70 Honda Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Honda is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.
Best known for World’s largest motorcycle manufacturer
Origins Established with co-founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa in 1948.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Key people Toshiaki Mikoshiba (chairman), Toshihiro Mibe (president and CEO)
Revenue Over ¥15 trillion (2018)
Number of employees Over 215 thousand (2018)
Scandals & incidents In 2015, the company was fined for failing to respond to safety issues that affected its vehicles, which were fitted with defective airbags.
It is interesting that Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986.
Website global.honda

📝 Honda Research Papers Examples

  1. Organizational Change and Readiness to It
    Readiness for change may not exist in an organization initially, but it can be developed over time with the help of assessments and preparations.
  2. Honda Company's Innovation Management
    In the Honda Company the top management is mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that the management process functions and is both effective and efficient.
  3. Change Management and Leadership Project
    Change is inevitable in any organization and it is very important to manage it to ensure that the organization remains on the right course or even improves.
  4. Strategic Management and Planning Literature Critique
    This paper seeks to discuss strategic planning based on the statement of Richard Whittington in the literature on the theme of strategic planning.
  5. Honda Company's Failed People Management
    In the case of Honda’s people management situation in India, a massive failure was caused by the unwillingness of the company’s managers to address the grievances of staff.
  6. Ducati: Company Analysis
    The paper analyzes internal and external factors that have been seen to affect the profitability of the Ducati Company.
  7. Toyota Prius, Green or Geek Machine-Case Study
    The article examines the Toyota Prius hybrid car: what is the reason for its popularity, what challenges did Toyota face in its production and how it coped with them.
  8. Brexit Effect on Honda Corporation
    Following the globalization trends, Honda established a plant in the United Kingdom (UK) in order to optimize its supply chain in terms of European production and sales.
  9. Honda Motors Success in Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
    The secret behind Honda Motors' success lies in its development of innovative technologies which are intended to meet future global demands

🏆 Best Honda Essay Titles

  1. Acquisitions and Alliances for Business Growth: Toyota and Honda Analysis
  2. Honda and General Motors: The Costs of Managerial Practice
  3. Chinese Motorcycle Penetration Into Vietnam and the Existing Motorcycle Makers: A Study of Honda Company
  4. Honda and Rover Formed Alliance to Topple Big Players in Automotive Industry
  5. Analysis of Competitive Advantage Factors Used by Honda
  6. Honda’s Move Into the U.S. Motorcycle Market in the 1960s
  7. Analysis of Consumer Preference and Perception of Hero Honda
  8. Honda and Taurus Made a Run at Being Number One
  9. Cournot and Bertrand Competition When Advertising Rotates Demand: The Case of Honda and Scion
  10. Management Research Methods for New Car of Honda
  11. Creativity and Customer Satisfaction at the Honda Company
  12. Principles for Accomplishing Improvements of Honda
  13. Decision-Making by Precedent and the Founding of American Honda
  14. Automotive Industry Success Story: Honda Plant South Carolina
  15. Driving Honda: Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company
  16. Pros and Cons of Buying Honda Motor Co Ltd Stock
  17. Honda: A Great Value Car and a Great Value Stock
  18. Financial Analysis of Automotive Industry: General Motors vs Honda Motor, Ltd
  19. 20 Things That Honda Employees Aren’t Allowed to Do While Working
  20. Honda: A Compelling Investment Case Within an Unloved Sector
  21. Strategies That Make Honda Innovative
  22. The Real Story Behind Honda’s Success
  23. Honda Motor Company: Strategy and Performance Update
  24. External and Internal Factors Affecting Honda Motor Company’s Performance
  25. Honda Motorcycle Business in the Vietnamese Emerging Market
  26. Operations Strategy of Manufacturing Firms: Toyota and Honda
  27. Honda Motor Co.: Going Nowhere Without a Change
  28. The Strategic Model of Honda Motors That Brought Success to the Company
  29. How Honda Used an Unlikely Partner to Conquer India
  30. Lessons From Honda’s Early Adaptive Strategy
  31. Corporate Branding: ‘Power of Dreams’ Campaign by Honda
  32. Honda’s Strategy of Winning Through Failure
  33. How Honda’s Marketing Always Dominates the Auto Industry
  34. Targeted Emotion: Honda’s Content Marketing Strategy
  35. Nobody Can Beat Honda’s Brand Image
  36. The Honda Way: An Innovative Approach to Management and Production
  37. How Honda Unified Customer Care in Online Car Sales
  38. Honda, an American Success Story: Revolutionizing the Art of Management
  39. Be Like Honda: Portfolio Management as a Production Process
  40. How Honda Conquered the USA: Miscalculation, Serendipity and Learning Organization

❓ Honda Research Questions

  1. How Did Honda Enter the US Market?
  2. What Are the Competitive Advantages of Honda Corporation?
  3. Can Honda and the Other Japanese Manufacturers Stop Its Growth in Sports Segment?
  4. Did Honda Have a Deliberate or an Emergent Strategy in the US?
  5. Why Has Nissan Succeeded Where Honda Has Not?
  6. Where Is Honda From and Where Are Hondas Made?
  7. Is Honda Motor Company Stock a Good Investment?
  8. What Marketing Strategy Does Honda Use to Increase Market Share?
  9. How Is Honda Different From Its Competitors?
  10. What Are the Vision and Mission of Honda Company?
  11. Who Is Honda’s Biggest Competitor?
  12. What Makes Honda So Successful?
  13. Could Honda’s EV Strategy Be the Cost-Cutter It Needs?
  14. What Is Honda’s Global Strategy?
  15. How Did Honda Become One of the World’s Most Innovative Car Companies?
  16. What Was Honda’s Strategy in the US in Terms of Advertising?
  17. Is There Any Relationship Between Firm-Specific Factors and Honda Company Performance?
  18. How Has Honda’s Marketing Strategy Helped It Grow?
  19. Why Is Honda a Multinational Company?
  20. How Did Honda Shift Its Content Marketing Strategy?
  21. What Pricing Strategy Does Honda Use?

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