International Distribution Strategy Examples

Global distribution strategy implies choosing the best export countries, most effective channels, as well as product positioning. If you’re looking for international distribution strategy examples, you are in the right place! This page contains essay samples on most successful global distribution strategies.

🔝 Top 5 Global Distribution Strategy Examples

  1. Under Armour Company: International Trade
  2. KeepCup Company's Marketing Campaign Plan
  3. RAK Ceramics: Case Study
  4. Transportation and Warehousing Strategy
  5. The Potential Success of International Expansion of Lululemon Athletica

📍 Global Distribution Strategy: What Is It?

Developing a successful global distribution strategy requires:

  1. Identifying the country you want to start distribution in (both online and offline),
  2. Choosing the best possible distribution mediums and methods,
  3. Defining a competitive selling position for your product or service.

To accomplish this, you require a structured plan and market research expertise.

Selling through Distributors vs. Selling Directly: Pros & Cons

Selling through distributors helps new exporters avoid hassles in the process. They benefit from the intermediary’s networks and market knowledge. Infrastructure investments are not required. Distributors may offer installation plans and even returns. The cons include sharing a portion of your margins and distribution control with the distributor. There may not be exclusivity as the distributor is free to sell both yours and your competitor’s products at the same time.

E-commerce makes it easier for new entrants to reach profitable export markets, but market expertise and knowledge of warehousing, logistics, and shipping are crucial for success. Creating an international distribution strategy is definitely not easy. Creating connections takes time and effort. To create a thriving international distribution strategy, you must also comprehend the people and their culture.

📊 7 Rules of International Distribution Strategy

Here are 7 areas to focus on for making a winner strategy.

Rule #1 – Pick your retailers carefully Expansion into a new market should not be done hastily or without proper planning, as there are many factors involved. In almost every case, companies’ initial venture into international expansion is buzzed by the opportunities presented by new distributors.
Rule #2 – Think big Prefer distributors who can assist you reach a larger audience over those with a constant client base. The selection of distributors and the terms of their agreements should be driven by the goals of expanding multinationals.
Rule #3 – Local distributors are vital partners Set up the right procedures for maintaining contacts with the distributors, and they will soon become partners to help in expanding your market.
Rule #4 – Invest resources The strategic control of a multinational corporation requires a significant investment of its resources. This is especially true during the first phase of a market entry when enterprises are most uncertain about their eventual performance in that region.
Rule #5 – Keep it secret Keep your marketing strategy secret from the beginning. A multinational company’s local distributor requires the flexibility to adapt the global company’s strategy to the specifics of the local markets. MNCs should lead strategic planning and product, market, and capital allocation choices.
Rule #6 – Research the market Consult your distributors for sales, profitability, and market share information. A multinational must have high-quality market knowledge to leverage its competitive advantages in a developing market. To enter into a distribution agreement, it will be necessary to collect and analyze the extensive market and financial performance evaluation.
Rule #7 – Collaborate with national distributors Start connecting with national distributors as soon as feasible. In a new country, a multinational’s first order of business is to create a client base and local partnerships.

Some examples of companies with great global distribution strategies are:

Are you looking for more information? Check more examples of global distribution strategies on this page.

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