78 Shell Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Shell operates within the oil and gas industry sector, involving exploration and production, refining and supply of petroleum products.
Best known for Gas stations.
Other products & services LNG, Lubricants, Natural gas, Petrochemicals, Petroleum.
Origins Founded in 1907 through the amalgamation of two rival companies.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Shell Centre, London, England, UK
Key people Andrew Mackenzie (chair­person), Ben van Beurden (CEO)
Revenue About $261 billion
Number of employees More than 86 thousand
Scandals & incidents Shell spends $22 million annually on anti-climate lobbying.
It is interesting that In 2013, Royal Dutch Shell was the number one company on the ‘Fortune Global 500’ list.
Website www.shell.com

📝 Shell Research Papers Examples

  1. Ethical Systems in the Workplace Examples
    Ethics are particularly helpful in an organization in that they help members of the organization ton to be accountable for their actions.
  2. Royal Dutch Shell Corporate Governance and Ethics
    Researching Shell corporate governance? ⛽ Royal Dutch Shell holds a lot of political and economic powers. 🛢️ Read attentively to discover how Shell determines economic activities in different parts of the world. ➡️
  3. Strategic Supply Chain Management Role in company
    To compete with rival companies or for value adding or altering its features and design,strategy of Supply Chain Management play very important role.
  4. Royal Dutch Shell PLC: Marketing Plan
    Royal Dutch Shell plc lists on both Euronext Amsterdam and the London Stock Exchange. This conglomeration is composed of operating subsidiaries.
  5. Loyalty Scheme in a Retail Environment
    The point is organization need to build a strong relationship with customers and all the targeted customers through loyalty scheme to maintain and increase the number of customers.
  6. The Shell Company: The Oil and Gas Projects
    This paper is elaborating the various organizational styles in the different activities and the experiences of Shell as a global leader.
  7. Risk Management: Business Scenarios
    The article is devoted to the development of scenarios by companies to identify the risks that may arise for a particular business or industry in the future.
  8. BP and Shell Companies' Financial Analysis
    The assignment focuses on the financial analysis of both BP and Shell companies. The focus of this research is to evaluate the financial performance of both Shell and BP Company.
  9. Royal Dutch Shell Plc's and BP Plc's Financial Analysis
    The paper compares the financial performance of Royal Dutch Shell PLC and BP PLC. Ratio analysis will be used to analyze the financial performance of the two companies.
  10. Royal Dutch Shell PLC and BP PLC: Financial Analysis
    The study focused on ratio analysis of BP PLC and Shell PLC. The two companies have good records in terms of their current assets.
  11. Holistic Marketing in Practice
    The changing legal and political environment can be a major problem for the sustainable growth of Royal Dutch Shell.
  12. BP & Shell Annual Reports Analysis
    The first section of this report provides a critical analysis of the corporate social responsibility and audit issues based on the annual reports of BP and Shell companies in 2019.
  13. Marketing Analysis: Shell Advertisement Campaign
    The paper states that a Shell advertisement campaign should focus on straightforward depictions of the product sold, presented uniquely.

🏆 Best Shell Essay Titles

  1. Environmentalism, Sustainability, and Shell Company
  2. Global Equity Markets: The Case of Royal Dutch Shell
  3. Greenpeace “Save the Arctic” Campaign – Lego and Shell
  4. Human Resources and Technology in Shell Oil Company
  5. Internal and External Influences on Shell in Oman
  6. International Management Issues: Shell in Nigeria
  7. Investing Analysis for Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum
  8. Leadership and Organizational Dynamics for Shell Downstream
  9. Local-Global Organization: Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company
  10. Macro- And Micro- Influences on the Shell Marketing Company, Oman
  11. Multinational Companies and Their Social Responsibilities: Case Study of Shell
  12. Niger Delta and Operations Justification of Shell
  13. Oil and Middle East Politics: The Case of British Petroleum and Shell in the Suez Crisis
  14. Organizational Restructuring Within the Royal Dutch Shell Group
  15. Paradoxes and Dilemmas for Stakeholder Responsive Firms in the Extractive Sector: The Shell Case
  16. Partnering With the State for Sustainable Development: Shell’s Experience in the Niger Delta
  17. Quality Management for Shell Global Corporate Card
  18. Report About Financial Position of Royal Dutch Shell Plc
  19. Royal Dutch Shell: Acquisitions and Globalization
  20. Risk Management Strategy and Plan Document of Shell Company
  21. Royal Dutch Shell: Budgetary Control Analysis
  22. Global Diversity and Inclusion at Royal Dutch Shell
  23. Royal Dutch Shell Company Entry Modes
  24. Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Oil: The Mistreatment of the Ogoni People by Royal Dutch Shell
  25. Royal Dutch Shell: Company Strategies for Dealing With Environmental Issues
  26. Oil Scenarios for Long-Term Business Planning: Royal Dutch Shell and Generative Explanation
  27. Royal Dutch Shell Corporate and Business Social Responsibility
  28. International Marketing of the Royal Dutch Shell Company
  29. Royal Dutch Shell, Enron, and Business Ethics
  30. Shell Oil Company and Human Rights Violations
  31. Royal Dutch Shell: Globe Business and Ethics
  32. Shell Nigeria’s Global Memorandum of Understanding and Corporate-Community Accountability Relations
  33. Royal Dutch Shell: What Does It Take To Bring Change
  34. Shell and the Brent Spa Fiasco: How Restructuring May Prevent Future Conflict
  35. Controlling Royal Dutch Shell’s Budget
  36. Shell: Business Management Strategies and Recommendations
  37. Cross Cultural Communication- Royal Dutch Shell’s Approach
  38. Shell Company: Background and History
  39. Dutch Shell Companies and International Tax Planning
  40. Shell Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities Challenges

❓ Shell Research Questions

  1. What Are Alternatives to the Shell’s Current Business Models?
  2. How Does Shell Company Support Environmental Sustainability?
  3. What Are Strategic Global Marketing Practices of Shell?
  4. How Does ERP Help Improve Business Operations at Shell?
  5. What Is the International Expansion Strategy of Royal Dutch Shell?
  6. Has Shell Been Exposed on Unethical Business Practice of Bribery?
  7. What Are Current Shell Company Problems?
  8. How Well Does Shell Fulfil the Needs of Its Stakeholders?
  9. What Is the Company Structure of Royal Dutch Shell?
  10. How Did Shell Oil Company Globalization Impact the Ogoni Culture?
  11. What Are Long-Term Goals of Royal Dutch Shell Company?
  12. How Is Organized International Management and Decision Making Style in Shell?
  13. What Are the Reasons For Shell’s Special Management?
  14. How Is Structured the International HR Management of Shell Company?
  15. What Is the Target Market of Shell Oil Company?
  16. Does Shell Bear Some Responsibility for the Problems in the Ogoni Region of Nigeria?
  17. What Are Pricing, Distributional, and Promotional Strategies of Shell?
  18. What Is Shell’s Approach to Doing Business?
  19. How Well Does Shell Fulfil the Needs of Its Stakeholders?
  20. What Are the Environment Factors Affecting the Performance of Shell?
  21. Is It Required to Change Corporate Culture at Shell?
  22. What Changes Are to Be Implemented for Shell Strategy to Improve Their Business Position?
  23. What Is the Weakest Link in Shell Company’s Supply Chain?
  24. How Has the Shell Business Model Evolved During the Last Several Years?
  25. What Are Obstacles That Prevent Shell From Further International Expansion?

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