65 Fiat Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Fiat is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy.
Best known for FIAT 500
Origins In 1899, few Italian aristocrats founded the “Società Anonima Fabbrica di Automobili – Torino – F.I.A.T”
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Lingotto, Turin, Italy
Key people John Elkann (President), Olivier François (CEO)
Revenue Over $800 million (2012)
Owner Stellantis
Scandals & incidents Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles faced a £5 billion class action lawsuit over the alleged use of defeat devices in some of its diesel engines to breach UK and EU emissions rules.
It is interesting that During the Second World War, Fiat was involved in the manufacturing of military vehicles and machinery for the Italian Army, Regia Aeronautica, and eventually for the Germans as well.
Website www.fiat.com

📝 Fiat Research Papers Examples

  1. Tata Motors Strategy: Business Management & Growth Rates
    Researching Tata Motors strategy? 🚙 Read this article to find out Tata Motors business success through its strategic management. 📈 Explore Tata Motors growth strategy and major innovations. 👉
  2. Automotive Industry. Fiat and General Motors Alliance
    This paper is a case study on an alliance between Fiat and General Motors entered by the two companies in the year 2000, the crisis that arose, and how they resolved the crisis.
  3. Fiat Company's International Management
    The Fiat company has four types of brands in the international markets. They are unique and are identified by their manufacturing solutions, styles, and innovative content.
  4. Analyze Chrysler and Fiat’s Brand
    Chrysler and Fiat are two big automakers who came together in the year 2011, they expanded their brand portfolio in the market, a strategy that would give them a competitive advantage.
  5. Fiat Chrysler Company Takeover and Its Evaluation
    The notable occurrences during the Fiat and Chrysler takeover depict critical insights. The incidence remains one of the most ferocious and hostile company takeovers.

🏆 Best Fiat Essay Titles

  1. Beyond the “Silo View” of Strategic Management and Corporate Governance: Evidence From Fiat
  2. Comparing Stock Market Share Prices of Fiat and Ford
  3. Developing Shared Product Platforms During a Merger: The Fiat-Chrysler Case
  4. Evaluating the Chrysler-Fiat Auto Alliance in 2012
  5. Fiat Car Consumer Behavior in India
  6. Integrated Marketing Communication and Brand Management: The Case of Fiat
  7. Fiat Had Gone Through Major Changes, Some Good and Some Bad
  8. Money, Inflation, and Output Under Fiat and Commodity Standards
  9. Fiat’s Entry Mode Into China
  10. The 2009 Chrysler-Fiat Strategic Alliance
  11. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the New Face of the Corporate Mobility in Europe
  12. The Challenges and Recommendations for Fiat in India Marketing
  13. Fiat Pushes Work Ethic at Italian Plant
  14. The Competitive Market Threat for Fiat
  15. The Market for Institutions vs. Capitalism by Fiat: The Case of Eastern Europe
  16. Intangible Specialisation and Product Mix Optimisation at Fiat
  17. The Fall and Rise of Fiat
  18. Competition in the Automobile Industry: Jeep and Fiat Chrysler
  19. Change in Circumstances for Fiat and Chrysler
  20. Integrated Marketing Communication and Brand Management at Fiat
  21. The Automaker That Changed the World: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  22. Pros and Cons of Buying Fiat Stocks
  23. Fiat’s Future of Expansion and Contraction
  24. How Fiat CEO Survived the Most Turbulent Times of the Brand
  25. Fiat Continues to Lead the Market in Brazil
  26. Business Interests and Ideological Marketing: The USSR and the Cold War in Fiat Corporate Strategy
  27. Fiat: Issues and Opportunities in Brand Portfolio Management
  28. Why Fiat Left India: The Real Reasons
  29. Fiat’s Failure to Impress the US Market
  30. Experiential Marketing: Fiat’s Parking Billboard
  31. Nontraditional Media in Marketing and Advertising: Fiat
  32. The Organization of Risk Management at Fiat
  33. Automation and Lean Supply Chain at Fiat
  34. The Internationalisation of Management at Fiat
  35. Mergers and Acquisitions in Automotive History: Fiat and Chrysler
  36. World-Class Manufacturing by Fiat: Comparison With Toyota
  37. Fiat Ordered to Repay Millions in Taxes in Europe
  38. Fiat Has Committed to Becoming an Electric-Only Brand Worldwide by 2030
  39. Path Dependent Product Development and Fiat’s Takeover of Lancia in 1969
  40. Participation of Suppliers in the Product Development Process: The Case of the Fiat

❓ Fiat Research Questions

  1. Fiat’s Fall From Grace: Can Fiat Turn It Around?
  2. What Would You Recommend for the Alliance Between Fiat & Tata to Be Successful?
  3. Is Fiat Changing the Business Environment?
  4. What Is the Competitive Advantage of Fiat?
  5. Why Is Fiat Chrysler a Great Momentum Stock to Buy?
  6. What Is the Marketing Strategy of Fiat?
  7. How Did Fiat Conquer the United States?
  8. Should Stellantis Retire the Fiat Brand in France?
  9. What Was the Role of Fiat in the Development of the Italian Car Industry?
  10. Will Changes in Fiat’s Management Help Sales?
  11. What Are the Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness of Fiat?
  12. Why Did Chrysler Merge With Fiat?
  13. Is There Professional Development at Fiat?
  14. Is Fiat a Profitable Company?
  15. Why Did Fiat Fail in India?
  16. What Are Fiat’s Key Accounting Policies?
  17. Is Fiat the Most Innovative Automotive Brand in Customer Service?
  18. Did Profit Rise Lift Peugeot Shares Ahead of the Fiat Merger?
  19. What Is Happening With Fiat Stock?
  20. Does Fiat Have a Significant Strategic Advantage?

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