Traditional Media Elements of Opening Ceremon

Define Traditional Media Elements and list each area

Traditional media elements (TME) are used every time a company faces the need for mass distribution of information about a product or service, its distinctive features and benefits, the nature and place of the sale, propaganda of the most advanced offer, and stimulation of sales and services. Retailers use different traditional media elements like TV, outdoor Advertising, indoor, press, and radio. The main idea of traditional media elements is to bring information to the audience. TME works in one direction, which is completed when the business receives feedback from the potential customer. Feedback can be as a result of promotion strategies that are defined by special investigation or survey (Manovich and Tribe 28).

The main benefit of TME is a massive informational effect at low expense because of comparatively lower cost per exposure. Promoters use this type of media to achieve massive results and create product awareness among the audience. For example, TV is usually used to promote some products for all ranges of audience at national or local levels, depending on type of network. By means of TV, promoters can show products by using images and sounds. Also, some local TV providers test new promotion strategies that are based on targeting, which is normally used in internet technologies. For instance, if the democrats and republicans want to provide promotional campaign to their electorates during election season, their audience can watch their favourite program on the same TV channel at the same time in the villages or urban settings. By using geographical targeting, these two categories of audience can watch the same program, but see different advertisements. Smart TV is one of the most dynamically increasing technological advertisement tools (Tribe and Jana 29).

The main reason for using television as the advertisement medium is that it will facilitate to capture a vast target audience. Majority of the homesteads own televisions. Hence, using television to advertise products will give the company an opportunity to reach a wider consumer base. Apart from reaching a wider consumer base, television conveys messages in both audio and visual form. Therefore, through this medium, a company will be able to pass the information even to those consumers who are not conversant with an online platform. Advertising products in both audio and visual format will also facilitate in information retention. Once people watch and hear these television advertisements of products, it becomes hard for them to forget it quickly (Manovich and Tribe 37).

The total volume of information given in the press and advertising has increased since the beginning of the 20th century. However, a decrease in press ads was recorded in the last two decades. As a strategy for ensuring that magazines and newspapers survive in the new age of internet and e-commerce, most of the printed magazines or newspapers have their online version. Radio is another type of TME and it cannot be completely replaced by TV or internet. For instance, a driver or office worker wouldn’t be able to watch TV or use interactive technologies, but would certainly find it more convenient to listen to radio (Tribe and Jana 33).

Which TME does channel use

My channel is the Specialty store Opening Ceremony, which is located in West Hollywood. Opening Ceremony was established in 2002 and was promoted in numerous TME. Promotional idea was to provide a space where not only local but also global community can follow fashion trends, shop and share different stuff including mix tapes and travel tips. The project itself was promoted on “TV channel, city guides, and experimental editorials photographed by the Opening Ceremony’s extended creative community” (Manovich and Tribe 41). One of the brightest examples of Opening Ceremony promotional campaign was the recent joint art project in cooperation with “Badlands Unlimited” magazine, which provides both publishing (paper books, pictures and paintings) and online activity.

In order to sell the products in the store, the Opening Ceremony uses the product approach, beneficial approach and the referral approach through print brochures and local television networks. By combining these three approaches, the Opening Ceremony has successfully used the product approach by displaying the products in an attractive manner, beneficial approach by describing the benefits such variety, quality, and convenience, and referral approach by partnering with several fashion and apparel houses. As part of its strategy for restoring the confidence of customers, the Opening Ceremony uses the referral approach by mentioning successful fashion designers and business partners (Manovich and Tribe 33).

In the concept of value addition, the Opening Ceremony uses the elements of information and advice, simplified buying, and relationship building strategies as part of its personal selling platform. Under information and advice, the Opening Ceremony is in the best position to explain and present a product to a customer, in the most accurate and professional manner. On the other hand, the element of simplified buying encompasses the activities of the Opening Ceremony that are aimed at saving time during the buying process, such as the proper arrangement of products in a store. In addition, the element of relationship building involves the use of the catchy sales language to win the trust and loyalty among customers (Newport 13).

Define New Media Elements (NME) and list each area

New media is a term used to refer to interactive electronic media and new forms of communication content that producers use to interact with consumers in a different way from the traditional media such as newspapers, books, and radio. New media refers to the process of development of digital, network technologies, and communications. As a result, association services and multimedia editorials have become common elements of modern journalism (Tribe and Jana 19).

NME is primarily about digital technologies, and these trends are related to the computerization of society. Highly developed new media is not a replacement of the previous print format since the two are sometimes used concurrently. Thus, the task of new media is recruitment of consumers and searching for other fields of applications, and offering an online platform version of the printed edition. The NME includes areas such as websites, email, mobile communicators, social networks, online processing systems, and 3G technologies. Unlike the TME, which is used mainly to make a wide audience with product promotion, the NME platform gives promoters a unique opportunity of direct communication with customers. For instance, a single online page can combine services provided by various TME sectors. The customer can see advertisement and ask for clarifications, leave comments, receive a quick answer, buy a product, have online support, and participate in promotions of retailer in conjunction with online payment agents. In the case of an online shop, it will be easier to make a customer feel that he or she is valued when he or she receives quick respond on requested needs. This is the same as indirect product promotion through referrals (Tribe and Jana 42).

Which NME does channel use

Opening Ceremony actively uses NME techniques to promote both their production and their vision on art and fashion. They are willing to use innovations in style, which brings fruits of colourful, bright clothes with unusual forms. Such a production has to be published and promoted on Instagram where any photographer, creator, and casual user can see promotion and be excited. The Opening Ceremony has its own Facebook account where promotional campaign is a little bit more than just a gallery with pictures. Opening Ceremony’s Facebook functions as a ‘blog’ where they can announce upcoming events and form the customer community, where they can honestly talk about the apparel they have bought at the store. The Opening Ceremony’s Facebook account is part of its communication strategy and it requires professional attitude in order to keep content under control. Another online platform where you can find the Opening Ceremony is twitter. These two sites are proactively used to build a strong community following and online customer base (Tribe and Jana 17).

The Opening Ceremony’s website has been optimised through the use of the Search Engine Optimisation strategy and is tailored to include a unique cookie which is transferable to the users of the website. The unique cookie for the website is transferable to all primary and secondary visitors of this site, hence broadening the spread information on the Opening Ceremony website across the US and beyond. Optimising the SEO has the potential of making the website go viral since the unique cookie will spread to the primary and secondary users. The risk of using this option may be the high cost of constantly optimising the SEO and hiring unprofessional bloggers who may compromise the elements of trust in dealing with the potential clients. However, the benefits in relation to the Opening Ceremony surpass the demerits (Tribe and Jana 45).

Recommendations as to how channel could improve its promotional strategies

In my opinion, the Opening Ceremony has a good promotion campaign, which has enabled the customers to keep their sight on the world of fashion. The promotion strategy has also added some zest of travelling and the most sophisticated customer are happy to dive into the world of OC’s fashion. However, there are some dots missing the Opening Ceremony campaign strategy. For instance, in the company’s Facebook account has almost no comments or clients’ activities, but just a few ‘likes’. This is because the questions of visitors are generally not responded to on time. This particular Facebook account appears like a continuation of the website without any significant feedback from customers. Therefore, the Opening Ceremony can make the following steps to change the above situation.

First, the Opening Ceremony should make its Facebook account live and dynamic by provoking discussions and answering questions. Secondly, the account administrators should listen more to their audience; one good way to do this is to create an account on where every user creates his own favourite OC collection or share the style preference on the online board. This is a great way for any retailer to know what the clients really want and need. Lastly, the Opening Ceremony should socialize more and maybe initiate an Instagram project or ‘hashtag’ for ‘happy customers’, which ask their customers to post pictures of themselves wearing the latest or favourite purchases from the store (Manovich and Tribe 48).

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