Creative Problem-Solving Demonstration

Technique That Will Best Help To Solve the Problem

Identifying the right problem-solving technique was very important for this team. My team needed a technique that would allow all the members to participate actively in the discussions in order to arrive to the best solutions possible. We had a number of options, which include Brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique, and Decreasing Option Technique. The group chose brainstorming as the best strategy. Not only does this strategy help in engaging the members, but it also helps the participants express their views without any restrictions. The team members felt that they were very comfortable using this technique than other strategies that were readily available for them. The other two methods were equally good, but at this stage, brainstorming was considered the best strategy for my team.

Reason Why the Technique Was Chosen

When choosing the best strategy, the team members had to put into considerations a number of factors. One factor that defined the method that we chose was the nature of the problem that needed solution. In my team, we had team assignments that we had to solve. The team realized that brainstorming would allow team members to give their ideas on various issues under investigation. It was the best strategy that the team could gather a number of ideas and single out the best options out of the variety given. Another factor that influenced the decision to choose this strategy was its unstructured nature. The members needed an approach of discussion that is not restrictive in nature. They wanted an approach that will allow them to discuss various ideas in a free manner.

How This Technique Can Be Conducted In a Virtual Team Environment

It is not easy to assemble all the team members in one physical location on a regular basis. For this reason, the team needed a strategy that could be used in a virtual team environment. Brainstorming can be used in this setting as long as the relevant assistive technologies are available. The most important factor that is needed to make this technology work is to have an integrated communication system that can be used by members irrespective of their locations. This can be done in various approaches. The first approach will be to use a technology that can allow the virtual team members to share ideas through text messaging. The second approach may be to have a system that will allow voice discussion of the team members. The third option will be to have a more advanced approach that uses video conferencing.

Technology That Works Best With This Method for the Group

In order to engage in a fruitful discussion within a virtual team environment, it is important to identify the most appropriate technology that will work in this context. The technology must meet the needs of the members in a unique manner. Virtual team environment will need videoconferencing technology. This technology will not only allow the team members to share their views but also create a classroom environment that will make the members feel that they are in the same setting. This will motivate active participation among the members of this group.

Adapting Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Methods

When using brainstorming method, it is very important to adapt decision-making and problem-solving methods that will be effective for this group. Given the fact that this group may need to use virtual team environment, the most appropriate decision making method that would be appropriate will be brain netting. Brain netting refers to an online brainstorming strategy where participants are allowed to give their contributions and support their ideas with facts from resources available in a server that is accessible to all members. This strategy will help members share their views backed by facts so that the team can understand why the member holds a given view. This problem-solving method will help in eliminating wild guesswork that has no factual basis.

How the Team Adapted the Guidelines

It was necessary for the team to modify the guidelines in order to fit into the context under which we were working. The team adopted the guidelines that allowed us to interact freely without the feeling of working under pressure. Using unstructured method was very relevant for this team. Given the fact that we are currently meeting on a regular basis after class, we redesigned the guidelines to allow members to use information gathered in class to support their views. Some of the participants felt that it was necessary share every step and rationale that a member used to come up with a given view. In this strategy, it will be possible to ensure that the final report compiled by the team is clearly understood by all the members.

How the Group Functioned During Each Phase of the Chosen Technique

When using brainstorming techniques, four steps are very important in arriving at the desired solution. The first step is the preparation of the group. In this step, the members would gather in the specified setting and with all the resources needed.

All the team members had internet-enabled laptops in order to facilitate the discussion. The second step involves presenting the problem. In this step, the team leader would present the topic of discussion to the group members, and the guidelines that each member should follow while contributing to the topic. The third step is the actual discussion where members give their opinion over various issues within the discussion topic. Each member is expected to have justification of the opinions that he or she holds over the discussion topic. The last step will be to compile a report based on what has been shared.

Outcomes the Group Created Along the Way

Brainstorming proved to be very appropriate for this team. The group discussions resulted in a number of discoveries not only on the topics we were addressing, but also in enhancing the relevance of this strategy as a tool that is appropriate in a group discussion. One of the most important discoveries that the group made long the way was the importance of using emerging technologies when using brainstorming. In all the cases that members used resources available in the library server using modern technologies, the outcome was always positive. Members would come up ideas supported by the relevant literatures. It was also discovered that efficiency among the individual team members was enhanced when each member was assigned specific tasks to handle. These are discoveries that should be emphasized by the team in their future assignments.

The Solution

The team was looking into the pros and cons of the current immigration policies in the country. The team members were divided into two main sections. The first section was supposed to conduct and present facts that support the current policies. The second group was expected to research and report on facts that challenge the current system. During the presentation, it was discovered that this aspect of brainstorming created a debate during the discussion. Each of the two factions tried to justify their points, and by the end of the discussion, the team had numerous valid factors that support, and those that criticize the current immigration policies. The team members were very productive in such a setting where people are allowed to argue their points supported with facts from existing literatures.


The team found brainstorming to be an effective problem solving technique that can be used by a team in solving a given problem. It was easy to discuss the topic when using this technique because members were willing to share their views in such unstructured setting. During the process of disusing the topic, some adaptations were made to the problem solving technique. The members introduced brain netting whenever the team used online sources to address the topic. Based on the results obtained when using this method, it can be recommended that the technique be used in future in similar settings.

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