47 Research and Development Strategy in Business

Research and development strategy is a critical aspect of business growth and innovation. They involve exploring new ideas and creating new products or services. In this article, we’ve detailed this strategy so you can write a successful paper. If you’re interested, let’s get to the topic!

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⚙️ Product Research and Development in Business Explained

Research and development are activities businesses undertake to develop new products, services, or processes. It can also be intended to improve an existing product in the market. R&D is the first stage in the development process of innovative products. The long-term objective of this activity is to identify gaps in the market and fill in those gaps to improve the bottom line of an organization.

What Are the Components of R&D?

Here we’ll describe four components that make up the product research and development process:

  1. People. Companies need skilled individuals and leaders to lead the research & development team. The team members should be innovative, analytical but also ambitious, creative, and resourceful.
  2. Ideas. Ideas are the heart and soul of a successful R&D program. Organizations need ideas to innovate something and make it a concrete product or service.
  3. Funds. Funding is a prominent element we need because research is vital to the research and development of products or services. But the examination entails costs and valuable resources.
  4. Culture. Organizations should cultivate a culture of innovation to facilitate innovation and develop new product ideas.

🪄 Helpful Example of Research & Development

There are a few notable companies that spend a great deal on research and development, such as the following:

  • Amazon. In 2020, the Amazon company spent over $42 billion on R&D, focusing on technology and content. The budget allocation is for the development and design of new products, as well as to improve its existing products and services.
  • Apple. That is one of the best examples of product research and development strategy, knowing that the brand is almost synonymous with innovation. The company is among the largest investors of R&D projects globally.
  • Volkswagen. It’s another brand known to invest heavily in product research and development. The company uses its resources to conceive, design, construct, and test new models.

📈 What Are the Three Major Types of Research and Development?

In this section, we’ve tried to detail the three product research and development types. Here are the basic ones:

Basic Research

This type of R&D is when we acquire knowledge and use that to inform our business strategy. Instead of using that information to develop a specific product or service, companies use it to build the foundation for attaining a competitive advantage. It marks the first steps before we delve into the product development process. The basic questions to address in this stage of research & development are:

  • Why do people use the internet?
  • How do people prepare meals at home?

Applied Research

Applied research is more in-depth because we have a specific goal to achieve. For example, a company want to penetrate a new market or introduce a new technology. Primary analysis is about theory, while applied research focuses on the practical application of knowledge. The latter is specifically targeted to develop practical solutions to common problems. Some basic questions to address in this stage are:

  • How do people overcome connectivity issues with the internet?
  • What do people prefer to eat when they’re too busy to cook at home?

Development Research

Development research is the final step of product R&D. Engineers transform knowledge and theoretical ideas to create a new product or process in this stage. Technological innovation or other novel ideas from the process can be used in marketing that product or service. We can address the following questions in this stage:

  • How do you make connecting to the internet easier, even in remote locations?
  • How do you preserve frozen food that can be easily re-heated before eating?

So, R&D is a vital aspect of business success. They allow companies to stay competitive, innovate, and grow in their industries. We hope our article has helped you understand this strategy. But if you want to know more, check out our samples!

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💡 Essay Ideas on Research and Development Strategy

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