63 Sharp Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Sharp is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products.
Best known for Televisions
Origins Founded in 1912 in Tokyo
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture
Key people Tai Jeng-wu (Chairman and CEO), Katsuaki Nomura (President and COO)
Revenue Over ÂĄ2 trillion (2020)
Number of employees Over 52 thousand (2020)
Scandals & incidents In 2008, Sharp was accused of being involved in conspiracies to fix the price of TFT LCD panels for Dell’s computer monitors and laptops, Motorola’s Razr phones, and Apple’s iPod.
It is interesting that The age of television in Japan began in 1953 when Sharp became the first Japanese company to mass produce TV sets.
Website global.sharp

đź“ť Sharp Research Papers Examples

  1. Sharp Corporation: Global Strategy
    The success of Sharp Corporation is a result of its focus on strategies. The discussion will focus on the global strategy of the company: both internal and external elements.
  2. Case Study: Staff Motivation and Sharp HealthCare
    The case describes how the healthcare delivery system, Sharp HealthCare addresses its human resource management and keeps employees motivated.

🏆 Best Sharp Essay Titles

  1. How Has Sharp Corporation Led Themselves to Crisis: Flexibility in the Neighborhood Brings Rigidity at the Core
  2. Japan’s Sharp Corporation: Aiming to Boost Its Competitive Edge
  3. Technology Strategy: How Sharp Identified, Developed, and Leveraged Its Technologies
  4. The Evolution of the Corporate Strategy of Sharp Corporation
  5. Analysis of the Organizational Capabilities of Sharp Corporation
  6. Sharp Corporation: Developing a Technology Strategy
  7. Sharp-Foxconn Deal as a Ticket to Becoming Global
  8. Rescuing a Giant: Sharp’s Future in Foxconn’s Hands
  9. The Relationship Between Hisense and Sharp America: A Complicated History
  10. Sharp Corp’s Big Decision: Japanese Business Values Meet the Test of the West
  11. Sharp Corporation: How the Company Coordinated Across Multiple Businesses
  12. Impact of Product Architecture on Disruptive Innovation: The Case of Sharp Corporation and Its Acquisition by Hon Hai
  13. Sharp: Understanding the Importance of Innovation
  14. Managerial Crisis: The Failure of Sharp’s Corporate Management
  15. Policies, Processes, and Methods of Operations Management at Sharp Corporation
  16. Foxconn and Sharp: A Patent Strategy Marriage Made in Heaven
  17. Problems Sharp Corporation Faces in Current Economy Marketing
  18. Marketing Strategy of Sharp Corp in Competitive LCD Market
  19. Sharp’s Use of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
  20. Sharp: Building Competitive Advantage Through Innovation
  21. The Pros and Cons of Foxconn’s Merger With Sharp
  22. Three Key Areas in Sharp’s Strategy for the Future
  23. Sharp Corporation: Competitive Advantage in a Dynamic Global Environment
  24. Creating Technology Partnership for Creation of Next Generation Automotive Screens and Interfaces: Fisker and Sharp
  25. Sharp’s Strategy to Become a Successful Organization
  26. A Closer Look at Sharp in Appliances at the Time of Its Acquisition
  27. Sharp’s Competitive Strategy: Will It Work?
  28. Did Taiwan’s Foxconn Benefit from Acquisition of Japan’s Sharp
  29. How Sharp’s Marketing Strategy Makes It One of the Most Successful Brands
  30. Acquisition of Japan’s Sharp by Taiwan’s Foxconn: The Symbolic Significance of the Deal
  31. Sharp vs Sony: Which Company Has the Better Strategy
  32. Analysis of Sharp Corporation’s Strategic Business Alliance With Skytec Group Limited
  33. Sharp’s Strategy: What Went Wrong and What Went Right
  34. Foxconn Technology Group: Acquisition of Sharp to Move Up the Value Chain
  35. Key to Success: Sharp’s Adaptation to Changes and New Challenges of the Market
  36. How Home Appliance Company Sharp Enters the Cosmetics Market
  37. The Current Strategic Position of Sharp and Implications of Strategies for Future Growth
  38. Why Sharp Chose Act-On as Their Marketing Automation Platform
  39. Business Environment: External Environment of Sharp Corporation
  40. Sharp Expands IT Service Offering With New Skykick Partnership

âť“ Sharp Research Questions

  1. Was It Necessary to Reform the Current Business Operating Model of Sharp Corporation?
  2. Is Sharp a Great Value Stock Right Now?
  3. Who Are the Current Leading Shareholders of Sharp?
  4. Is Japan’s Sharp Evaluating Options to Make in India?
  5. How to Increase Sales Revenue at Sharp Corporation?
  6. Why Did Sharp Enter Into a Strategic Alliance With Ingram Micro?
  7. Is Sharp Corporation Stock a Good Investment?
  8. What Is the Marketing Strategy of Sharp?
  9. Did Sharp’s Operating Model Contain Flaws?
  10. What Was Foxconn’s Strategy in Buying Sharp?
  11. Is Sharp a Good Company to Work For?
  12. Foxconn-Sharp Alliance: Which Company Has Gained the Most?
  13. Does Sharp Corporation Need a Transformation?
  14. What Were the Reasons for Foxconn Technology Group’s Acquisition of Sharp?
  15. When Did Foxconn Acquire Sharp?
  16. Are There Marketing Fails at Sharp Corporation?
  17. What Are Sharp’s Competitive Strategies?
  18. How Does Sharp Corporation Build Long-Term Customer Relationships?
  19. What Are the Global Economy and Strategic Plan of Sharp?
  20. What Are the Strategic Direction and Marketing Objectives of Sharp?
  21. Is Sharp Electronics Still in Business?

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