66 Volvo Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Swedish multinational manufacturing corporation that engages in the design, manufacture, and market of commercial vehicles.
Best known for Safe luxury automobiles
Origins Established in 1915 as a subsidiary of SKF. The Volvo Group itself considers it started in 1927 when the first car rolled off the production line.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Gothenburg, Sweden
Key people Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman), Martin Lundstedt (President and CEO)
Revenue Over 372 billion kr (2021)
Number of employees Over 95 thousand (2021)
Scandals & incidents In 2021, Volvo suffered a cyberattack. A limited amount of the company’s research and development property has been stolen during the intrusion.
It is interesting that Volvo uses earthquake testers to safety-test its vehicles
Website www.volvogroup.com

📝 Volvo Research Papers Examples

  1. Volvo and Tesla: Strategic Management Project
    Surviving in a dynamic car manufacturing industry requires Volvo and Tesla to deploy their resources and capabilities in building a competitive advantage.
  2. Confidence, Image and Crisis Management
    Confidence image and crisis management are the concepts that are very fundamental to an organization and its business world environment.
  3. Robinson-Patman Act Evaluation on Case
    In this paper, the case between Volvo Company and Reeder-Simco Company (Reeder) is evaluated to assess the Robinson-Patman Act, that prohibits discrimination of prices.
  4. Volvo Company's Operations Management
    The key areas in Volvo that need operation management include management of quality, management of production, cost management social responsibility environment, and logistics.
  5. Abu Dhabi Council in Relation to Volvo Ocean Race
    This report seeks to analyze some components of the Abu Dhabi Council in relation to the Volvo Ocean Race. It seeks to determine the factors related to the investments.
  6. Management Practices: A Case Study of Volvo
    Volvo adopted the systems approach to production management to save itself from the limitations of the traditional approach it incorporated.

🏆 Best Volvo Essay Titles

  1. Chinese Foreign Acquisitions Aimed for Strategic Asset-Creation and Innovation Upgrading: The Case of Geely and Volvo Cars
  2. The Failed Merger Between Renault and Volvo: Cultural Conflicts Created Problems
  3. The Novel Approach to Organization Originally Used at the Volvo Uddevalla Plant as Compared to Conventional Production Lines
  4. Measuring Macroeconomic Exposure: The Case of Volvo Cars
  5. Resource-Effective Systems Achieved Through Changes in Energy Supply and Industrial Use: The Volvo-Skövde Case
  6. The Dark Side of Alliances: Lessons From Volvo– Renault
  7. Institutional Investors and the Volvo-Renault Merger: The Evolution of Active Ownership
  8. How Volvo Reinvented Itself Through Hiring: Go Outside the Company to Retool Your Workforce
  9. Volvo History: How the Swedish Manufacturer Became the Leader in Safety Innovation
  10. Car Company Volvo Is Planning to Go Fully Electric by 2030
  11. Volvo’s Road to Business-Driven IP Management
  12. Working at Volvo Car Corporation: One of the World’s Best Workplaces
  13. Volvo to Create 3300 Jobs at $1.25 Billion EV Plant in Slovakia
  14. Managing Strategic Illusions: The Volvo Strategy in Retrospect
  15. Volvo’s Global Marketing Strategy: Fundamentally Changing the Way Cars Are Marketed and Sold
  16. Analyzing the Success of the Volvo Brand Strategy
  17. Volvo in India: Analyzing an MNC’s Strategies in a Developing Market
  18. Employer Branding for Business Success at Volvo Cars
  19. Volvo Cars: A New Approach to Strategic Partnerships
  20. Describing the Volvo Brand in One Word Is Easy: Safety
  21. Business Strategy in a Global Environment History: Volvo
  22. An Inside Look at Volvo’s Successful Podcast Advertising Strategy
  23. Safe Before Green: The Greening of Volvo Cars in the 1970s–1990s
  24. The Strategic Acquisition of Volvo Car Corporation
  25. How the Power of Data Transformed Volvo’s Digital Marketing
  26. The Key to Modern Marketing Is Telling the Brand Story Effectively: Volvo
  27. How Volvo Cars Adapts Its Marketing Strategy in France Compared to Sweden
  28. Great Lessons of Brand Building From Volvo and Saab
  29. Customer Centricity and Intelligent Marketing: Volvo
  30. How Volvo Car France Uses Wedia’s DAM to Create Localized and Brand Consistent Marketing Campaigns
  31. Volvo Invests in Optibus to Deliver Optimized Software for Public Transportation
  32. Driving Enterprise Change Management: How Volvo Trucks Did It, How You Can Do It
  33. How Volvo Trucks Pulled off an Epic Split and a Game-Changing Campaign
  34. Management Information System at Volvo Car Corporation
  35. Volvo’s HR Practices: Focus on Job Enrichment
  36. How Volvo Built Brand Loyalty by Keeping Ethics Over Profits
  37. Management: Why Volvo Is Reorganizing
  38. Artificial Intelligence to Develop Volvo’s Human Capital Management
  39. Geely, Volvo Deal Is Considered One of the Most Successful Mergers in the Recent 10 to 20 Years
  40. The Enterprise Merger and Acquisition Effect on Firm Value: Geely’s Acquisition of Volvo

❓ Volvo Research Questions

  1. How Did Volvo Lose Its Reputation for Impeccably Reliable Cars?
  2. What Happened to Volvo During World War II?
  3. Is Volvo a Good Company to Work For?
  4. When Did Volvo Start Making Cars?
  5. What Global Strategy Does Volvo Use?
  6. How Has Volvo Achieved Differentiation Over the Years?
  7. What Is the Benefit to Ford When Buying Volvo?
  8. What Is Volvo’s Competitive Advantage?
  9. How Did Volvo Manage to Successfully Build Its Image as the Leading Car in Terms of Safety?
  10. What Is Volvo’s Mission Statement?
  11. How Did Volvo’s Talent Change Management Strategy Lead to Record Revenues?
  12. How Does Volvo Enhance Customers’ Experience Through the Connected Car?
  13. What Type of Business Is Volvo In?
  14. Does Volvo Cars’ Marketing Strategy Differ According to Consumer Behavior in Sweden and France?
  15. Why Did Geely Acquire Volvo?
  16. How Has an Extremely Competitive Market Influenced Volvo’s Marketing?
  17. What Is Volvo Known For?
  18. How Has COVID-19 Changed the Automotive Business, and What Is Volvo Doing About It?
  19. What Is the Work Environment and Culture Like at Volvo Group?
  20. Who Is Volvo’s Target Audience?

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