71 WorldCom Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The USA’s second-largest long-distance telephone company in 2002.
Best known for The Biggest Accounting Scandal Ever.
Products & services Conferencing, Contact Centers, Data and IP Services, Internet access, IT Solutions and Hosting, Managed Networks
Origins Founded in 1983 as Long Distance Discount Service, Inc
Fate Acquired by Verizon Communications in 2006
Headquarters Clinton, Mississippi then relocating to Ashburn, Virginia, U.S.
Key people Bernard Ebbers (Founder & CEO), Cynthia Cooper (Vice president), Kim Emigh (Financial analyst)
Revenue About $20.6 billion (2005)
Scandals & incidents In 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission launched its investigation into WorldCom’s accounting and found that the company had overstated assets by a staggering $11 billion.
It is interesting that WorldCom remains the biggest accounting scandal in U.S. history as well as one of the largest bankruptcies.

📝 WorldCom Research Papers Examples

  1. Ethical Role of Corporations
    Business essay sample: Corporations must not be allowed to avoid their social responsibility since their endeavors affect social, economic and environmental concerns.
  2. WorldCom Accounting Scandal Analysis
    Business essay sample: WorldCom which is the US's second-biggest long-distance phone company is considered to have committed the greatest accounting fraud in the annals of the history of the US.
  3. The Role of Corporate Scandals in Enhancing Financial Reporting
    Business essay sample: Director’s remuneration, lack of corporate social responsibility, increase of non-audit activities and no provision of punishment are the main reasons of corporate collapse.
  4. Business Ethics Are Good for Society and the Economy
    Business essay sample: The role of business ethics are good for society and the economy. Its influence on the promotion and development of the business.
  5. Accounting Fraud at WorldCom
    Business essay sample: WorldCom used typical accounting fraud to show a profit of $ 1.4 billion in the year 2001 as against a real loss.
  6. Rules-Based Versus Principle-Based Accounting
    Business essay sample: Companies have often taken advantage of capricious regulations to cunningly configure business transactions producing favorable and untruthful accounting reports.
  7. Financial Scandals: Survival vs. Non-Survival
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to establish whether there are unique steps that are taken by the management of firms during the post-scandal period, that lead to the survival of the companies.
  8. Financial Scandals: Enron, WorldCom, and Waste Management
    Business essay sample: The Enron, WorldCom, and Waste Management scandals are examples of well-known financial scandals. They led to the loss of investors’ money and assets worth billions of dollars.
  9. WorldCom Accounting Scandal
    Business essay sample: The paper analyses the company’s overview and recession, the scandal, its identification, and effects to examine the WorldCom accounting scandal.

🏆 Best WorldCom Essay Titles

  1. The Role of the Accountancy Profession in Worldcom Scandals
  2. Accounting and Business Issues: WorldCom’s Failure
  3. Decision-Making Traps of Worldcom’s Board
  4. Analyzing the Fraudulent Activities of WorldCom
  5. WorldCom Financial Statement Manipulation
  6. Bernard Ebbers and the Grand Success of WorldCom
  7. Worldcom’s Impact on Corporate World
  8. Accounting Scandals: Enron and WorldCom
  9. Business Ethics: Accounting Irregularities at Worldcom and Arthur Andersen
  10. Worldcom and Reliant Should Be Charged With Felonies
  11. Corporate Governance Failure of WorldCom
  12. WorldCom and Rising Auditing Standards
  13. Financial Markets After Enron and WorldCom Collapse
  14. Worldcom: Organizational Culture and Unethical Safeguards
  15. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: History and Impact
    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act aims to improve the safeguarding of the investors’ interests from malicious business practices and misappropriation of investor funds.
  16. Leadership, Management, and the Failure of Worldcom
  17. WorldCom: The Telecommunications Industry and Recent Accounting Techniques
  18. Models That Predict Business Failure; The Application of Models to Real Life – Enron and WorldCom
  19. Worldcom: What Went Wrong
  20. Post Enron and WorldCom and Investor Confidence Strengthening
  21. WorldCom Misled Even the Most Careful Investors
  22. Relationship Between Andersen and Worldcom
  23. Worldcom CEO Died After Accounting Fraud Jail Term
  24. Stricter Auditing Standards Implemented Due to Enron-WorldCom Scandals
  25. WorldCom: Bankruptcy and Lessons for Investors
  26. The Earnings Management Issue of WorldCom
  27. WorldCom, Enron, and the Application of Business Failure Prediction Models
  28. The Rise and Fall of WorldCom Telecommunications
  29. Agency Problem in Corporate Governance: The Case of WorldCom
  30. Researching the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    This Act was passed by President Bush. It was named after its creators, Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley.
  31. Uncertain Economy and the Future of Worldcom
  32. Worldcom Fraud Scandal: How It Failed
  33. Lessons From Worldcom: How to Avoid Disaster Stocks
  34. Rise of WorldCom Strategic Management
  35. Fraudulent Accounting and the Downfall of WorldCom
  36. American Greed: Inside the WorldCom Scam
  37. The Economic Consequences of Accounting Fraud in Product Markets: The Case of WorldCom
  38. WorldCom Improprieties of Unprecedented Magnitude
  39. Due Diligence and Reliance Defenses at WorldCom
  40. Six Steps to Failure: Lessons From WorldCom and Nortel’s Record-Breaking Bankruptcies
  41. Failing Good Intentions: The WorldCom Fraud and the Collapse of US Telecommunications After Deregulation
  42. The WorldCom Scam That Changed Everything

❓ WorldCom Research Questions

  1. Should Worldcom CEO Bernard Ebbers Be Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison?
  2. What Are the Organizational Behavior Principles of WorldCom?
  3. In What Ways Was the Worldcom Fraud Committed?
  4. Enron and Worldcom: What Makes Companies Fail?
  5. What Was the Leading Cause of the Worldcom Scandal?
  6. Why Is WorldCom Accounting Fraud Relevant Today?
  7. What Are the WorldCom Whistleblower Challenges?
  8. How Has the WorldCom Scandal Impacted Corporate Affairs?
  9. What Went Wrong at WorldCom?
  10. How Did WorldCom’s Accountants Conceal Over $9 Billion in Expenses?
  11. What Are the Financial Consequences of the WorldCom Accounting Scandal?
  12. How Did Three Unlikely Sleuths Expose Fraud at WorldCom?
  13. What Happened to WorldCom After the Scandal?
  14. How Did WorldCom Become Successful?
  15. What Were the Major Reasons Behind Worldcom Scandal?
  16. Did WorldCom Have a Code of Ethics?
  17. What Are the Ethical Issues in the WorldCom Case?
  18. How Did the WorldCom Scandal Affect the Company and Investors?
  19. Who Was the Whistleblower at WorldCom?
  20. What Happened to Worldcom Stocks?

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