Qualities of the Good Leadership

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Leadership refers to the ability of a person or a group of individuals to guide and influence other members of an organization. It mainly entails making sound and, in some cases, difficult resolutions, forming and articulating a clear vision, coming up with tenable objectives, and providing followers with the necessary knowledge and tools to realize those goals. Leaders are found and needed in various aspects of society, from businesses to politics to community-based organizations. Some individuals are born with the skills to be a leader, while others are not. The main objectives of this paper are to give a detailed description of qualities of leadership that I think is necessary and critical to good leadership. In addition, to explain how I intend to adopt the traits into my life and how these qualities will enable me to be a better leader.

One of the leadership qualities is having high energy with determination. Effective leaders tend to have high energy with a positive drive to strive hard to attain targets and use it to create power in their followers (Lussier et al. 37). A determined leader can inspire confidence in others who rely on them in times of crisis. Determination is a prerequisite for achievement as the strength of will provides the head with increased energy to realize the ultimate goal. I will adopt this quality to build a positive attitude and optimism that will influence my tolerance for frustration in my life as I strive to overcome obstacles by being persistent.

The second leadership trait is possessing emotional intelligence, which can work well with other individuals. This involves self-awareness by being conscious of one’s emotions and reflecting on how they can affect personal and professional life. I will apply this characteristic in both my private and work-life to fit in other peoples’ situations, sense their emotions and comprehend things from their point of view. In addition, it will help me adopt teamwork and control any disruptive emotions such as anxiety, anger, and fear that may interfere with fulfilling duties.

Furthermore, integrity is key for good leaders and is the foundation for trustworthiness and ethical behavior. The heads of particular groups or individuals should never cheat or steal for personal gain or whatever reason (Lussier et al. 38). Leaders are judged on character and competence, while workers associate integrity with kindness and having good intentions. I will apply this in my working life to garner trust among my colleagues and clients, which leads to loyal customers, and increased profits.

Another essential quality is flexibility, which means adjusting to varying situations and changes. Flexible individuals are normally innovative and creative and are ready to try new things and change environments. I will adopt this trait in my work and individual life to acquire different approaches to unpredictable circumstances. Additionally, I will revise my plans to incorporate innovations and overcome challenges while accomplishing the set goals.

Intelligence is another important factor, which mainly entails thinking critically, making decisions, and solving problems. Intelligent leaders can plan by knowing how specific strategies work out and adjusting their programs accordingly. Furthermore, it enables superiors to evaluate others’ opinions and hypothetically put them into the plan and see if they fit in. I will apply this in my career life to use valuable inputs that work out for the better, as this eventually will boost workers’ morale and allow for better efficiency.

In addition, another characteristic of good leadership is self-confidence which builds with our success at setting and attaining the targets. Effective self-confidence is based on an accurate awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses with an orientation to self-improvement (Lussier et al. 38). This is vital because it makes the followers trust the leader since they understand they can lead them to the right path to achievement. I will adopt this feature to think positively about the future and take risks necessary to accomplish my individual and professional goals. In addition, I will be able to surround myself with people who believe in me, bounce back from my mistakes, recognize my talents and learn to leverage my self-doubt into confidence.

The seventh attribute that I think is critical for good leadership is sociability. Sociable individuals tend to possess an inclination to look for enjoyable, pleasant relationships, and this makes them diplomatic, courteous, friendly, and easy to communicate with. I will adopt this in my working life to share ideas with the employees and gain the respect of staff and coworkers. I will utilize the skill to persuade others straightforwardly and effectively.

The final characteristic is extraversion, which involves being bold, assertive, outgoing, and commanding the center of attention. Extraverts are frequently selected for management positions since they like to meet new people and confront others. I will build and nurture this feature establish social relationships with team members, and hold everyone accountable because I will not be ashamed to speak my mind. Lastly, I shall be more forceful in my opinions, take more air time in group discussions, and build a higher number of associations.

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