64 Toshiba Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Toshiba is the major Japanese manufacturer of computers and electronic devices for consumers and industry.
Best known for HD televisions, laptop computers
Origins Established in 1875 by Tanaka Hisashige
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Key people Taro Shimada (CEO), Satoshi Tsunakawa (chairman)
Revenue About ¥3,336.97 billion (FY2021)
Number of employees Over 141 thousand (2019)
Scandals & incidents In 2015, Toshiba disclosed accounting malpractices across multiple divisions, which involved top management. In total, it overstated its pretax profit by 230 billion yen ($2 billion) over seven years.
It is interesting that Toshiba’s product achievements include manufacturing Japan’s first electric washing machines and refrigerators, developing Japan’s first microwave ovens, and introducing the world’s first laptop personal computer.
Website www.toshiba.com
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📝 Toshiba Research Papers Examples

  1. Toshiba Company’s Entry Plan into the Iraqi Market
    The paper profiles the Iraqi market to find out the possibility and feasibility of financial, distribution, and marketing partnerships for the Toshiba company.
  2. Toshiba Competitiveness in the Semiconductor Industry
    Toshiba can grow its profits and its market share of the global semiconductor industry by focusing on manufacturing agreements with the world’s largest chip buyers.
  3. Toshiba Company’s Approach to Management
    The managerial role is very important in any company. This paper gives a stringent analysis of the Toshiba Company.
  4. Financial Analysis of Toshiba Corporation
    Toshiba Corporation manufactures and trades in electronic equipment, power systems, household appliances, information and communication equipment, and internet services.

🏆 Best Toshiba Essay Titles

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  1. Comparison of Contrasting Toshiba’s Business Strategy in Notebook Computers and the Operation Strategy in the Plant
  2. Toshiba and the Risks of Overseas Mergers
  3. The Battle Between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD; Toshiba and Sony
  4. Toshiba Corporation History and Operations Marketing
  5. The Birth and Growth of Toshiba’s Laptop and Notebook Computers: A Case Study in Japanese Corporate Venturing
  6. Toshiba’s Stock Long Term Analysis: A Japanese Company Impacted by the Financial Crisis, a Major Fraud Scandal, and Its Strategy in Energy Production
  7. Toshiba: The Ethics Behind the Profits
  8. The Significant Market Position of Toshiba
  9. Toshiba’s Accounting Scandal: How It Happened
  10. The Main Reasons That Led to the Toshiba Accounting Scandal
  11. Toshiba and the Myth of Corporate Governance
  12. Accounting Scandals: Toshiba’s Accounting Fraud of 2008-2015
  13. Toshiba Shares Rise Sharply After Japanese Conglomerate Opens the Door for Buyout
  14. Earnings Overstatement Scandal: An Analysis of Market Failure Theories Based on Toshiba’s Business Ethics Issue
  15. Toshiba Accounting Scandal: Failure of Corporate Governance
  16. Japanese Buyout Firms Japan Industrial Partners and Polaris Capital Group Consider Bids for Toshiba
  17. Toshiba Sees Significant Decrease in Short Interest
  18. 3D Investment Partners Calls Upon Toshiba Management to Develop and Announce Mid-Range Plan Before the AGM
  19. Toshiba Received Interest From 10 Potential Investors
  20. Japanese Fund Acquiring Toshiba Amid Plans to Go Private
  21. Toshiba’s Investors Continue to Push for Change
  22. How Toshiba Lost Its Way: Expediency and Deceit
  23. Toshiba Corporation Has Signed Confidentiality Pledges With 10 Potential Investors and Sponsors
  24. Managing Intellectual Capital at Toshiba
  25. Toshiba Stops Investing in Russia Due to Military Operation in Ukraine
  26. Recruiting Proposals for Toshiba’s Strategy From Outside
  27. The Toshiba Incident and Its Implications
  28. Market Valuation of Toshiba in the Midst of Long Term Turmoil
  29. Toshiba Stops Accepting New Orders and Investments in Russia
  30. How Toshiba Modernized Its Financial Controlling
  31. Toshiba’s Strategic Reorganization to Enhance Shareholder Value
  32. Japan’s Toshiba CEO Steps Down Amid Restructuring Efforts
  33. Toshiba’s Use of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
  34. General Dynamics Electric Boat Division and the Bid by Toshiba
  35. Toshiba’s Growth Strategy Returns to Square One as the Demerger Plan Stalls
  36. Business Development, Mergers, and Crisis Management of Toshiba
  37. Toshiba’s Strategy for Healthcare Business
  38. Goodwill Impairment: Toshiba’s Acquisition of Westinghouse
  39. Toshiba: Go-To-Market Brand, Employee Engagement, and Advertising Campaign
  40. An Application of Fraud Diamond to Toshiba Accounting Scandal

❓ Toshiba Research Questions

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  1. What Are the Key Elements of Toshiba’s Business Strategy in Notebook Computers?
  2. Does Toshiba Stock Rise After the Company’s Largest Shareholder Backs Bain’s Buyout Deal?
  3. What Are Toshiba Investor Relations?
  4. Did Toshiba Shareholders Vote Down Both the Spin-off Plan and the Call to Seek Buyout Offers?
  5. What Was the Root Cause of Toshiba’s Accounting Scandal?
  6. Why Does Toshiba Stop Investing in Russia?
  7. Is Toshiba Considering a Buyout?
  8. Did Toshiba Investors Reject Revised Spin-off Plans?
  9. What Is the Technology Strategy of Toshiba Corporation?
  10. Did Culture Eat Strategy at Toshiba?
  11. What Is the Toshiba Business Strategy?
  12. Did Toshiba’s Shareholders Reject Plan to Break Into Two Parts?
  13. What Are the Strategies and Tactics of Toshiba?
  14. Does Toshiba’s Spin-off Plan Face Much Opposition at a Pivotal Shareholder Vote?
  15. What Is the Market Segmentation of Toshiba?
  16. Is JIC Considering the Acquisition of Toshiba?
  17. What Is Toshiba Company’s Approach to Management?
  18. How Did Corporate Governance Weaknesses Lead to Financial Distress in Toshiba?
  19. What Are the Implications of the Toshiba Accounting Scandal?
  20. Is Toshiba a Good Investment?

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