Target Market of Opening Ceremony

Target Market of Opening Ceremony

Started in 2002 and headquartered in New York, Opening Ceremony has grown to become a major player in the fashion industry. The company stocks iconic and upcoming home-grown designers, which its showcases and by so-doing promotes the fashion talent (Opening Ceremony). In addition to following a unique business model in the fashion industry, its rapid growth is also attributed to establishing partnerships with the leading brands in the global market. In relation to the Opening Ceremony, consumer behaviour is affected factors such as geographic location, demographics (age, gender, race), psychographics (personality, lifestyle, and values), and socio-economic (occupation, income, education) (Belch & Belch, 2003). The buying situations are also influenced by type of outlets, usage, expected benefits, and product familiarity (awareness) (Nielsen Segmentation par. 4).

Demographics and Ethnicity

In business, demographic is a statistical data collected to find the characteristics of a particular population. The statistics are mainly used in identification of variations on individual aspects among the consumers and business clients. Opening Ceremony’s demographics are associated with the composition of the existing and potential future customers of the company. It can also be described as a group of customers that have in common a set of market-relevant characteristics. In the case of Opening Ceremony, located in West Hollywood, there are approximately 35,288 people living in the neighbourhood according to the United States Census Bureau as of the year 2013 (U.S. Census Bureau par 4). In 2008-2012 American Community Survey, among the population of 34,572 people, 56% are male, and 44% are female. A dominating 29.2% of the 2012 total population in the city ages from 25-34 years. Also, the second highest estimate is 17.7% of subjects who are 35-44 years old. From a broader age range of 15-44 years, 54.3% of the total population are represented under the category (U.S. Census Bureau par 8).

As indicated above, demographic data in the case of the Opening Ceremony comprises of the elements of age, income and ethnicity of the target market. Opening Ceremony uses these data information in defining their key customers (Opening Ceremony par. 7). Besides, it also uses this information in identifying the crucial buying groups on a global basis. Through this data, the company better defines its expansion strategies. Opening Ceremony targets customers of age groups of 18 years and above. Nevertheless, the youths comprise of the largest segment of its customer base. In this case, the youths fall within the category of customers of between 18 years and 40 years (U.S. Census Bureau par. 12). Opening Ceremony has identified this group as its main target market because they are fashion conscious, and at the same time they have the financial ability to afford the products supplied by the company.

Opening Ceremony targets both males and females within the above mentioned age bracket (18-40). However, the women comprise a majority part of this group. Arguably, this difference is attributed to the fact that women tend to be more interested and involved in fashion matters compared to males. The company targets consumers from all ethnic groups without any restrictions. It does not discriminate its customers on the basis of ethnicity, but on the ability and willingness of the consumers to purchase its products. In fact, this is evident because it has already established its shops in various countries with different cultures and social settings. The target market mainly comprises of the high-income earners. This group includes people of the business people and the working class. Opening Ceremony showcases designer and branded products and the works of both local and international designers. Most of the products of the companies that Opening Ceremony has partnered with have a higher price and are mainly meant for the high-income earners. Therefore, it is logical that the company’s target market should target the same class of customers.


Psychographics refers to “the study of the values, personality, attitudes, opinions, lifestyles, and interests” (Nielsen Segmentation par. 6). Purchasing trends continue to progress proportionately to evolving psychographics. Consumer behaviour is increasingly being influenced by a host factors including; wealth propensity, behavioural proclivities, globalisation, cultural discernment, and enhanced education. This has driven the acceptance of branding and particular store brands as people become aware of their value. They are willing to evolve their lifestyles more to sample store brands as much as national brands (Nielsen Segmentation par. 13).

In the context of Opening Ceremony, psychographics refer to the data on the lifestyles of its customers, which they use in creating customer profiles. This information is important to the company, especially when it comes to market segmentation (Opening Ceremony par. 8). In particular, Opening Ceremony has used this information in market segmentation on the basis of lifestyles, social class, and personality attributes. Psychographic segmentation is “based on the assumption that the types of products and brands an individual purchases will reflect that person’s characteristics and patterns of living” (Nielsen Segmentation par. 12). Furthermore, the psychographic data helps the company in establishing the appropriate marketing strategies.

Location environment

Reflectively, the fashion industry is very sensitive and strategic business physical business environment can help reach out to the market effectively. The advantage of the Opening Ceremony is that it has no geographical barriers. The location in Los Angeles gives the Opening Ceremony the much needed ease to reach the market since the main products, which are fashion apparels, will target the high income residents within Los Angeles. Besides, the Los Angeles location makes the company have a strategic reach of the market for most of the targeted customers are celebrities living within the area. As a result, the distribution pattern will be efficient and sustainable in the short-run and long-run (Nielsen Segmentation par. 6).

West Hollywood and its surrounding are inhabited by established business people and celebrities. The celebrities, who form a significant percentage of the population in the region, comprise of people from various fields such as the acting industry and the sports people. Shopping is part of life among most people in the West Hollywood area. The expenditure of most of the people in West Hollywood is relatively high; taking into consideration of the fact that they have high income (Metro par. 7).

West Hollywood is a home of various foundations established by celebrities, and various events are held in the region throughout the year (U.S. Census Bureau par. 16). For instance, Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party, are held in the area regularly. Similarly, the West Hollywood Book Fair is also organized every year since 2001. The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is, yet, another significant event carried in this location. Major businesses have been established in the area; with major employers such as Ticketmaster, Mondrian Hotel, Target, House of Blues, Best Western Sunset Plaza, and Sunset Tower (U.S. Census Bureau par. 12).

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