85 British Petroleum Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview British Petroleum is a British oil and gas company, that operates in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and extraction, refining, distribution and marketing, power generation, and trading.
Best known for BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Origins Established in 1909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company, Ltd.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Key people Helge Lund (chairman), Bernard Looney (chief executive)
Revenue Over US$164 billion (2021)
Number of employees About 60 thousand (2021)
Scandals & incidents The company has been the target of intense criticism for its role in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico drilling platform explosion that killed 11 workers and caused an underwater leak that spewed millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean.
It is interesting that BP is the only corporation to have an Oscar. The company won the award for the 1960 documentary film Giuseppina, which it sponsored and distributed.
Website bp.com

📝 British Petroleum Research Papers Examples

  1. BP Company: Ethical and Social Responsibility
    The paper discusses the core ethical and social responsibility issues presented by BP’s behaviour, and HRM improving the ethical and social responsibility culture.
  2. BP Company: Social Performance of Organizations
    BP has been facing substantial issues in its organizational performance. The failure of the company to address CSR effectively has been detrimental to its financial performance.
  3. British Petroleum and Its Social Performance
    This essay explores the social performance of British Petroleum by focusing on its role in SCR enterprises to protect the environment from the effects of oil and gas activities.
  4. British Petroleum as a Major UK Energy Organization
    BP must outline the progress that has been made so far in mitigating the outcomes of the oil spills and the lessons that have been learned.
  5. The British Petroleum Company's Social Performance
    This essay presents BP’s social performance, the company’s CSR role and mitigation measures that it can deploy to ensure social and environmental conservation.
  6. British Petroleum Firm's Risk Management Plan
    The purpose of this paper is to propose a risk management project aimed to improve the British Petroleum company’s safety and its public perception.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders
    The current paper is aimed to analyze the effect relationship between corporations and non-market stakeholders.
  8. Theory of Demand and Supply of Houses
    Research of how the theory of demand and supply affects the supply and demand of houses. Analysis of business environment of OPEC. SWOT analysis for Nestle Foods company.
  9. British Petroleum: Strategic Analysis
    Year 2007 has been great for the BP. Highlights include increase in revenue and improvements in other financial indicators.
  10. Global Petroleum Industry. Multinational Corporations.
    During the last years, the global petroleum industry not only grew immensely in absolute size but also underwent significant changes in relative size within the industry itself.
  11. British Petroleum Company's Business Planning
    British Petroleum Company have contributed immensely to the growth of the economy globally; the company concentrates on different business activities in the oil and gas industry.
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility as an International Strategy
    The paper addresses the major forms of CSR initiatives and the criticism that has been raised against their use and gives a critical analysis and conclusion on the subject.
  13. BP (British Petroleum) Company's Target Market
    The target market of BP has been broadened from its foundation. The products of BP are sold in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australasia.
  14. Legitimacy Theory Applied to the BP Oil Spill
    In light of the BP oil spill in the USA, the research paper will largely explore key issues concerning legitimacy theory.
  15. BP and Shell Companies' Financial Analysis
    The assignment focuses on the financial analysis of both BP and Shell companies. The focus of this research is to evaluate the financial performance of both Shell and BP Company.
  16. Managing and Accounting for Financial Resources
    The major objective of financial management is the maximization of the shareholders’ wealth on a long-term basis.
  17. Royal Dutch Shell Plc's and BP Plc's Financial Analysis
    The paper compares the financial performance of Royal Dutch Shell PLC and BP PLC. Ratio analysis will be used to analyze the financial performance of the two companies.
  18. Royal Dutch Shell PLC and BP PLC: Financial Analysis
    The study focused on ratio analysis of BP PLC and Shell PLC. The two companies have good records in terms of their current assets.
  19. BP Plc.: Company Analysis
    BP PLC is an international gas and oil company incorporated in the UK with its headquarters in London. The company majors in the refining of petroleum products.
  20. Economic Viability: British Petroleum Company
    This project proposal focuses on the British Petroleum Company. The company seeks to obtain funding and manage a project budget for purchasing equipment and increasing workers’ safety.
  21. The British Petroleum Company: Project Costs Minimization Strategies
    This paper analyzes the aspects of minimization strategies for project costs with reference to British Petroleum Company.
  22. Accounting Policies of Companies Reporting in Accordance with IFRS
    The paper seeks to carry out an evaluation of the various accounting policies in instances where there are a number of policies that an entity selects from a given standard.
  23. Responsible Management Challenges for the BP Company: Problems and Solutions
    This paper aims to discuss the notion of responsible management and its implication for various challenges encountered by the BP enterprise.
  24. BP: Management Planning
    Planning management mainly deals with the setting of company’s goals. Management planning involves a series of steps.

🏆 Best British Petroleum Essay Titles

  1. Advertising and Environmental Stewardship: Evidence From the BP Oil Spill
  2. Beauty and the Beast? BP’s and Exxon’s Positions on Global Climate Change
  3. Challenges From Climate Change: BP’s Approach
  4. BP PLC, Oil Spill, and Moral Responsibility for Clean-up
  5. Compensation and Cost Cutting: An Example of the BP Company
  6. BP: Social Responsibility and the Easy Life of the Monopolist
  7. The Legal Issues and Ethical Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion and British Petroleum Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010
  8. BP’s Success Chain and Its Innovative Products in the Solar Power and Lubricating Industry
  9. Ethical Concerns Regarding the BP Texas City Oil Refinery Explosion
  10. BP Rebranding After the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010
  11. Explicating Ethical Corporate Marketing. Insights From the BP Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe: The Ethical Brand That Exploded and Then Imploded
  12. Oil and Middle East Politics: The Case of British Petroleum and Shell in the Suez Crisis
  13. How BP’s Press Releases After the Deep Water Horizon Explosion Helped Regain Public Favor
  14. British Petroleum and Recommendations for Improvement and Success
  15. Impression Management and Legitimacy Strategies of BP
  16. British Petroleum Oil Spill Disaster: Crisis Communication Analysis
  17. Internal and External Communication on BP Gulf Oil Spill
  18. British Petroleum (PLC) and John Browne: A Culture of Risk Beyond Petroleum
  19. Products, Services, and Prices in the Free Markey Economy: British Petroleum
  20. British Petroleum’s Corporate Philosophy and the Oil Spill
  21. Project Failure: Deepwater Horizon and the BP Oil Spill
  22. British Petroleum’s Marketing Strategy in a Changing Business Environment
  23. Real-Time Economic Analysis and Policy Development During the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  24. BP’s Future Strategy and Sustainability
  25. Compensation and Cost Cutting: An Example of the BP Company
  26. BP Company Wins Shareholder Support for Climate Strategy
  27. The Deepwater Horizon Offshore Oil Rig BP’s Risk Management
  28. British Petroleum: Climate Plans Are the Best Defense Against a Tax Raid
  29. Corporate Insurance Strategy: The Case of British Petroleum
  30. BP’s Strategic Shift to Renewables
  31. Past Ten Years Financial Performance Summary of British Petroleum
  32. The Clean Energy Announcements From BP, Chevron, Exxonmobil, and Shell: A Mismatch Between Discourse, Actions, and Investments
  33. Aspects and Peculiarities of British Petroleum Company
  34. BP PLC: The Most Sustainable Big Oil Company?
  35. Transformation of the IT Function at BP Company
  36. BP: A New Strategy in Move to an Integrated Energy Company
  37. The Current Strategic Position of British Petroleum and Implications of Strategies for Future Growth
  38. Streamline BP’s Workflows With Digital Transformation
  39. How Industry Leaders Like BP Are Moving From International Oil Company to International Energy Company
  40. How BP Destroyed a Corporate Brand

❓ British Petroleum Research Questions

  1. Are There Any Aspects of BP’s Ethical Culture That Could Have Contributed to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster?
  2. What Are the Business Policies and Strategies of BP?
  3. Who Are the Key Stakeholders of BP (British Petroleum)?
  4. Did the Oil Spill Disaster Expose the Major Factors in BP’s External Environment?
  5. What Went Wrong With BP PLC?
  6. Is British Petroleum’s Marketing Strategy Changing?
  7. What Are the Performance Management Methods at British Petroleum?
  8. Why Was British Petroleum Responsible for the Accident?
  9. What Organizational Structure Is BP?
  10. Is BP an Ethical Company?
  11. What Is the Crisis Handling Practice in British Petroleum?
  12. Does BP Support the Trend of Developing Renewable Energy Sources?
  13. What Is the Critical Success Factor of British Petroleum?
  14. How Should BP Have Handled an External Environmental Analysis and What Environmental Changes and Trends Might They Have Discovered?
  15. What Is the Moral Implication of the BP Oil Spill?
  16. Is British Petroleum One of the Major Energy Companies in the World?
  17. What Are the Ethical Issues Surrounding the BP Oil Spill Incident of 2010?
  18. How Did the Gulf Oil Spill and Political Unrest Affect the BP Oil Company?
  19. Who Are BP’s Main Competitors?
  20. What Pricing Strategy Does BP PLC Use?
  21. How Did BP’s Corporate Strategy Affect Its Ethical Decision-Making Concerning the Deep Horizons Oil Spill?

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