66 Asics Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Asics is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces sportswear.
Best known for Sneakers and sandals,
Other products & services Sports equipment, textile.
Origins Founded in 1949 as Onitsuka Co by Kihachiro Onitsuka.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Kobe, Japan
Key people Kihachiro Onitsuka (Founder), Kiyomi Wada (Chairman)
Revenue Over ¥404 billion
Number of employees Over 8 thousand
Scandals & incidents ASICS is caught in a propaganda war involving human rights abuses in China.
It is interesting that The brand name Asics is an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano.
Website www.asics.com

📝 Asics Research Papers Examples

  1. Asics Target Market and Marketing Strategy Analysis
    Researching ASICS company? ASICS is a global 👟 sporting footwear corporation based in Japan 🇯🇵, known for its high-quality products, particularly for running. Discover Asics target market, competitive advantages, marketing mix, and more

🏆 Best Asics Essay Titles

  1. Asics Products: Analysis of Overall Company Performance
  2. An Analysis of the Product Asics Running Shoes
  3. Asics Target Market and Marketing Strategy Analysis
  4. Analysis of Asics Competitive Advantage and USP
  5. Asics Product Rationale and Specification
  6. Target Market of Asics: Possible Approaches of Acquirement
  7. Asics Marketing Objectives and Strategies
  8. A Marketing Mix Analysis of the Asics Company
  9. Asics Gathers Each Customer Information
  10. Japanese Post-industrial Management: The Cases of Asics
  11. Asics Company Profile and Mission Statement
  12. Positioning Strategy of the Asics Company
  13. Asics Market’s 5 Forces Analysis
  14. How Asics Use Their Social Media for Customers’ Engagement
  15. Asics Company: PESTEL and SWOT Analysis
  16. Analysis of Strategic Audit of Asics Corporation
  17. Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Asics
  18. Impact of Asics on Consumer Behaviour
  19. Asics Company’s Lifestyle Sub-Brands Launch Evaluation
  20. Discussing Marketing Strategies Asics and Lululemon
  21. Asics’ External and Internal Business Environments
  22. Analysis of Asics Performance Over the Last 5 Years
  23. Asics’ Assets and Resources Overview and Analysis
  24. Evaluation of Current Asics Strategy and Performance
  25. Asics Organization’s Competencies and Prospects for Innovations
  26. Critical Success Factors of Asics Footwear
  27. Recommendations for Asics’ Future Strategy
  28. Planning an Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Asics
  29. The Impact of COVID-19 on Asics Performance
  30. Asics Tech Innovation Over the Years
  31. How Asics Promote Their Products
  32. Asics Corporate Structure Overview and Analysis
  33. Evaluation of Pricing Strategy of Asics
  34. Factors That Contributed to Asics Success
  35. Analysis of Organizational Structure of Asics
  36. Overview and Analysis of Innovation Strategy of Asics
  37. Evolution of the Business Model of Asics
  38. What Asics Should Do to Survive in a Changing Global Environment
  39. The Characteristics of Competitive and Coordinating Behavior of Asics
  40. Evaluation of Brand Equity of Asics

❓ Asics Research Questions

  1. What Are the Main Success Factors for Asics?
  2. Why Is Asics More Successful Than Its Foreign Rivals?
  3. What Are the Prominent Difference Between Asics and Its Competitors?
  4. How Successful Are Asics’ Product Lines, Channels to Market, and Communications?
  5. What Cultural Aspects Are to Be Considered by Asics to Be Successful?
  6. Do You Feel the Asics Company Is on the Right Track?
  7. What Are Competitive Advantages of Asics in the Existing Market?
  8. How did Asics Se Its Conversion Increase by 40% Through Neuro-Usability Research?
  9. What Are Supply Chain Management Practices Applied at Asics?
  10. Was It Wise for Asics to Acquire the Fitness App Runkeeper?
  11. What Are Current Asics Company Problems?
  12. How Do Asics Differentiate Itself From Competitors?
  13. What Are Peculiriaties of Process Selection and Facility Structure in Asics?
  14. Was It Wise for Asics to Launch Lifestyle Sub-Brands Onitsuka Tiger and Asics Tiger?
  15. What Is the Biggest Competitive Threat That Asics Faces as It Expands in Global Markets?
  16. What Are Obstacles That Prevent Asics From Further International Expansion?
  17. How Is Asics Reward System For Employees Organized?
  18. What Are Risks Asics Took on Its Way to Success?
  19. How Did Asics Make Their Data More Human?
  20. What Has the Asics Company Done to Help the Community?
  21. How Are Asics Production Processes Organized?
  22. What HRM Practices Do Asics Apply?
  23. Why Is the Asics Company So Successful in the United States?
  24. What Peculiarities Does Asics Use to Promote Their Products?
  25. What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Asics Company?

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