73 Airbnb Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Airbnb is an American company that operates an online marketplace for homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities.
Best known for Cheap rental opportunities for travelers.
Other products & services Lodging and Hospitality.
Origins Founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S.
Key people Brian Chesky (CEO), Joe Gebbia (CPO), Nathan Blecharczyk (CSO)
Revenue Over $5 billion
Number of employees Over 6 thousand
Scandals & incidents Airbnb faces thousands of sexual-assault claims yearly.
It is interesting that Since its launch, Airbnb has served 400 million guests.
Website www.airbnb.com

đź“ť Airbnb Research Papers Examples

  1. Airbnb Company: Marketing Communications
    Airbnb is one of the rapidly growing online retailers in in the global market. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.
  2. Airbnb Strategic Analysis
    Airbnb is an international marketplace specializing in hospitality by offering arrangements for temporary and short-term lodging in cities around the world.
  3. Sharing Economy on the Example of Airbnb
    Airbnb company does not depend on clients or suppliers to receive stable revenue, from the perspective of Porter's Five Forces model, positions in the market are strong.

🏆 Best Airbnb Essay Titles

  1. Airbnb and the Hotel Industry in Warsaw: Sharing Economy Example
  2. Analysis and Comparative Study of Workforce Diversity for Airbnb and KPMG
  3. Airbnb Case Study: Global Marketing Management
  4. Data Governance Framework Elements of Airbnb’s Plan
  5. Airbnb Customer Experience: Evidence of Convergence Across Three Countries
  6. Comprehensive Analysis of Contemporary Airbnb Marketing Plan
  7. Airbnb Porter Five Forces Analysis
  8. Digital Discrimination: The Case of Airbnb.com
  9. Airbnb Sues New York Over Restrictive New Law
  10. Inferring Tax Compliance From Pass-Through: Evidence From Airbnb Tax Enforcement Agreements
  11. Airbnb, Uber, and Legal Problems With the Digital-Sharing Economy
  12. Information Communication Technology Application in Airbnb
  13. Key Factors Affecting the Price of Airbnb Listings: Geographically Weighted Approach
  14. Platform, Anonymity, and Illegal Actors: Evidence of Whac-A-Mole Enforcement From Airbnb
  15. Sharing Economy and Incumbents’ Pricing Strategy: Airbnb’s Impact on the Hospitality Industry
  16. Platform Economies and Urban Planning: Airbnb and Regulated Deregulation in London
  17. Sharing Economy: Why the Turkish Consumers Use Airbnb
  18. Short-Term Rentals and Housing Rents: The Case of Airbnb in Berlin
  19. The Effect of Hedonic Values on Satisfaction and Loyalty of Airbnb Users
  20. Short-Term Rentals and the Housing Market: Quasi-Experimental Evidence From Airbnb in Los Angeles
  21. Airbnb: Challenges and Threats Company Faces Now
  22. SWOT Analysis for Airbnb Company
  23. Airbnb Website Design Analysis, Its Pros, and Cons
  24. The Sharing Economy and Marketing Strategy of Airbnb
  25. Airbnb Company: Leveraging the Sharing Economy
  26. Internet Models of Airbnb and Uber Companies
  27. Airbnb Business: Radical Service Innovation
  28. Analysis of Brian Chesky’s Leadership at Airbnb
  29. Airbnb Company Internationalization: Success and Challenges
  30. Analysis of the Digital Protest and Resistance Surrounding the Airbnb Effect
  31. Airbnb Development and Impact on the Hospitality Industry
  32. Analyzing and Predicting the Spatial Penetration of Airbnb in US Cities
  33. Airbnb Consumers’ Choices in the Chinese Market
  34. Marketing Strategy of Airbnb Company Analysis
  35. Airbnb: Sharing Economy Processes Review
  36. Disentangling the Geographical Logic of Airbnb in Switzerland
  37. Airbnb and Hotels During COVID-19: Different Strategies to Survive
  38. Analysis of Airbnb and Its Potential Impact on the London Housing Market
  39. Price Determinants on Airbnb: How Reputation Pays off in the Sharing Economy
  40. Airbnb in European Cities: Business as Usual or True Sharing Economy?

âť“ Airbnb Research Questions

  1. How Does Competition Affect Reputation Concerns in the Example of Airbnb?
  2. What Is Airbnb And How Does It Work?
  3. How Are Uber, Airbnb, and Other Companies of New Silicon Valley Changing the World?
  4. Does Race Guide Airbnb Rental Rates in San Francisco
  5. How Should Urban Planners Respond to Airbnb?
  6. What Prevents Consumers That Are Aware of Airbnb From Using the Platform?
  7. How Does Competition Affect Airbnb’s Reputation Concerns?
  8. What Is Airbnb’s Mission? What Are the Strategic Implications of This Mission?
  9. How Can Airbnb Successfully Deal With Different Local Governments?
  10. What Is Airbnb’s Stakeholder Strategy?
  11. Does Airbnb Hurt Hotel Business in the Nordic Countries?
  12. What Is Airbnb’s Business Model?
  13. Who Is Airbnb’s Competition, and How Does Airbnb Attempt to Differentiate Itself From the Competition?
  14. What Are Key Issues That Airbnb Is Currently Facing?
  15. How to Maintain the Competitive Advantage Airbnb Had So Far?
  16. What Key Positioning Issues of Airbnb and What Are Their Relative Importance?
  17. Why Is It That Pestel Factors Can Have Such a Strong Impact on the Future of a Business of Airbnb?
  18. What Alternative Strategies Can Be Applied by Airbnb?
  19. Is Airbnb Simply a Gimmick of Our Time or a Crucial Part of Future Economic Activities in Hospitality and Tourism?
  20. What Is the Impact of Airbnb and Energy Consumption on the Hotel Sector?
  21. Why Do People Choose to Stay With Airbnb?
  22. What Are Sources of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Airbnb Accommodation?
  23. How Has the Airbnb’s Business Model Evolved During the Last Several Years?
  24. What Is the Biggest Competitive Threat That Airbnb Faces as It Expands in Global Markets?
  25. How Was an Internet Startup Such as Airbnb Able to Disrupt the Hotel Industry?
  26. What Are the Prominent Difference Between Airbnb and Its Competitors?
  27. Can the Sharing Economy Market Be Disruptive on the Example of Airbnb?
  28. What Challenges Has Airbnb Faced During Asian Market Entry?
  29. How Does Airbnb Organizational Structure Look Like?
  30. What Are Examples of Impact of the External Environment on Airbnb?

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