63 HTC Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview HTC is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company that designs, manufactures, assembles, processes, and sells smart mobile devices.
Best known for First-ever android phone.
Origins Founded in 1997 by Cher Wang and H. T. Cho
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan
Key people Cher Wang (Chairperson & CEO), Yves Maitre (Ex CEO), Peter Chou (Co-founder & Ex CEO), HT Cho (Co-founder & Ex CEO), Fred Liu (President of Engineering and Operations)
Revenue Over TWD 23 billion (2018)
Financing Status Corporation
Scandals & incidents In 2013, three HTC Corp design executives were arrested on suspicion of leaking trade secrets, sending the Taiwanese smartphone maker’s shares tumbling as its troubles deepened amid a wave of senior staff departures and disappointing sales.
It is interesting that HTC was the first company in the world to launch a smartphone with a dual-camera setup, working just like those in today’s smartphones.
Website www.htc.com
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📝 HTC Research Papers Examples

  1. HTC Company: Organisational Development Strategy
    This article focuses on assessing the effectiveness of organisational development strategy with an aim of the performance of HTC Corporation.
  2. HTC: Managerial Accounting in the Management Process
    Management accounting is a core function of organizations and therefore, companies need to focus on their management strategies and policies.
  3. Mythical High Technology Corporation
    The organization mythical High Technology ("HTC") is a well-known manufacturer of electronic constituents, and also the organizations services a worldwide marketplace.

🏆 Best HTC Essay Titles

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  1. Identifying the Market Potential for the HTC Mobile Phone in Bangladesh
  2. What Killed HTC and Kept Apple Alive? Brand Sustainability Comparison of Two Asian Countries
  3. A New Strategic Direction at HTC Corporation
  4. HTC, Google, and the Future of Mobile
  5. Optimal Strategy for the Smartphone Industry in Taiwan: HTC
  6. HTC Needs to Sharpen up Business Strategies
  7. A Comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy for HTC
  8. Managing Strategy, Operations, and Partnerships at HTC Corporation
  9. The New HTC Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy
  10. HTC’s Pricing Strategy: Is It Wise to Ignore Low-End Phones?
  11. The Slow and Painful Death of the HTC Smartphone Business
  12. HTC Delays Launch of New High-End Smartphone Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
  13. Strategic Partnership With HTC Corporation
  14. HTC Corporation: A Different Kind of Leadership of Cher Wang
  15. Despite Challenges, the HTC Market Continues to Move Forward
  16. HTC Still Has Problems: Delays on the Next Top-Of-The-Range Smartphone
  17. Strategic Performance Measurement of Suppliers at HTC
  18. HTC Strategy: What Went Wrong and What Went Right
  19. How Innovation Led HTC to the Dream
  20. HTC Corporation: A Smartphone Pioneer From Taiwan
  21. Creating Value Through Business Model Innovation: HTC
  22. HTC: Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnerships & Alliances, and Investment
  23. How HTC Is Reaching Out to Developers
  24. HTC Endures Customer Backlash Over Metaverse Plans
  25. More ‘Purposeful’ HTC Marketing to Win Back Consumer Love
  26. How HTC Promotes Employee Communication and Engagement
  27. The HTC-Google Deal Was the Result of Trump’s Anti-immigration Policy
  28. HTC Advertising and Marketing Assignments
  29. Problems in the Supply Chain: HTC, APPLE, and AT&T
  30. HTC: The Rise and Fall of a Mobile Giant
  31. Advertising and Promotional Activities of HTC Corporation
  32. HTC: Importance of Corporate Communication
  33. Spending by the Global Smartphone Market Giants Is Going to Boom: Sony and HTC Corporations
  34. HTC: A Dizzying Ride to the Top
  35. Factors Leading to the Success of HTC
  36. HTC Decided to Leave, Then Failed to Come Back, and Now Wants to Sell a Metaverse Phone
  37. The Story of HTC Collapse: How a Great Company Became a Dummy
  38. HTC: Connecting With Consumers
  39. Virtual Reality Market to Observe Exponential Growth by 2022- 2028: HTC Corporation, Sony Corporation, and Lenovo
  40. How HTC, Sony, and LG Disappeared, and What Is the Future of the Smartphone Market

❓ HTC Research Questions

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  1. What Are the Possible Strategies Need to Be Adopted Based on User Requirements and the Risk Involved in HTC Products?
  2. How Do Issues With HTC Products Effect Business, Customers and Employees?
  3. What Is HTC’s Business Model?
  4. Buying HTC Shares: How to Invest in HTC?
  5. What Are the Risks and Problems Involved in HTC Products That Are Malfunctioning?
  6. Why Did HTC Invest in a Hong Kong Events Platform Startup in the Middle of the Pandemic?
  7. What Is HTC’s Competitive Position?
  8. Does HTC Have a Clear Smartphone Strategy?
  9. HTC’s Product Strategy: Is It Time for a Change?
  10. What’s Wrong With HTC’s Strategy?
  11. Why Does HTC’s New Flagship Smartphone Experience Launch Delay?
  12. What Are the Missteps in HTC Marketing?
  13. Does HTC Blame Supply Chain Issues for ‘Metaverse’ Phone Delay?
  14. What Is the Organizational Structure of HTC?
  15. Does HTC Face Supply Chain Difficulties?
  16. Why Did HTC Leave India?
  17. Does HTC Lift Production to Meet Demand?
  18. Who Are the Main Competitors of HTC?
  19. Why Did HTC Smartphones Go From Popular to Obscure?
  20. Does HTC Have a Communication Problem?

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