78 Kodak Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview American public company that produces various products related to its historic basis in analogue photography.
Best known for Photographic film products
Origins Founded by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong on May 23, 1892.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Rochester, New York, U.S.
Key people James V. Continenza (Executive chairman and CEO)
Revenue Over US$ 1 billion (2020)
Number of employees Over 4 thousand (2020)
Scandals & incidents The company filed for bankruptcy in 2012, beaten by the digital revolution.
It is interesting that The first digital camera was invented at Kodak in 1975.
Website www.kodak.com

📝 Kodak Research Papers Examples

  1. Eastman Kodak Company's Marketing Analysis
    Eastman Kodak Company has been operation for more than a century and has expanded its market from the US to all regions across the globe. The company was started by George Eastman.
  2. Technology and Change Management: Apple and Kodak Companies
    The paper studies Apple Inc.'s technology, innovations, George Fisher's strategy for Kodak, explores change management, value creation and technology management.
  3. A Company With a Reputation for Poor Service
    Customer service is one of the most important duties of any marketer. A marketer has the responsibility to ensure that customers get the best service from the firm.
  4. Kodak Company's New Corporate Strategy
    The research recommends a new corporate strategy for Kodak to augment declining sales, improve profitability, and venture into the cloud service industry.
  5. Kodak Company Position in the Digital Revolution
    Kodak declared its bankruptcy in 2012 and since that time, this company sold many of its divisions to other enterprises.
  6. Eastman Kodak Company's History and Analysis
    The report looks at Eastman Kodak’s history. It examines the external and internal factors affecting the company using PEST analysis, Opportunities and Threats analysis.
  7. Eastman Kodak Company's Strategic Management Problem
    Eastman Kodak failed to embrace change at a time when customers’ expectations were changing, allowing its rivals to expand their market share rapidly at their own expense.
  8. Profile of a Struggling Company: Kodak
    This paper will explore the management planning, internal culture, and communication that led to the downfall of Kodak and the effect on its modern-day business.
  9. Depth Analysis of Kodak Corporation That Failed
    The case of Kodak Corporation shows that change and market analysis are the main parts of successful business operations and performance.
  10. Kodak Company's Strategic Issue and Solution
    Kodak had some excellent ideas for capturing new markets through innovation; however, the leadership likely dismissed such thoughts due to the limitations in the mindset.
  11. The Reason Behind Kodak’s Bankruptcy
    Kodak's absence of vital inventiveness drove it to confuse the actual profession and sort of industry, which was crushed with a key move towards the advanced age.
  12. Kodak Company's Analysis With Cultural Web Framework
    A cultural web framework will be applied to understand the values and company culture at Kodak, followed by a SAFe model to measure the options available to the company.
  13. Kodak Company: Implementing Organizational Change
    The new system used by Eastman Kodak as helped lower the overall cost of production by reducing the production time and the value chain.
  14. Test Marketing in New Product Development
    The management may decide to use yet another method of helping them identify their image in the market without a compromise of the information expected.
  15. Kodak's and Apple Inc.'s Organizational Changes
    The case studies analyzed above show that the failure of a firm to embrace change may have disastrous consequences.
  16. A Business Case: Expansion of Murray’s Cheese Company
    Expansion is a part of a firm’s development. Murray’s Cheese wants to move to bigger premises in Mexico to bring this cheese brand and new production technology.
  17. The Intentional Change Theory in Higher Education
    The current paper attempts to critically analyze the intentional change theory (ICT), and apply its primary concepts in the context of higher education.
  18. Kodak: Strategy Failure
    This paper discusses the strategic decisions that led to Kodak's failure and the possible reasons for its decline.

🏆 Best Kodak Essay Titles

  1. A Generation Ago, a “Kodak Moment” Meant Something That Was Worth Saving and Savoring Moment
  2. The Real Lessons From Kodak’s Decline
  3. George Fisher: The First Outsider Ever to Become CEO of Kodak
  4. Eastman Kodak: Meeting the Digital Challenge
  5. The Rise and Fall of the Company That Invented Digital Cameras: Kodak
  6. The Early Days of Kodak: The Strategies Eastman Used to Form His Legacy
  7. Hidden Reasons for Kodak’s Digital Revolution
  8. Kodak’s Downfall: The Importance of Innovation in Company Success
  9. EasPicturing America’s Future: Kodak’s Solution to Trade Exposure
  10. From Photo Industry Giant to Bankruptcy: What Happened to Kodak?
  11. Integrated Strategy and International Trade Disputes: The Kodak-Fujifilm Case
  12. Kodak and Fujifilm: The Way of the Photography Business Giants
  13. Investigating Dangerous Business Management in Kodak
  14. Kodak: Patents Hold the Key to the Future
  15. Managing Exploration Processes for New Business: The Successes and Failures of Fujifilm and Kodak
  16. Kodak’s Business Strategies Regarding the Shift From Film to Imaging
  17. Eastman Kodak: From Market Leader to Bankruptcy
  18. Kodak’s Challenge: Surviving the Disruptive Winds of Change
  19. Business Approaches, Management, and Marketing of Eastman Kodak and Fujifilm
  20. An Analysis of Why Kodak Dominated the Photo Business for a Long Time
  21. Change Management Initiatives of HP, IBM, and Kodak
  22. The History, Growth, and Product Development of Eastman Kodak
  23. Kodak’s Slow Adoption of Information Technology
  24. Analysis of the Evolution of the Kodak Logo
  25. Managing the Disruptive and Sustaining the Disrupted: The Case of Kodak and Fujifilm in the Face of Digital Disruption
  26. The Failure of Kodak: Why New Ideas Feel Risky
  27. Kodak’s Historic Strategy in Photographic Film
  28. Lessons Learned From Kodak: Don’t Get Trapped in Your Core Business Model
  29. The Kodak Girl in India: Kodak Ads From the 1920s to 1947
  30. Missed Moments: Kodak’s Failure to Define the Consumer Market
  31. The Curious Story of Kodak’s Pivot to Pharma
  32. The Main Reasons for the Kodak Photography Market Failure
  33. Kodak Was So Blinded by Its Success That It Completely Missed the Rise of Digital Technologies
  34. The History of Kodak: How It All Started and Evolved
  35. How Underdeveloped Decision-Making and Poor Leadership Choices Led Kodak Into Bankruptcy
  36. Eastman Kodak Company: A Potential Turnaround Around the Corner
  37. 5 Innovation Blind Spots That Nokia and Kodak Overlooked
  38. Kodak Failed Because They Forgot What Business They Were In
  39. Faced With Disruptive Technology, Kodak Had to Adapt or Die
  40. Kodak’s Strategic Management of Technology: Why Kodak Failed?

❓ Kodak Research Questions

  1. How Can Kodak’s CEO Use Digital Imaging to Revitalize the Company?
  2. What Were Kodak’s Main Innovations in the Photography Business?
  3. Did Kodak Ignore the Digital Revolution?
  4. Why Did Fujifilm Find a Way to Innovate and Survive While Kodak Didn’t?
  5. Is the Kodak Company Still in Business?
  6. What Subjects and Institutions Did Kodak Create to Promote the Use of Its Products in Daily Family Life?
  7. How Did Eastman Kodak Change the World?
  8. What Are the Errors in the Strategy That Kodak Made?
  9. How Did Kodak Miss the Digital Photography Revolution?
  10. What Were the Major Issues Faced by Kodak in the Transition Process?
  11. What Could Kodak Have Done to Survive the Onslaught From Digital Cameras, Given That Kodak Was the Inventor of Digital Cameras?
  12. How Did Kodak Change Its Strategy to Respond to the Opportunities and Threats in the Photographic Imaging Market?
  13. Why Did Digital Transformation Kill Kodak and Who Is Responsible for Its Failure?
  14. Which of the Reasons for Strategic Drift Are Evident in the Kodak Story?
  15. What Strategic Errors Did Kodak Make Since 1990?
  16. How Did Kodak Go From Photography Pioneer to Pharmaceutical Producer?
  17. What Is the Organizational Structure of Eastman Kodak?
  18. How Did Kodak Become Yet Another Victim of the Juggernaut of Changing Technology?
  19. What Strategies Did Kodak Use to Implement Its Brand and Its Technology?
  20. Why Did Kodak Fail to Adapt to the Industry Evolution of Digital Photography?

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