61 Tata Motors Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Tata Motors is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company, part of Tata Group.
Best known for Jaguar and Land Rover
Origins Founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of locomotives
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Key people Natarajan Chandrasekaran (Chairman)
Revenue Over US$37 billion
Number of employees About 78 thousand (2021)
Scandals & incidents Tata Motors had to pay Rs 3.5 lakh towards compensation and punitive damages for misleading advertisements making false mileage claims regarding its car Tata Indigo.
It is interesting that Tata Motors built India’s first indigenous car
Website www.tatamotors.com
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📝 Tata Motors Research Papers Examples

  1. Tata Motors Strategy: Business Management & Growth Rates
    Researching Tata Motors strategy? 🚙 Read this article to find out Tata Motors business success through its strategic management. 📈 Explore Tata Motors growth strategy and major innovations. 👉

🏆 Best Tata Motors Essay Titles

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  1. The Reasons for Tata Motors Downfall in Sales and Ways to Solve Them
  2. Tata Motors: Can It Become a Global Contender in the Automobile Industry?
  3. Tata Motors: Ratan Tata’s Contribution to Automobile Industry
  4. Overview of Operation and Offer Chain Management at Tata Motors
  5. Effects of Organizational Behaviour at Tata Motors
  6. Socially Responsible Practices: Hyundai Motors and Tata Motors
  7. Analysis of Sales Promotion Technique Used at Tata Motors
  8. Going Global: Learning From the Rise of the Tata Motors Family Business
  9. Marketing in the Times of COVID-19 at Tata Motors
  10. Tata Motors Teaches Lessons About Intelligent Acquisition
  11. Overview of the New Product Development Strategy of Tata Motors
  12. How Tata Motors Became the Leader in Automobile Manufacturing Industry
  13. ‘Less Is More’:Tata Motors’ Strategy to Become the Top Carmaker in India
  14. Tata’s Takeover of Jaguar and Land Rover: Bumpy Road or Smooth Ride?
  15. To Oblivion and Back: How Tata Motors’ Car Business Turned Around
  16. Product Strategy and Corporate Success: Concepts of Tata Motors
  17. How Tata Motors Aced the Passenger Vehicle Market
  18. Marketing Strategies of Tata Motors Are Among the Most Successful in the Automobile Industry
  19. The Way to Success: How Tata Motors Became India’s Third-Largest Carmaker
  20. Analysis of the International Strategic Issue of Tata Motors
  21. Tata Motors: An Opportunity to Invest, as Well as to Trade
  22. Innovation Management: Strategies, Concepts, and Tools for Growth and Profit at Tata Motors
  23. Tata Motors’ Modified Strategy to Retain Market Leadership
  24. Cross Border Acquisition of JLR: A Boon or Pain for Tata Motors
  25. How Tata Motors’ Car Business Has Changed Over the Years
  26. Understanding the Tata-JLR Deal With the Concepts of Downsizing, Corporate Culture, and Leveraged Buyout
  27. Analysis of Financial Status and Performance of Tata Motors
  28. Tata Steel’s Failure With Corus and Tata Motors’ Success With JLR: A Tale of 2 Buyouts in 9 Charts
  29. Tata Motors Turnaround: A Brilliant Story to Inspire Many
  30. The Impacts of Cross Border Merger and Acquisitions on the Financial Performance of Tata Motors Ltd
  31. How Tata Motors Finance Improved Its Employee Experience Through Digital Transformation
  32. Capital Structure and Leverage of Tata Motors Limited: Their Role and Future Prospects
  33. Tata Motors Stock: Why It Can Be a ‘Value’ Buy
  34. The Current Strategic Position of Tata Motors and Implications of Strategies for Future Growth
  35. Tata Motors Marketing Strategies in Automobile Industries in India
  36. Key to Success: Tata Motors Adaptation to Changes and New Challenges of the Market
  37. Tata Motors: Leading Change With Innovation
  38. Tata Motors Competitive Position Including Short-Term and Long-Term Prospects
  39. Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges at Tata Motors: Time to Reimagine Supply Chain Strategy
  40. Creating or Destroying Value Through Mergers and Acquisitions: The Case of Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover

❓ Tata Motors Research Questions

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  1. What Is the Global Strategy of Tata Motors?
  2. How Does the Internationalization Strategy of Tata Motors Contribute to Its Success?
  3. What Is Happening With Tata Motors Today?
  4. How Did Tata Motors Segment the Market?
  5. Which Technology Is Used by Tata Motors?
  6. Why Did Tata Motors Acquire Jaguar Land Rover?
  7. What Are the Future Plans of Tata Motors?
  8. How Can Tata Motors Use Its Core Competencies in Doing Well in India to Also Do Well in Exporting?
  9. What Strategy Has Made Tata Motors Car So Popular in the Market?
  10. How Does Tata Motors Manage Quality?
  11. What Is the Competitive Advantage of Tata Motors?
  12. Will Tata Motors Grow in the Future?
  13. What Type of Corporate Strategy Has Tata Motors Adopted?
  14. Is Tata Motors Shares a Good Buy?
  15. Why Is Tata Motors Successful in India?
  16. Is There Any Business Strategy Behind Tata Motors Not Entering the Two-Wheeler Segment?
  17. What Problems Did Tata Motors Face After the Acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover?
  18. Who Are the Customers of Tata Motors?
  19. What Led to the Downfall of Tata Motors in 2015?
  20. What Could Be the Main Reason Tata Motors Enter the Global Ultra-Low-Cost Car Market?

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