76 Beiersdorf Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Beiersdorf AG is a German multinational company that manufactures and retails personal-care products and pressure-sensitive adhesives.
Best known for Nivea products.
Other products & services The skin care, personal care products.
Origins The roots of Beiersdorf AG lie in the pharmacy that Paul C. Beiersdorf opened in Hamburg in the fall of 1880.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany
Key people Vincent Warnery (CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board) and Reinhard Pöllath (Chairman of the Supervisory board), Paul Beiersdorf (Founder)
Revenue Over €7 billion
Number of employees Almost 20 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2019, Beauty brand Nivea lost advertising agency over a claim that one of its executives said ‘We don’t do gay’ over a plan for an advert showing two men touching hands.
It is interesting that The Beiersdorf Research Centre is shaped like a human skin cell, magnified billions of times.
Website www.beiersdorf.com

📝 Beiersdorf Research Papers Examples

  1. Nivea Company's Marketing in the United Kingdom
    NIVEA’s goal in the UK is to ensure every customer has access to its products. The firm’s innovative products are aimed at fulfilling the needs of the targeted customers.
  2. Nivea Marketing Mix and Future Plans
    Researching Nivea marketing mix? 🪒 Nivea is a company that manufactures and sells various skin care and beauty products. 🧴 Read this paper to learn more about Nivea marketing strategies. ✅
  3. Nivea Visage Products' Marketing Mix
    Since NIVEA prides itself as a leading cosmetic and skin care brand, it is unsurprising that the customer profile of the company is mainly comprised of women.
  4. Marketing Research About “Packaging”
    Packaging is the mode of presentation that a product comes with. It goes further than the outer covering to involve the inner protection made on products.
  5. Analysis of Nivea's Advertisement Image
    The image in advertising is a central element, as it gains viewers' attention even as they walk past the billboard on the street.
  6. Importance of Customer Behaviour in Business
    The report discusses the validity of traditional marketing segmentation and targeting in an era where modern practices include the development of personas for individual clients.

🏆 Best Beiersdorf Essay Titles

  1. Consumer Behavior: Nivea’s Temporary Shop
  2. International Promotion and Market Research of Nivea
  3. Marketing Plan for the New Nivea Product
  4. How Nivea Brand and Its Positioning Strategy Have Led to the Brand’s Success
  5. Nivea Business Marketing Overview and Analysis
  6. Marketing Business Report Nivea Whitening Cream
  7. Nivea External Factors Analysis
  8. Beiersdorf AG and the Cosmetics Industry
  9. Nivea for Men: Developing a Marketing Plan
  10. Action Plan for New Nivea in a New Market Segment
  11. Nivea for Men PESTEL Environmental Analysis
  12. Analysis of Nivea Company’s Marketing in the United Kingdom
  13. Nivea Segmentation Targeting and Positioning
  14. Beiersdorf Company Analysis: Competition and Markets
  15. Nivea Skin and Body Care Products Retaining Popularity
  16. Beiersdorf: Market Demand and Understanding the Consumer
  17. Nivea: Softening and Standardizing Global Markets
  18. Beiersdorf: Market Supply and Understanding the Company’s Costs
  19. Nivea Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps)
  20. Beiersdorf: Market Analysis, Failure, and Responses
  21. Managing Organizational Politics for Radical Change: The Case of Beiersdorf
  22. Beiersdorf: Market Structures and Company Strategies
  23. Role of Government and Fiscal Policy on the Beiersdorf’s Performance
  24. Foundations of International Trade and Beiersdorf Company
  25. Beiersdorf: Economic Output and National Wealth
  26. Macro Environment Analysis for Beiersdorf Company
  27. SWOT Analysis for Beiersdorf Company
  28. Beiersdorf: Economic Growth and Business Cycles
  29. Microenvironment Analysis for Beiersdorf Company
  30. Ansoff’s Matrix Application for Beiersdorf Company
  31. Beiersdorf: Capital Accumulation and Technological Progress
  32. Managing of Global Business: Beiersdorf’s Intercultural Management
  33. Analysis of Beiersdorf Intercultural Management
  34. Beiersdorf: The History of the Company Behind the Nivea Brand
  35. The Role of Nivea as Umbrella Brand of Beiersdorf
  36. The Critical Success Factor for Nivea’s Brand Extensions
  37. Nivea Company’s Product Strategy Analysis
  38. Beiersdorf AG: Expanding Nivea’s Global Reach
  39. Brand Image and Sources of Equity for Nivea: Brand Hierarchy
  40. Beiersdorf Company: Market Research and Innovation

❓ Beiersdorf Research Questions

  1. What Are the Characteristics of Beiersdorf’s Brand Portfolio?
  2. How Did Beiersdorf Employ Its Brands as Strategic Growth Vehicles?
  3. What Are Critical Factors That Beiersdorf Utilised to Successfully Extend the Nivea Brand?
  4. How Have the Two Brands Nivea and Chanel Been Positioned in Their Respective Markets?
  5. What Group of Consumers Was Nivea Targeting Its Marketing of Pearl and Beauty At?
  6. What Makes the Nivea Brand So Successful?
  7. How Is the Product Strategy of Nivea Good, Different and Unique From Others?
  8. What Strategy Did ‘Nivea for Men’ Adopt in 2008?
  9. What Are Pricing Strategies of Nivea?
  10. Why Is Nivea More Successful Than Its Foreign Rivals?
  11. What Are the Marketing Strategies Adopted by Nivea?
  12. What Are the Main Success Factors for Nivea?
  13. How Effectively Does Nivea Deal With the Different Cultures of the World?
  14. What Should Nivea Do to Achieve or Maintain Competitive Advantage in Its Industry?
  15. What Are the Prominent Difference Between Nivea and Its Competitors?
  16. How Well Does Nivea Fulfil the Needs of Its Stakeholders?
  17. What Cultural Aspects Are to Be Considered by Nivea to Be Successful?
  18. What Are the Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution Strategies of Nivea?
  19. What Are Competitive Advantages of Nivea in the Existing Markets?
  20. How Does Nivea Promote Their Products?
  21. What Are the Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution Strategies of Nivea?
  22. What Are Supply Chain Management Practices Applied at Beiersdorf?
  23. Is It Required to Change Corporate Culture at Beiersdorf?
  24. What Are Peculiriaties of Process Selection and Facility Structure in Nivea?
  25. What Is Beiersdorf’s Approach to Doing Business?
  26. What Are Obstacles That Prevent Nivea From Further International Expansion?
  27. What Are the Ethical Principles of the Beiersdorf?
  28. How Is Beiersdorf Reward System For Employees Organized?
  29. What Are the Environment Factors Affecting the Performance of Beiersdorf?
  30. What Challenges Has Nivea Faced During Asian Market Entry?

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