70 Hershey Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Hershey’s is an American multinational company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world.
Best known for Reese’s by Hershey’s is the No. 1 selling candy brand in the United States.
Other products & services Chocolate bars, cookies and cakes.
Origins Founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 as the Hershey Chocolate Company.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters 19 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States
Key people Milton S. Hershey (Founder), Michele Buck (Chairman, President and CEO), Steven Voskuil (Senior VP, Chief Financial & Accounting Officer)
Revenue Over $8 billion
Number of employees Over 16 thousand
Scandals & incidents Hershey’s was alleged that they knowingly imported cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, a country that uses child labor, even slave labor, and traffics children.
It is interesting that Hershey’s Chocolate World features over 100 street lamps shaped like Hershey’s Kisses.
Website www.thehersheycompany.com

📝 Hershey Research Papers Examples

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning: Costs and Risks
    The implementation of enterprise resource planning software often becomes a challenge despite all its benefits: management of resources, automation of processes, etc.
  2. The Hershey Company's Marketing Strategy
    This report analyzes Hershey's from the view of marketing strategy, discussing marketing mix, consumer buying behavior and branding, and the product lifecycle.
  3. BMW, Hershey’s and AT&T: Financial Comparison
    BMW, Hershey’s and AT&T prepare their financial statements on a consolidated basis and therefore, this paper is keeping in view the overall position of the groups.
  4. Use of ERP Systems in the Hershey Company
    The essay discusses different types of ERP systems, analyzes relationships within them, and recommends which ERP system could be used by the Hershey Company.
  5. The Hershey Company: Strategic Audit of the Organization
    The Hershey Company is a leading manufacturer, seller, and distributor of chocolate and confectionery products in the United States.

🏆 Best Hershey Essay Titles

  1. Hershey vs. Tootsie Roll Ratio Analysis
  2. The Hershey Company Analysis Through Porter’s Five Forces
  3. Hershey and Tootsie Financial Sheets Comparative Evaluation
  4. The Problems of Advertising Hershey Chocolate
  5. Hershey Company: Analysis of Recent Financial Reports
  6. Analysis of Hershey on the Irish Market
  7. Hershey Chocolates: Cost Classifications
  8. The Hershey Company as the Largest Chocolate Manufacturer
  9. Hershey Company: Historical Background and Current Situation
  10. Comparing Tootsie and Hershey Through Ratio Analysis
  11. Hershey Company: Overview of Vision and Strategic Management
  12. Internal and External Elements of Candy Industry Competition: Hershey Case Study
  13. Hershey Company: SWOT Analysis and Recommendations
  14. Integrity, Objectivity, and Ethics at the Hershey
  15. Hershey Food Corporation Financial Analysis
  16. International Market Entry Strategy for Hershey Foods Corp
  17. Hershey Foods Corporation: Confectionery Division Marketing Plan
  18. Overview of International Marketing of Hershey Company
  19. Hershey Foods vs. Tootsie Rolls: Comparative Analysis
  20. Management Structure, Carbon Footprint, and Employment Policies of Hershey Company
  21. Hershey’s Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps)
  22. Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Markets for Hershey Company
  23. Hershey Company: Analysis of Current Multinational Marketing
  24. Analysis of Hershey’s and HP’s Failures
  25. Hershey Company: Financial Plan and Results
  26. Organizational Structure for Hershey Company
  27. Hershey’s Entry Into Turkey Analysis
  28. The Hershey Company and Their Plan of Helping the World
  29. Hershey’s Food Corporation: ERP Failure
  30. The Strong Revenue Growth: Hershey’s Net Sales
  31. Hershey: Short-Term Liquidity Analysis
  32. The Success and Influence of the Hershey/Mars Company
  33. Hershey’s, Marketing One Generation Ahead
  34. Warren Buffett Stock Analysis: Hershey Company
  35. Hershey’s: Market Segmentation Analysis
  36. Company Profile of the Hershey Company
  37. Hershey’s Sugar Product Line Analysis
  38. Strategy and International Operations of the Hershey Company
  39. Hershey Company: Marketing Research of the New Potential Market
  40. Hershey: The American King of Chocolate

❓ Hershey Research Questions

  1. What Are Risks Hershey Took on Its Way to Success?
  2. How Is the Employee Reward System of Hershey Organized?
  3. What Has the Hershey Company Done to Help the Community?
  4. How Did Hershey Contribute to World War II?
  5. What Challenges Has Hershey Faced During Asian Market Entry?
  6. Why Is the Hershey Company So Successful in the United States?
  7. What HRM Practices Does Hershey Apply?
  8. What Peculiarities Does Hershey Use to Promote Their Products?
  9. Does Hershey Have an Efficient Code of Ethics?
  10. What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Hershey Company?
  11. What Are Competitive Advantages of Hershey Company?
  12. Does Hershey Company Have Any Mission Statement?
  13. What Is the Hershey Company’s Plan for Helping the World?
  14. Why Is Hershey Enjoying Such Growth in a Prolonged Recession?
  15. What Is Hershey’s Corporate Structure?
  16. How Has Hershey Become the Largest Chocolate Manufacturer in North America?
  17. What Is Hershey’s Business Model?
  18. What Type of Marketing Does Hershey Use?
  19. How Are Hershey’s Production Processes Organized?
  20. What Is Hershey Doing About Child Labor?
  21. What Pricing Strategy Does Hershey Use?
  22. How Does Hershey Promote Their Products?
  23. What Is Hershey’s Brand Positioning?
  24. Why Is the Hershey Company So Successful?
  25. What Modern Technologies Is Hershey Trying to Adopt?

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