66 Ralph Lauren Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Ralph Lauren is an American company that produces and distributes premium lifestyle products.
Best known for Mid-range to the luxury clothes.
Other products & services Apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances.
Origins Founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters New York City, U.S.
Key people Ralph Lauren (Executive Chairman & CCO), David Lauren (Vice Chairman and CIO), Patrice Louvet (President & CEO)
Revenue Over $6 billion
Number of employees About 18 thousand
Scandals & incidents Ralph Lauren was blasted for allegedly firing a size 4 model for being “overweight” and photoshopping her into a grotesquely and impossibly thin woman.
It is interesting that Ralph Lauren became the first designer to outfit participants of Wimbledon.
Website www.ralphlauren.com
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📝 Ralph Lauren Research Papers Examples

  1. Ralph Lauren Company's Marketing Strategy
    Ralph Lauren has numerous wholesale and retail stores across the globe. The company also sells merchandise online.

🏆 Best Ralph Lauren Essay Titles

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  1. Ralph Lauren Rugby’s Consumers and the Future Trend in 2013 Prediction
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren Performance Measurement
  3. Ralph Lauren Always True to His Own Purely American Vision of Fashion
  4. Financial Analysis for Ralph Lauren Corporation
  5. Ralph Lauren: Brand Analysis and Sourcing Plan
  6. Luen Thai, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Ruentex Comparative Analysis
  7. Ralph Lauren Corporation Business Strategies
  8. Marketing History of Ralph Lauren
  9. Ralph Lauren: Preppy and Classic American Brand
  10. Business Analysis and SWOT Analysis of Ralph Lauren
  11. Ralph Lauren: American Company Analysis
  12. Core Competencies of Polo Ralph Lauren
  13. The Main Polo Ralph Lauren Competitors Analysis
  14. Mission, Goals, and Strategic Management Process in Ralph Lauren
  15. Ralph Lauren Advertisement Practices Analysis
  16. Marketing Planning of Ralph Lauren Analysis
  17. Ralph Lauren: A Brand Capturing the American Spirit
  18. The Ralph Lauren Brand History and Strategy
  19. Ralph Lauren’s Brand and Marketing Communications
  20. The Ralph Lauren Brand Architecture Overview
  21. The Ralph Lauren Brand Portfolio: Extending Outside Fashion
  22. Ralph Lauren’s Future Business Challenges
  23. Reasons for Ralph Lauren’s Failure in 2015
  24. Ralph Lauren Future Brand Challenges: Appealing to a New Generation of Global Consumers
  25. Polo Ralph Lauren Overview and Analysis
  26. Ralph Lauren as the Symbol of the American Lifestyle
  27. Overview and Analysis of Ralph Lauren’s Weaknesses
  28. Ralph Lauren Company’s Marketing Strategy Analysis
  29. Organizational Structure of Polo Ralph Lauren Overview
  30. Ralph Lauren Corporation Strategic and Operational Plans Analysis
  31. Applying CBBE Model to Polo Ralph Lauren
  32. Polo Ralph Lauren Advertising Retrospective Analysis
  33. Ralph Lauren Ads for Men and Women: A Semiotic Analysis
  34. Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Polo Ralph Lauren
  35. Applying Marketing Mix for Polo Ralph Lauren
  36. Ralph Lauren’s Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses
  37. Analysis of Company Profile of Polo Ralph Lauren
  38. Ralph Lauren’s Way Forward: A Move Toward Demand-Driven Supply Chain
  39. The Major Issue of Ralph Lauren Marketing
  40. Ralph Lauren China: A Late Entrant in Luxury

❓ Ralph Lauren Research Questions

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  1. What Is the Term That Best Describes the Pricing That Ralph Lauren Had Adopted for Its Portfolio of Brands?
  2. How Has the Polo Ralph Lauren Brand Achieved Such High Success?
  3. What Is Polo Ralph Lauren’s Mission Statement?
  4. To What Extent Do You Think the Ralph Lauren Brand Has Achieved Resonance With Its Customers?
  5. What Are the Main Success Factors for Ralph Lauren?
  6. Why Is Ralph Lauren More Successful Than Its Foreign Rivals?
  7. What Should Ralph Lauren Do to Survive in a Changing Global Environment?
  8. Does Ralph Lauren Use Child Labor?
  9. What Are the Prominent Difference Between Ralph Lauren and Its Competitors?
  10. Is Polo Ralph Lauren a Luxury Brand?
  11. What Are the Characteristics of Competitive and Coordinating Behavior of Ralph Lauren?
  12. What Cultural Aspects Are to Be Considered by Ralph Lauren to Be Successful?
  13. Does Ralph Lauren Source Ethically?
  14. What Are Changes Taking Place in Ralph Lauren Marketing Practices in the Digital Age?
  15. How Has the Ralph Lauren Business Model Evolved During the Last Several Years?
  16. What Is the Positioning Strategy of the Ralph Lauren Company?
  17. How Does Ralph Lauren Use Their Social Media for Customers’ Engagement?
  18. What Challenges Does Ralph Lauren Face During COVID-19 Pandemic?
  19. Does Ralph Lauren Company Have Its Own Brand Equity?
  20. What Are Supply Chain Management Practices Applied at Ralph Lauren?
  21. Who Are the Targeted Customers of the Ralph Lauren Company?
  22. What Is the Biggest Competitive Threat That Ralph Lauren Faces as It Expands in Global Markets?
  23. What Has the Ralph Lauren Company Done to Help the Community?
  24. How Does Ralph Lauren’s Organizational Structure Look Like?
  25. What Pricing Strategy Does Ralph Lauren Use?

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