65 Pfizer Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation that develops and commercializes biopharmaceuticals.
Best known for Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and Paxlovid
Origins Was established in 1849 in New York by two German immigrants, Charles Pfizer and his cousin Charles F. Erhart.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters New York City, U.S.
Key people Albert Bourla (CEO)
Revenue Over $81 billion
Number of employees About 79 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2013, Pfizer paid out $273 million to settle over 2,000 cases in the US that accused its smoking treatment drug Chantix of provoking suicidal and homicidal thoughts, self-harm, and severe psychological disorders.
It is interesting that Pfizer was instrumental in saving lives during the Second World War.
Website www.pfizer.com
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📝 Pfizer Research Papers Examples

  1. Pfizer Inc.’s Strategic and Operational Planning
    The most serious obstacle preventing Pfizer from prosperous existence involves the inability of its managers to predict the future strategic activities of their partners.
  2. Pfizer Inc.: Company Analysis
    Competition is the main threat and problem facing Pfizer Inc. bearing in mind that any loss or decline in market opportunities is a potential killer to any business.
  3. Pfizer and Merck: The Analyses of Companies
    This paper analyses two project evaluation methods: return on equity (ROE) and internal rate of return (IRR) and hence providing ROE examples for two companies: Pfizer and Merck.
  4. Pfizer Company’s Financial Statement Evaluation
    Pfizer Company’s financial statement ratios and credit ratings will convince the bank loan managers of the ability to pay the company’s maturing bank loan installments on time.
  5. Individual Report of Pfizer INC
    Companies like Pfizer may lobby against the full adoption of the international accounting standards and may even seek national legislation to block some clauses from applying to them.

🏆 Best Pfizer Essay Titles

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  1. Business Strategy and Strategic Moves of Pfizer
  2. Pfizer and the Global Economic Environment Challenge
  3. Different Strategic Directions for Pfizer and Merck Marketing
  4. Pfizer Integrated Marketing Communications
  5. How to Buy Pfizer Stock – Quick Guide
  6. Pfizer and Developing Country Access for Essential Medicines
  7. Merger Between Pharmacia and Pfizer
  8. Organizational Profile of Pfizer Company
  9. Pfizer and Allergan Deal: Effective Strategy Adopted
  10. Market Segmentation and Pfizer Animal Health
  11. Pfizer and Merck Financial Comparison
  12. Comparing Pfizer’s Business Standards to the Global Business Standards Codex
  13. Pfizer and Its Multibillion-Dollar Generics Business Under CEO Robert
  14. The Internal and External Problems of Pfizer
  15. Pfizer: Business Technique Management Analysis
  16. Pfizer Globalization Strategies: Success and Challenges
  17. Business Analysis and Strategic Implications of Pfizer Inc.
  18. Pfizer Internal and External Analysis
  19. How Pfizer Cashed In on the COVID-19 Pandemic
  20. Pfizer Organizational and Design Structure
  21. Globalization and the Pharmaceutical Industry: Pfizer
  22. Pfizer Inc.: Good Buy in Pharmaceutical Stock
  23. Pfizer Expands Its Presence in the Global Pharmaceutical Market
  24. Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer Viewed as a Money Hungry Company
  25. Pfizer Inc.: Strategy, SWOT, and Corporate Finance Report
  26. Working as a Marketing Manager at Pfizer
  27. Merck vs. Pfizer: A Comparison of Companies’ Strategies
  28. Pfizer Branding Marketing Strategy
  29. Value Creation and Competitive Strategy of Pfizer
  30. Pfizer: Business, Marketing, and Operations
  31. International Operations Management Strategy of Pfizer
  32. Pfizer Concepts of Organizational Design and Culture
  33. Accounting and Reporting Criteria for Pfizer
  34. Pfizer Business Strategy Alternatives and Recommendations
  35. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company and Strategic Financing
  36. Expanding Access as a Business Strategy of Pfizer
  37. Working at Pfizer: Pfizer Management Review
  38. Pfizer’s Digital Strategy and Transformation
  39. Merck vs. Pfizer: A Comparison of Companies’ Strategies
  40. Pfizer’s Tips on Going Digital With Pharma Marketing

❓ Pfizer Research Questions

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  1. Can Knowledge Management Systems Help Pfizer?
  2. What Is Pfizer Doing With Its Pfizerworks?
  3. How Does Pfizer Use Analytics?
  4. What Are the Stock Returns for Pfizer and AstraZeneca During the Bid Process?
  5. How Can Pfizer Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Organizational Behaviour?
  6. Why Is Pfizer Considered a Money-Hungry Company?
  7. What Strategy Does Pfizer Use?
  8. What Is Pfizer’s Global Strategy?
  9. Who Is Pfizer’s Biggest Competitor?
  10. What Are Pfizer’s Additional Risks?
  11. How Is Pfizer Using Technology for Efficient Process Development?
  12. How Can Pfizer Improve Its Operational Efficiency Using Stability Strategies?
  13. What Kind of Organizational Structure Does Pfizer Use?
  14. What Is Pfizer’s Target Market?
  15. How Many Companies Did Pfizer Acquire?
  16. What Are Pfizer’s Most Expensive Acquisitions?
  17. Are There Competitive Marketing Challenges at Pfizer?
  18. What Is Pfizer’s Competitive Strategy?
  19. What Are Pfizer’s Core Competence and Competitive Advantage?
  20. What Are Pfizer’s Supply Chain Management Goals?

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