62 Twitter Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview American microblogging and social networking service; operates as a platform for public self-expression and conversation in real-time.
Best known for One of the top social media networks.
Products & services Social networking service
Origins Was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Key people Parag Agrawal (CEO)
Revenue Over US$ 5 billion
Number of employees Over 7 thousand
Scandals & incidents In July 2020, over 130 accounts of public figures and celebrity influencers were overtaken by a 17-year-old former Minecraft scammer who infiltrated Twitter’s internal system without any advanced equipment.
It is interesting that The designer of the current Twitter logo made the project just 3 years after school.
Website twitter.com
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📝 Twitter Research Papers Examples

  1. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Amazon
    This paper explores how the internet and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are useful for companies to market their products and services.
  2. The Entrepreneurship at Twitter
    Twitter is one of the most popular, as well as powerful social media in the world today. It is an online microblogging and social networking service.

🏆 Best Twitter Essay Titles

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  1. Adaptive Service Recovery Strategies on Twitter
  2. Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide for Business
  3. Facebook vs Twitter: Outline Comparison and Contrast
  4. McDonald’s Twitter Campaign: Hype vs. Reality
  5. The Relationship Between Twitter and Stock Prices. Evidence From the US Technology Industry
  6. 5 Tips for Managing Your Company’s Twitter Account
  7. The Laws and Regulations of Twitter
  8. Patterns Affecting the Structural Properties of Social Networking Site ‘Twitter’
  9. The Importance of Social Media for Business: Twitter
  10. Why Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter
  11. Per-User Charging Pricing Model: Twitter
  12. Twitter Sentiment and Stock Prices: The Growing Effects of Social Media
  13. Social Media Marketing and Twitter Marketing
  14. Occupied With Place: Exploring Twitter Resistance Networks
  15. Predictive Modelling With Twitter Data
  16. Online Entrepreneurial Communication: Mitigating Uncertainty and Increasing Differentiation via Twitter
  17. The Social Marketing Aspects of Twitter
  18. Good News, Bad News: A Proposal to Measure Banks’ Reputation Using Twitter
  19. Negative News and Investor Trust: The Role of Firm and CEO Twitter Use
  20. Free Twitter Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
  21. Mergers and Acquisitions: The Real History of How Twitter Was Created
  22. Inside Twitter Marketing – A Powerful Guide
  23. The Twitter Myth Revisited: Intraday Investor Sentiment, Twitter Activity, and Individual-Level Stock Return Volatility
  24. Mining Public Opinion About Economic Issues: Twitter and the U.S. Presidential Election
  25. Insider Tips for Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy
  26. Information Balance Between Transmitters and Receivers Based on the Twitter after Great East Japan Earthquake
  27. Twitter Met With Yahoo to Discuss Merger
  28. Current State and Perspectives of Twitter Usage in Tourism
  29. Raising Your Twitter Engagement on Kick Start Your Sales
  30. The Starter Guide to Twitter Marketing for Beginners
  31. Exploring the Palm Oil Crisis Through the Lens of Social Media: An Analysis of Twitter Content
  32. Social Media for Socially Responsible Firms: Analysis of Fortune 500’s Twitter Profiles and Their CSR/CSIR Ratings
  33. Getting and Processing Data From Twitter
  34. Reasons for Being Competitive: A Case of Twitter
  35. Mining Brand Perceptions From Twitter Social Networks
  36. The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease: An Empirical Analysis of Customer Voice and Firm Intervention on Twitter
  37. Government Propaganda, Twitter Discourse, and Political Disinformation
  38. Social Networking Sites: Guidelines For Creating New Business Opportunities Through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  39. Twitter Marketing Tools That Can Help You Increase Engagement
  40. Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter

❓ Twitter Research Questions

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  1. Could Musk Try to ‘Get Out’ of Twitter Acquisition After ‘Troubling’ Decision to Put Deal on Hold?
  2. How Could Oberweis Make Use of Modern Marketing Tools Such as Twitter and Texting?
  3. How Does Brand-Related User-Generated Content Differ Across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter?
  4. How Has Twitter Changed the World?
  5. How Has Social Media Changed Business?
  6. How Did Twitter Fool Investors Into Paying 45 For IPO Stock Corporate?
  7. Trade Unions’ Twitter Analytics: To What Extent Do Trade Unions Interact With Youth?
  8. Why Perform Employers Check Your Facebook and Twitter Before Hiring?
  9. How to Use Twitter Effectively and Grow Your Brand?
  10. How Is Twitter Used for Business Communication?
  11. Is Twitter Still Good for Business?
  12. Why Do Some Companies Prohibit Their Employees From Accessing Social Websites Such as Facebook or Twitter?
  13. What Are the Causes and Effects of Using Twitter for Business Success?
  14. How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy for Your Brand?
  15. How Does Twitter Marketing Benefit Your Business?
  16. What Twitter Marketing Tools Can Help You to Boost Your Engagement?
  17. What Are Twitter Management Tools for Business?
  18. How Difficult Is It to Get Hired for Twitter?
  19. What Is the Best Strategy for Twitter?
  20. How to Use Twitter for Business?

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