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Do you like National Geographic’s photography? Chances are, you do. It’s beautiful and looks great both on screen and in print. But did you know that posting images online and in magazines are two media strategies? And there are many other types, too.

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🪁 What Is Media Strategy in Marketing?

A media strategy is a course of action that enables a company to connect with its market through particular media. The ultimate aim of all media marketing strategies is to increase the company’s reach. In the case of using digital media, the objective is to boost consumer conversion rates – the percentage of website visitors that take action after visiting.

What Are the Five Major Components of Media Strategy?

  • Marking target audience for marketing campaigns.
  • Setting measurable prospects and specific objectives.
  • Creating a strong message and compelling call to action.
  • Keeping track of outcomes, evaluating the results, and changing the strategy accordingly.
  • Setting a marketing budget that would produce good ROI.

What Is Media Strategy Based on?

Every media strategy is based on specific demographic and goals considerations. Planning depends entirely on what a company wants to achieve with the help of its branding attempts on different media channels. A business can direct its media strategy towards many goals: reach, lead generation, clicks to the website, engagement, etc.

What Is an Example of Media Strategy?

Different media strategies fulfill different goals. For instance, a promotional TV advertisement allows drawing more attention toward a product and compelling people to try it. In contrast, some strategies are better suited for informational purposes and aim to spread awareness.

📸 Media Strategy Types

There are 5 main media strategy types that you should know about:

Media Dispersion Strategy This is a method for reaching a broad audience by utilizing a wide range of physical and digital media. This strategy can be helpful for marketing on a limited number of media outlets.
Media Concentration Strategy A media concentration strategy reaches a specific target audience by concentrating solely on several media types.
Earned Media Strategy This marketing and advertising technique generates media coverage or exposure organically. It is also one of the most effective media methods since it is affordable and easy to implement.
Paid Media Strategy A paid media strategy advertises a company’s services, online content, or products through paid adverts. Paid media usually works best in combination with other techniques, such as earned media.
Owned Media Strategy This media strategy is a method of advertising or marketing a company’s products or services using its own media channels.

💸 Media Strategy Examples: Top 5 Companies

  • Nike Media Strategy
    Nike’s media strategy uses current affairs and sporting events and centers its strategies on them. They have been very successful in inspiring audiences through lifestyle marketing.
  • Amazon Media Strategy
    Amazon can drive more sales than any other online store by advertising product specials throughout social networks.
  • PlayStation Media Strategy
    PlayStation constantly posts video content to engage fans, including new gameplay videos, streaming events, and game trailers.
  • Chipotle Media Strategy
    Chipotle has regained relevance among younger consumers by providing exciting and original video content on TikTok.
  • National Geographic Media Strategy
    National Geographic’s media strategy relies on images. The company’s approach is original and unique since it gives its photographers artistic autonomy.

Other examples of companies using excellent media strategies include:

We hope our examples helped you gain a better understanding of media strategy! Feel free to use them as inspiration for your case study.

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