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Club IT can be considered as a local downtown music venue. It also operates as a nightclub. This club is a property owned by Ruben and Lisa. In the recent past, the two owners changed the structure of the club IT. This has been successful and the club has been able to bring good returns. The owners also decided to improve the information department of their enterprise. They did so by hiring Jerry to be in charge of the information management area. Since the date of appointment, Jerry has been able to point out three business problems within the enterprise. On discovering the problems, he has been able to look for ways to solve them. Also, he assessed the IT status and the business resources. In addition, he looked at the customer and supply chains. Jerry decided to incorporate three approaches to arrive at his solutions. These approaches included the application of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Also, he made use of customer relationship management (CRM). Finally, he incorporated the supply chain management (SCM) software. My paper is going to have a look at different departments in the club (Rainer & Turban2008).

During his study, Jerry was able to identify three problems that the business enterprise faced. The first problem identified was the name of the business. The reason is that the business name was club IT. The name didn’t sound good since the club is still boasting dial internet solutions. The via dial-up connection is slow. This is due to its limited bandwidth. This form of connection has got another disadvantage since it limits the use of some media. Also, much time is required when downloading attachments. In addition, much time is also required when playing online games. For the software that requires to be updated, they experience difficulties getting the updates. The other problem in the enterprise was communication in different fields. Communication between the supplier and the recipient is very poor. This is as a result of the club having only one phone line. The one line is used for all the business transactions. This has adverse effects on the business since it can lead to missed calls. It can also lead to the omission of costing of a viable business. Finally, it can lead to a loss of revenue. The final problem identified was concerning the online website. The website’s online presence is weak. The customers may miss the fun at night due to the inefficient online stores. Also, the lack of an effective website may result in customers looking for fun missing it (Bose, 2009).

The club IT has several resources. These resources include the IT department. Also, the club has an intranet facility for its employees. In addition, the different gifts possessed by the owners and the staff are part of the resources used in the club IT. The club has customers of different categories. These include the most part and the high tech. Also, the net generation and the Y generations are part of the customers for the club. In addition, the younger and the X generation types fall in the different categories of the customers. On the other hand, the club two types of suppliers. These include the local businesses and Sysco. Different types of supplies are offered to the customers by these providers (Pearson & Saunders, 2005).

Several solutions can be applied to tackle the different problems encountered by club IT. These include contacting the local service provider. They should apply for more phone lines to improve their operations. Also, they should request for high speed internet. The internet should have wireless hotspot capabilities. These features will enable in solving the dial up issues. Also, they will fix problems related to the dial up bog down. In addition, the service provider company will have the capability to fix the problems experienced by the club IT in different locations. On the other hand, website that is more interactive can be designed. The website should have the capability to link with other local sites. With this link, the website can be promoted through the other sites. A link can also be created between the company and the local businesses. This will enhance the relationship between the company and the customers. Integration can be done between the CRM software the intranet and the website. This will enable the company to have the capability to have access to the customer’s info. By doing this, the company will send ads, coupons, and many other offers thus attracting the customers. One company is known for supplying software at affordable prices. The company takes care of all the software needs. The known company offers integrated ERP software solutions. The software covers accounts and Enterprise Resource Planning. In addition, the software covers the Customer Relationship. The ERP software ware is designed for restaurants. This software can be used to maintain and resupply food and beverages. The high speed internet and online services can reduce the time taken when taking orders to form the suppliers. This is due to the improved communication between the customers and the management (Rainer & Turban2008).

In conclusion, the club IT has been able to make progress. This is due to the use of ideas and software proposed by Jerry. Use of The use, CRM, and SCM software will enable the company to save more time.


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