67 Turkish Airlines Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Turkish Airline is the major carrier that operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North American markets.
Best known for Turkish airlines fly to more countries than any other airline.
Other products & services Passenger Air Transportation and Air Cargo Transportation.
Origins Established in 1933 as Turkish State Airlines as a department of the Ministry of National Defense.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Istanbul Airport, Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Key people Ahmet Bolat (Chairman of the board), Bilal Ekşi (Deputy chairman, CEO)
Revenue Over $12 billion
Number of employees Over 37 thousand
Scandals & incidents Turkish Airlines has suffered a total of 19 incidents and accidents of which 15 were fatal. A total of 68 crew, 835 passengers, and 35 people on the ground have been killed.
It is interesting that The foods served by Turkish Airlines are Halal certified as Turkey is an Islamic nation.
Website www.turkishairlines.com
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📝 Turkish Airlines Research Papers Examples

  1. Turkish Airlines Company Analysis
    Turkish Airlines is constantly achieving double digit growth in traffic and revenue due to its enormous and rising home market and strategically enlarged transfer traffic.
  2. Turkish Airlines Strategy: Porter’s Five Forces Framework
    Writing about Turkish Airlines strategy? 🛫 This paper analyses the viability of the Turkish Airlines business model using the Porter Five Forces framework. 🌪️

🏆 Best Turkish Airlines Essay Titles

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  1. Turkish Airlines: Fast Growing Star of Skies
  2. CRM System Applied for Turkish Airlines
  3. Turkish Airlines: Sponsorship and Promotion Agreements
  4. Merger Opportunities Between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines
  5. Turkish Airlines Company’s Marketing Plan Overview and Evaluation
  6. Analysis of CSR Strategy of Turkish Airlines
  7. Turkish Airlines Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)
  8. Sponsorship Agreements of Turkish Airlines
  9. Turkish Airlines: Overview Of Blue Ocean Strategies Usage
  10. Sales Promotional Campaign of Turkish Airlines
  11. Turkish Airlines: History and Background
  12. SWOT Analysis for Turkish Airlines
  13. Turkish Airline’s 5-Year Global Growth Plan Report
  14. Turkish Airlines: Sustainability and Financial Reports Analysis
  15. David’s Strategy Formulation Framework Application to the Turkish Airlines
  16. Turkish Airlines: The Airline That Carries the National of Turkey
  17. Climate and Environmental Responsibility of Turkish Airlines
  18. Turkish Airlines Current 4Ps Marketing Policies
  19. Effective Marketing and Promotional Campaign for Turkish Airlines
  20. Turkish Airlines Human Resource Strategies Overview
  21. Analysis of Turkish Airlines Advertisement Campaign
  22. Turkish Airlines Strategy: Porter’s Five Forces Framework
  23. Airline Business Model Innovations and Company Value for Airline Sustainability: Turkish Airlines Case
  24. Turkish Airlines: An International Strategic Instrument for Turkey
  25. Analyzing Customer Engagement of Turkish Airlines Using Big Social Data
  26. The Transformation of a Legacy Carrier: Turkish Airlines Case Study
  27. Analyzing the Brand Equity of Turkish Airlines Services
  28. Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Business Development Relationship: Turkish Airlines Case Study
  29. Turkish Airlines Plans for Growth With Business Travel at Core
  30. Marketing in Turkish Airlines: Potential of Airline Business
  31. Turkish Airlines Company Profile: Stock Performance & Earnings
  32. Effects of the Low-Cost Carrier Airline Companies on Turkish Airlines
  33. Turkish Airlines Growth Opportunities Overview and Analysis
  34. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Turkish Airlines Performance
  35. Turkish Airlines: Mission, Vision, and Values
  36. Sustainability Reporting in the Airline Industry: The Case of Turkish Airlines
  37. Turkish Airlines: Marketing Strategy, Aims, and Objectives
  38. Overview of Turkish Airlines Communication Campaign
  39. Analysis of Turkish Airlines Growing Opportunities
  40. Turkish Airlines: Comprehensive Company Analysis

❓ Turkish Airlines Research Questions

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  1. What Factors Contributed to Turkish Airlines Success?
  2. How Does Turkish Airlines’ Organizational Structure Look Like?
  3. What Challenges Does Turkish Airlines Face During COVID-19 Pandemic?
  4. How Did Turkish Airlines Increase Brand Awareness With Selfies?
  5. What Are Turkish Airlines Crucial Success Factors?
  6. How Would Turkish Airlines Keep Growing Without Jeopardizing Profitability?
  7. Can Turkish Airlines Be Considered the Best Airline in the World?
  8. How Would Turkish Airlines Manage the Operational Complexities and Other External Factors?
  9. Is There a Correlation Between Strategic Group Membership and Coordinating Behavior of Turkish Airlines?
  10. How Can Turkish Airlines Recruit the Best People?
  11. Should Turkish Airlines Continue to Differentiate Itself in a Fiercely Competitive Industry?
  12. What Are Examples of Impact of the External Environment on Turkish Airlines?
  13. How Can Blue Ocean Strategy Be Applied for Analyzing Turkish Airlines Company?
  14. What Are Changes Taking Place in Turkish Airline Marketing Practices in the Digital Age?
  15. Why Has Turkish Airlines’ Share Price Rocketed in Recent Months?
  16. What Are Competitive Advantages of Turkish Airlines in the Existing Market?
  17. How Successful Can Be Considered the Advertisement of Turkish Airlines’s ‘Widen Your World’?
  18. What Are Peculiarities of Business Culture in Turkey on the Example of Turkish Airlines?
  19. Who Are the Targeted Customers of the Turkish Airlines Company?
  20. What Is the Positioning Strategy of the Turkish Airlines Company?
  21. How Do Turkish Airlines Use Their Social Media for Customers’ Engagement?
  22. Does Turkish Airlines Company Have Its Own Brand Equity?
  23. What Are Perspectives of Using Sports Sponsorship in Branding of Turkish Airlines?
  24. Is It Possible to Identify a Correlation Between Turkish Airlines’ Facebook Data and Revenue and Stock Prices?
  25. What Are the Characteristics of Competitive and Coordinating Behavior of Turkish Airlines?

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