73 Tim Hortons Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Tim Hortons is a Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain that serves coffee, doughnuts, and other fast food items.
Best known for Coffee and donuts.
Other products & services Quick-service restaurant chain.
Origins Founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton and Jim Charade.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people Tim Horton and Jim Charade (Founders), Alex Behring (Chairman of Restaurant Brands International), José Cil (CEO of Restaurant Brands International)
Revenue Over $3 billion
Number of employees Over 100 thousand
Scandals & incidents In March 2020, Tim Hortons met criticism for not offering sick-leave concessions to employees during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.
It is interesting that A whopping 43 million donuts are served per month in Canada by Tim Hortons.
Website www.timhortons.com

đź“ť Tim Hortons Research Papers Examples

  1. Tim Hortons Versus Subway
    This paper is about Tim Hortons and Subway still providing different marketing strategies for reaching a similar purpose, profit gaining.
  2. Tim Hortons Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    Tim Hortons Inc.’s vision articulates what the company hopes to become in the future while helping direct its strategies such as expansion into the global presence.
  3. The Tim Hortons Fast Food Chain's Analysis
    In Canada, the fast-food chain Tim Hortons has taken the spot of the most popular and successful one. The paper analyzes this fast food chain and its product growth.

🏆 Best Tim Hortons Essay Titles

  1. Tim Hortons Auditing Planning Analysis
  2. Burger King, Tim Hortons, and the Canadian Tax Deal
  3. Tim Hortons Case Analysis for Operation Management
  4. Burger King and Tim Hortons Comparative SWOT Analysis
  5. Tim Hortons Corporate Finance Analysis
  6. Global Business Environment Analysis of Tim Hortons
  7. Tim Hortons Corporate Social Responsibility Overview
  8. Company Profile Analysis of Tim Hortons
  9. Tim Hortons Mission Statement and Vision
  10. Code of Ethics: Tim Hortons Company
  11. Tim Hortons’ Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  12. Research Method and Design of Tim Hortons
  13. Tim Hortons’ Organizational Structure Analysis
  14. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Second Cup Comparative Analysis
  15. Tim Hortons Company’s Sustainability and Responsibility
  16. Statistics: Standard Deviation and Tim Hortons
  17. Tim Hortons: The Business and Franchise Opportunities
  18. History of Tim Horton’s Restaurant
  19. Tim Horton’s Use of Institutional Advertising
  20. The Case of the Tim Hortons and Burger King Merger
  21. Tim Hortons Advertisement Analysis
  22. The Major Strengths of Tim Horton’s Sustainability
  23. Marketing Statement for Tim Hortons
  24. Analyzing Reason for Growth of Tim Hortons
  25. Target Market Demographics of Tim Hortons Brand
  26. Illustration of Each Part of Tim Horton’s Marketing Mix (4P’s)
  27. Tim Horton’s Competitive Advantage in Canada
  28. The Importance of Risk Management in Tim Hortons
  29. Benefits of Cup-To-Tray Program for Tim Hortons
  30. The Digital Marketing Strategy: Tim Hortons and Digital Marketing Strategies
  31. Tim Hortons Profile: Canadian Marketing Excellence
  32. Analysis of Pricing Strategies of Tim Hortons and Its Competitors
  33. Tim Hortons’ Core Strategy as the Reason for Its Success
  34. The Objective and Competences of Tim Hortons
  35. Tim Hortons: An Idealized Image of the Canadian National Character
  36. Analysis of Tim Hortons’ Brand Awareness
  37. Tim Hortons: Current Strategies and Future Plans
  38. On What Idea Has Tim Hortons Built Its Brand?
  39. Tim Hortons: Success Factors and Struggle to Stay Relevant to a New Generation
  40. The Status of Tim Hortons as a Brand

âť“ Tim Hortons Research Questions

  1. How Well Does Tim Hortons Perform on “The Brand Report Card”?
  2. Will Tim Hortons Encounter Accounting Problems?
  3. What Has Tim Hortons Done to Differentiate Their Company From the Other Coffee-Based Chain Restaurants?
  4. How Has Tim Hortons Turned From a Local Operation Into an International Franchise?
  5. Is Tim Hortons a Canadian Cultural Icon Now?
  6. How Has Tim Hortons Utilized the Sports Marketing?
  7. What Has the Tim Hortons Company Done to Help the Community?
  8. Why Has Tim Hortons Used Cost Cutting Practices Recently?
  9. What Caused the Tim Hortons’ Disconnection With Its Own Beliefs?
  10. How Does Tim Hortons Engage Customers Online?
  11. What Is the Basis of the Biggest Contribution to Tim Hortons’ Success?
  12. Who Is Tim Hortons Target Audience?
  13. What Marketing Strategy Does Tim Hortons Use?
  14. How Does Tim Hortons Advertise Their Products?
  15. What Is Tim Hortons Competitive Advantage?
  16. Why Tim Hortons Is Better Than Starbucks?
  17. What Is Tim Hortons Value Proposition?
  18. Why Do Consumers Choose to Support Tim Hortons?
  19. What Is Tim Hortons Brand Personality?
  20. How Does Tim Hortons Motivate Its Employees?
  21. What Are the Problems Faced by Tim Hortons?
  22. Why Is Tim Hortons So Important to Canada?
  23. How Is Tim Hortons Socially Responsible?
  24. What Is the Biggest Competitive Threat That Tim Hortons Faces as It Expands in Global Markets?
  25. How Much Does Tim Hortons Spend on Marketing and How Is It Effective?
  26. What Is Tim Hortons Marketing Strategy as a Key Player in Food Industry?
  27. Is It Required to Change Corporate Culture at Tim Hortons?
  28. What Are the Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution Strategies of Tim Hortons?
  29. How Do Business Environment and Economic Trends Affect Performance of Tim Hortons?
  30. What Are the Characteristics of Competitive and Coordinating Behavior of Tim Hortons?

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