62 Tata Group Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate with products and services in over 150 countries, and operations in 100 countries across six continents.
Best known for India’s best-known global brand
Origins Established in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key people Ratan Tata (Chairman Emeritus), Natarajan Chandrasekaran (Chairman & Managing Director)
Revenue Over US$128 billion
Number of employees About 935 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2005, 13 tribals in Kalinganagar, Orissa were shot dead by the local police while they were protesting the construction of a boundary wall by Tata Steel as part of an under-construction project.
It is interesting that Tata Supplies Defense Vehicles to the Indian Army
Website www.tata.com

📝 Tata Group Research Papers Examples

  1. Tata Group Innovation Management
    The following report is about innovation management in the Tata Group. In the introductory section, the report provides a general overview of the importance of innovation.

🏆 Best Tata Group Essay Titles

  1. The Tata Group and the Example of Tata Motors as an Emerging Giant
  2. Creating a Corporate Advantage: The Case of Tata Group
  3. Growth Strategies Formulated by Tata Group
  4. Humanistic Leadership at Tata Group: Synergy of Personal Values, Organizational Strategy, and National Cultural Ethos
  5. Tata Group: Success Story Based on Humanity, Philanthropy, and Ethics
  6. Deals by Tata Group: Not Always a Smooth Landing
  7. Business Model and Technological Innovation Through Tata Group Strategic Alliances
  8. Why Singapore’s Competition Commission Has Raised Concerns for Air India’s Acquisition by Tata Group
  9. Leadership Skills That Led to Tata’s Use of CSR in the Company
  10. Analysis of Major Overseas Acquisitions by Tata Group
  11. Ratan Tata: Leading the Tata Group Into the 21st Century
  12. Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Financials of Tata Group
  13. The Internationalization of Indian Companies: The Case of Tata
  14. How Ratan Tata Took the Group Global: Major Acquisitions
  15. Theories of Leadership in Tata Group Management
  16. Achieving Global Growth Through Acquisition: Tata’s Takeover of Corus
  17. The Inspirational Success Story of Former Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata
  18. Impressive Success Over Years: Top 5 Acquisitions by Tata Group
  19. How Tata Group Applies Numerous Business Tactics and Perfects Its Operating Principles
  20. 5 Leadership Lessons From Ratan Tata, Former Tata Group Chairman
  21. Analysis of the Performance of Merged Tata Group Companies in India
  22. Tata Group: Challenges in Managing a Large Portfolio
  23. The History of Tata: How It All Started and Evolved
  24. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Way of Life at Tata Group
  25. Overview of Changes in the Management and Organizational Structure of Tata Group
  26. Tata Group: Transforming a Conglomerate for India and the World
  27. Acquisitions and Alliances for Business Growth: Tata Group Analysis
  28. Analyzing the Success of the Tata Group Business Strategy
  29. Tata Group: How Ratan Tata Turned His Family’s Business Into an International Empire
  30. External and Internal Factors Affecting Tata Group Performance
  31. Overview of Strategies Adopted by Tata for Integrated Excellence
  32. Tata Group: Serving Needs Across Segments Globally
  33. Tata’s Secret to Success and Three Ways to Profit From It
  34. The Tata–Corus Merger: A Visionary Deal or a ‘Winner’s Curse’?
  35. Comparative Analysis of Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies of Two Multinational Conglomerates in Emerging Markets: Tata Group and Sabanci Holding
  36. Tata Group: Assessing Ethics, Social Responsibility, and SWOT for Business Continuity
  37. The Marketing Strategy Behind 100 Years of Tata Ads
  38. Analysis of Competitive Advantage Factors Used by Tata Group
  39. Tata Group: Big Transformational Journey to Become the Most Valuable Brand in India
  40. Tata Group and Its Development Into a Multinational Enterprise

❓ Tata Group Research Questions

  1. What Are the Challenges Faced by Tata Group?
  2. How Many Core Principles Are There in Tata’s Code of Conduct?
  3. What Makes Tata Group Unique?
  4. Did Ratan Tata Change the Mindset of India’s Business Leaders While He Was Chairman of the Tata Group?
  5. How Many Companies Come Under Tata Group?
  6. What Type of Corporate Strategy Tata Group Has Adopted?
  7. Why Is Tata Group Going for IPL Branding?
  8. What Are the 5 Core Values of the Tata Group?
  9. Is There Any Advantage of Being a Part of Tata Group?
  10. What Are the Vision and Mission of Tata Group?
  11. How Does Tata Group Implement Its Culture Through a Code of Conduct?
  12. What Is the Philosophy of Tata Group?
  13. Which Is the Most Profitable Business of Tata Group?
  14. How Tata Group Is Riding India’s EV Revolution?
  15. What Can We Learn From Ratan Tata, Former Tata Group Chairman?
  16. How Does Tata Group Manage So Many Companies?
  17. What Is the Leadership Style in Tata Group?
  18. How Does Tata Group Motivate Its Employees?
  19. What Was the Leadership of Tata Group During the Ratan Tata Years?
  20. What Are the Future Plans of Tata Group?
  21. Why Did Tata Acquire Jaguar Land Rover?

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