67 Generic Strategy Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Generic Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Louis Vuitton Company's Strategic Management Policies
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the strategic management policies that this firm is using to gain a competitive edge over its market rivals.
  2. Toyota Motor Corporation Analysis
    This report provides an analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation, which specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembling of vehicles.
  3. Whole Foods Company's Environment and Strategy
    The 2002 regulation to enforce labelling to eliminate inconsistencies on what is nationally referred to as ‘organic’ boosted the Whole Foods standing in the market.
  4. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  5. Ford Motor Company: Redefining Strategies
    This paper discusses the business-level strategies deployed by Ford Motors and how the company's values can be better linked in order to create value for the company.
  6. Lenovo Strategy Evaluation [SWOT & PEST Analysis]
    What is Lenovo strategy? 💻 Read this report to find out! 📝 Lenovo strategy can be identified as a combination of vehement acquisitions, and a strong focus on innovation. ➡️ Open to learn more!
  7. General Motors Company's Strategies and Policies
    This paper explores the company by analyzing its inception and performance history, the business strategy, and the policy adopted over the years.
  8. Netflix Company's Analysis
    Over several years of its existence, Netflix has cemented its image as one of the best-recognized and most popular companies providing its customers with an opportunity to view original shows online.
  9. Starbucks Strategic Plan & Global Market
    Researching Starbucks strategic plan? ☕ Read the paper to learn how Starbucks has attained an optimal market position in the specialty business. 🥇 However, the Starbucks company can enhance its performance by implementing strategic marketing recommendations. ❗
  10. Ginger Hotels: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Ginger hotels are subsidiaries of The Indian Hotels Company Limited. It has a well-planned establishment chain of hotels that target the middle-class in the Indian market.
  11. Amazon.com Strategies Case
    When Amazon.com was established as the global online bookstore, there were no competitors within the industry in relation to online sales.
  12. China’s Open Market Door Policy and Its Effects
    The paper analyzes rate of growth, employment, population and GDP of China before and after open market door policy to the world, and lists benefits of the policy.
  13. Australian Wine Industry
    In order to assess the suitability of establishing a wine company in Australia, we have to consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company would face in Australia.
  14. Mining Industry in Australia
    Mining refers to the extraction of valuable minerals from the earth's surface with the aim of earning a form of revenue from the sale or use of the mineral materials.
  15. Saudi Aramco Company: Engineering Economic Strategy
    All operations, explorations, and concerns regarding oil and gas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pass through Saudi Aramco.
  16. US Airways and American Airlines Merger
    The merger between American Airlines and US Airways was attributed to various reasons, particularly countering intense competition and increase capabilities on several fronts.
  17. Marlboro Company's Strategy
    This paper focuses on an analysis of Marlboro cigarettes which is a brand of Phillip Morris, in particular it identifies growth options and changes in strategy.
  18. Dyson Company's Strategies and Challenges
    Dyson is one of the leading players in the handheld vacuum industry. This discussion gives a detailed analysis of the company’s business strategies, competitors, and existing challenges.
  19. LensCrafters Company' Strategy and Competitive Advantage
    LensCrafters is a company that develops the value chain referring to the factor of uniqueness. The approaches used by the company should be considered as relevant in order to compete.
  20. Disney Company's Strategic Analysis
    Disney is one of the leading firms in the global entertainment industry. The firm aims at being the premier provider of entertainment services in the market.
  21. Toyota Company's Strategic Analysis and Trends
    This paper reports on the SWOTT analysis carried out on the Toyota Company. SWOTT is a critical tool for analyzing the strategic points of an organization.
  22. The Home Depot Inc.'s Strategic Plan for 2015
    This essay presents The Home Depot Inc.'s background, its mission, vision, value statements, environmental scan, financial data, and recommendation for the best strategy.

💡 Essay Ideas on Generic Strategy

  1. Business Planning Process From Idea to Finances
    Every business starts with a certain idea. Before starting any business, it is paramount for entrepreneurs to formulate a business plan.
  2. Adidas Company's Position and Performance
    Short term liquidity position of Adidas Company has been analyzed below. A number of ratios were calculated during the last 5 years for analysis purposes.
  3. Nike: Case Study
    Nike has been a very leading company in the athletic footwear market. It has always given tough competition to its rivals Adidas.
  4. Innovation Management Characteristics
    The essay explores the nature of innovation management, its steps, strategies, and leadership styles that are present now.
  5. Corporate Policy and Strategy Course: Generic Strategies
    This paper analyzes three basic generic strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, focus) together with the fourth one - “stuck in the middle” adopted when a firm fails to choose.
  6. Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Company: Case Study
    Dr. Reddy’s is a highly competitive company in an industry, which is growing. The company is moving in the right direction armed with a strategy to maintain cost leadership.
  7. International Marketing Plan for SABIC Innovative Market: Entry into the Australian Market
    Saudi Basic Industries Corp - one of the world’s leading producers of chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, etc. Australia is a possibly gainful new market for SABIC.
  8. Singapore Foods Inc.: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis
    This report discusses various factors that need consideration while a product is introduced into a new consumer market, Singapore by company called Singapore Foods Inc.
  9. Tesco: Human Resource Management
    The analysis of Tesco Inc. is expressed through the investigation of such factors as political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental.
  10. Strategic Management by Example IKEA
    In order to succeed on the global scale, giant retailer like IKEA needs effective marketing strategies and philosophies, unique corporate vision and outstanding product management.
  11. Strategic Marketing on the Coles Supermarkets' Case
    The paper analyzes the internal and external environment of the company and industry Coles Supermarkets operates in, based on two main strategic management analysis: SWOT and PEST.
  12. Caribou Coffe Strategic Options
    Caribou, a company owned gourmet coffee house operator in the United States is the second largest in the provision of quality gourmet coffee and espresso-based beverages.
  13. Milco Company: Management
    Milco Company is one of the food companies being operated under the group name National Food Product Company. The company was established in 1973.
  14. EBay Company Analysis
    The secrets of success are closely associated with the strategy implemented by the Company and the online origin of business performance.
  15. Wal-Mart Retail Enterprise: History and Growth
    Wal-Mart is the largest retail enterprise in the world. Wal-Mart functions across the world and is known for its cheap products.
  16. Sprague Warner-Kenny Corporation: Company Information
    Due to its uniqueness and diversification of the food industry, its share price raised three times above in 1946; later on, it had named Consolidated Foods Corporation.
  17. Corporate Strategy Decline and Recovery in Business
    A corporate strategy is a strategic approach that charts the way forward for a business entity by analyzing the external and the internal environment of the business.
  18. Al Rawabi Dairy: Company Overview
    The paper aims to organise a strategic plan for Al Rawabi Dairy farm through getting an overview of this company. It considers the history, mission, and its core business value.
  19. Abercrombie & Fitch: Brand Revitalization and Extension Strategies
    The target customer for A&F brand must be extended in terms of demographics i.e. age, sex, color, and race. The traditional white man’s wear concept of the brand must be changed.
  20. Laura Ashely Business Performance Assessment and Analysis
    In this paper, the LA strategic imperative, sustainability, and background are critically evaluated to determine if its current strategy is suited for long-term development.
  21. Construction Industry of UK Strategic Analysis
    The essay assesses the construction industry of the UK based on strategic management theories and will try to find out whether these theories are working well or not.
  22. JetBlue’s Airline Story Revision
    At the time of JetBlue's airline launch, there were already 87 cases of failures that the U.S. airline industry had witnessed in the duration of 20 years.

👍 Good Generic Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Norwegian Cruise Lines: Company Analysis
    The paper aims to propose possible options for further improvement of the company strategy in the directions of market penetration and development.
  2. Coca Cola's Strategic Plans
    This paper examines the external and internal factors that impact Coca-Cola's strategic plans through Porter's generic strategy, Five Forces, SWOT, etc.
  3. Human Resource Management at Amazon
    The HR policies of Amazon are reflected in its systems intended to improve cooperation between managers and employees.
  4. Impact of CoronaVirus on the Aviation Sector: Emirates Airline
    The study seeks to investigate how Emirates Airline can deal with the impact of the corona virus to ensure that it remains sustainable.
  5. PepsiCo: The Strategic Choices
    The PepsiCo Company is making considerable efforts to invest in the marketing of new products and improve the brand image among the customers.
  6. PepsiCo's Strategy Implementation and Strategic Controls
    PepsiCo is an example of a company that has made great efforts to align its policy to the rapidly changing market conditions.
  7. RAK Ceramics: Case Study
    RAK Ceramics is a large UAE company producing various high-quality ceramic products. It was founded in 1989 in the UAE, and since then, it extended its business to Europe, the USA.
  8. General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia
    This report addresses General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia strategy management about all relevant aspects.
  9. Bates Farms and Dairy: PESTEL Analysis
    This paper shows why Bates Farms and Dairy should enter the US market by conducting PESTEL analysis on the country and discussing the viable market segmentation plan.
  10. General Mills’ Strategic Choices
    This paper explores the building blocks of General Mills' corporate strategy, differentiation experience and competitive advantage.
  11. Nike Golf: Company Analysis and Evaluation Project
    The paper presents the analysis of Nike Inc.'s business unit - Nike Golf, investigating its establishment history, marketing, and financial strategies.
  12. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company: Annual Report
    Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company was started in 1903 in Milwaukee; the U.S. The company launched its trademark bike in 1909, which was the fastest in those days.
  13. Pembina Pipeline Corporation's Analysis
    Pembina Pipeline Corporation is one of the leading companies that operate in the Canadian petroleum, natural gas and oil sectors.
  14. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
    The history of Google can be traced to the initial idea of developing a search engine dependent on links to determine the importance of various pages within the World Wide Web.
  15. Whittard of Chelsea Firm's Market Entry Strategy for the US
    The report comprises PESTEL-based macro-environmental analysis, market entry modes with the selection of the most appropriate one, STP strategy, and generic entry strategies.
  16. Hyatt Hotel Corporation's Analysis and Environment Evaluation
    Hyatt Hotels company has experienced rapid growth and success to become one of the models of excellence in the high-end hotels and resorts niche.
  17. The Coca-Cola Company: Strategic Plan Evaluation
    The report gives a detailed analysis of the existing marketing strategic plan for the Coca-Cola Company based in Pakistan, providing recommendations for adoption.
  18. Pembina Pipeline Corporation: Generic Strategy
    The leaders at Pembina Pipeline always rely on the focus generic strategy to remain competitive in the industry and meet the demands of its customers.
  19. Creative Problem-Solving Demonstration
    The technology must meet the needs of the members in a unique manner. Virtual team environment will need videoconferencing technology.
  20. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
    This paper provides an overall strategy that will help turnaround Forever 21’s current condition and continue as a going concern company.
  21. An Effective Business Strategy for a Company in the Oil and Gas Industry
    By applying a focus generic business strategy, the company managed to make sufficient revenue to stay relevant during the era of oil industry decline.
  22. A new Strategy for NKK: Creating New Markets
    Switches are electromechanical elements that serve to control the current in the system by closing and opening an electrical circuit.
  23. Netflix Analysis: Entertaining Data
    Netflix, the leading company in the entertainment streaming networks lives to accomplish its vision. Its desire has led to the making of several transformative changes.

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