each department works towards its goals.

Each head of the department or department manager takes part in developing and implementing functional strategies. Based on the strategy, managers assign tasks to employees and teams within their departments. Therefore, the functional strategy most often focuses on enhancing daily activities.

What Companies Have Functional Strategy?

All world-known corporations or even businesses with several departments have functional strategies. Of course, everyone has different functional strategies regarding methods and goals. In a big company, the strategic management department deals with functional strategy. A smaller business assigns this task to the marketing department or a particular marketer.

Learning how business strategies work is much easier when you have good examples. Such corporations as Starbucks, Walmart, Apple, and Coca-Cola implement strategies worth your attention.

🚀 Functional Level Strategy Examples

Let’s imagine Company A, manufacturing toys for children focused on three objectives in its business strategy: transparency, quality, and sustainability. Here is a short version of a functional-level strategy with examples:

  • Transparency. Change the brand’s tone of voice to describe products’ benefits instead of insistently promoting the brand.
  • Quality. Focus on writing catchy marketing slogans and optimize communication channels. Limit the number of marketing materials to the most effective ones.
  • Sustainability. Prioritize the promotion of eco-friendly recyclable goods.
Human Resources
  • Transparency. Ensure honest and quick communication with job candidates at each interview stage.
  • Quality. Focus on enhancing employers’ strengths by providing access to internal and external education.
  • Sustainability. Involve employers in environmental activities.
  • Transparency. Make financial statements and reports public and available on the website in pdf format.
  • Quality. Purchase software that will optimize employees’ working time and reduce the risk of making mistakes.
  • Sustainability. Donate 1% of revenue to charity funds and organizations that help children.

🥤 Functional Strategy Examples of Companies

Now it’s time to look at several world-famous companies’ business strategies. We will compare their functional strategies within marketing departments:


As a tech giant, Apple focuses on high quality and style rather than product diversity. Here’s what Apple’s marketing functional objectives are:

  1. Precise market segmentation and targeting in promotion and advertising.
  2. Focus on superiority over competitors and the uniqueness of their products.
  3. Ensuring comfortable customer experience in all distribution channels.


Coca-Cola is also an interesting example as it adapts to each market it operates in. It spends around 4 billion dollars on marketing and advertising annually.

  1. Focus on internet marketing rather than other communication channels.
  2. Consistency of the brand image and visual representation in local markets for maintaining brand recognition.
  3. Consistent research of competitors’ marketing and advertising initiatives.


Nike has a long brand history and is one of the leaders in the sportswear industry. It uses intense marketing with big marketing budgets to implement its goals:

  1. Maintaining and expanding a base of loyal customers.
  2. Ensuring strong brand recognition.
  3. Increasing online promotion and sales.

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