84 eBay Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview An American multinational e-commerce company that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.
Best known for Online auctions.
Other products & services Online shopping.
Origins Founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters San Jose, California, U.S.
Key people Pierre Omidyar (Founder), Thomas J. Tierney (chairman), Jamie Iannone (president & CEO)
Revenue Over $10 billion
Number of employees Over 10 thousand
Scandals & incidents A former eBay security manager, Philip Cooke, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after helping to orchestrate a batshit insane plot to terrorize a Massachusetts couple who criticized the company in their newsletter.
It is interesting that The most expensive item ever sold on eBay remains to be a 405-foot yacht, complete with necessary amenities such as a movie theatre for $168 million.
Website www.ebay.com

📝 eBay Research Papers Examples

  1. Real-Time Bidding System in Business
    Information technology arose with diverse strategies to negotiate sales and supply products across the globe.
  2. EBay Company's Brand Position Analysis
    This paper highlights that the eBay brand has been weakened by focusing too much on individual products that are owned and manufactured by the vendors on the platform.
  3. EBay Company's Entry into the Japanese Market
    The entry strategy of eBay Company into the Japanese market was not right and timely, as would be expected. It was a wrong strategy for eBay to enter Japan late.
  4. Success of Effective Marketing Strategies
    Good marketing strategies should allow firms to easily market their products and services across all cross cultural barriers through localization of services across borders to allow foreign consumers embrace the firm’s products.
  5. Report on E-Business Between China and USA
    From the analysis of e-business, USA provides better quality than China. China's technological and economical level is the obstacle of its insulate.
  6. Virtual Fitting Room: Product Marketing
    For this purpose we have come up with a product called the Virtual Fitting Room. This is an interactive virtual fitting room with real-time clothing changing function.
  7. EBay Company Analysis
    The secrets of success are closely associated with the strategy implemented by the Company and the online origin of business performance.
  8. Internet Business and Electronic Commerce
    The internet is dominated by online retail outlets. The retail industry is characterized by extensive use of the internet to transact their trades.
  9. EBay: Customer Support Outsourcing
    Customer support outsourcing for eBay is a brilliant idea since it will increase the economic stability of the world at large.
  10. Pay Pal Wars Economic Review
    PayPal wars is one of the most outstanding accounts that have been put on paper of the trying days of dot-com from 2000 to 2001.
  11. Amazon and eBay Firms' Customer Perceived Value
    The paper discusses the customer perceived value of Amazon and eBay, and further explains a new proposed value for the markets.
  12. EBay Inc.'s Stock Option Plans
    eBay’s management must have done a cost-benefit analysis of compensating its employees with stock option (non-cash) means as opposed to other modes of compensation.
  13. EBay Inc.'s Financial Health in 1999-2000
    The information from the ratio and the vertical and horizontal analysis clearly shows that the eBay company is very sound,
  14. EBay, Clorox Company, Darden Restaurants Inc.'s Financial Components
    This report will identify and analyze some of the financial components of the three companies, that is, eBay, Clorox, and Darden Restaurants Inc.
  15. Financial Analysis of Ebay Inc. Company
    The report provides an in-depth understanding of the financial operations and analysis of eBay Inc, including horizontal and vertical analyses and outcomes of financial ratios.
  16. Retail Management and Merchandising
    Most of the SMEs conducted their operations in fragmented markets whose expansion was restricted by the limited communication channels to promote their products.
  17. Amazon's, eBay's, and Apple's Employee Benefits Program
    The paper focuses on three publicly traded companies, Amazon, eBay, and Apple. Benefits assist in recruiting and retaining top talent by supporting an employee’s financial future.

🏆 Best eBay Essay Titles

  1. Achieving Long-Term Strategic Objectives at eBay
  2. Advanced Information and Communication Technology at eBay
  3. Amazon and eBay: The New Face of Web Services
  4. Analyzing eBay and Its Competition Strategies
  5. Auction Fortunes Are Dependant on eBay Software
  6. Benford’s Law and Naturally Occurring Prices in Certain eBay Auctions
  7. Comparative Analysis of eBay and Taobao
  8. Cross-Border Shopping and State Use Tax Liabilities: Evidence From eBay Transactions
  9. Dealing With Negative Feedback on eBay
  10. RadioShack and eBay Websites’ Privacy Policies
    The companies can improve their privacy policies by introducing an IP address to be logged along with dates and times of accessing the site once a person visits the site.
  11. Ebay’s Innovative Business Model and Key Success Factors
  12. The Discussion of eBay Customer Support Outsourcing
  13. eBay Inc.: Information Technology and Strategy
  14. Strategic Issues and Problems eBay Faces
  15. eBay Managing Success in a Dynamic Online Marketplace
  16. Strategic Issues and Recommendations for eBay
  17. eBay Marketing Strategies and Values Analysis
  18. Strategic Management of eBay Expanding Into Asia
  19. eBay’s Future Growth and Strategy
  20. Competition, Endogeneity, and the Winning Bid: An Empirical Analysis of eBay Auctions
  21. eBay’s Success and the Role of Globalization
  22. Internal Factor Evaluation for eBay Inc.
  23. eBay: “The World’s Largest Online Marketplace”: A Case Study
  24. Estimating Demand From eBay Prices
  25. External Environment for eBay in the Us and Asia
  26. Factors Affecting the Long-Term Survival of eBay Ventures
  27. Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay: Internet-Driving Competition or Market Monopolization
  28. Internet Technology and the Extensive Margin of Trade: Evidence From eBay in Emerging Economies
  29. Leadership Analysis: Meg Whitman as eBay CEO
  30. Markets, Trust, and Cultural Biases: Evidence From eBay
  31. Finding New Markets for eBay Around the Earth
  32. Patent Policy and American Innovation After eBay: An Empirical Examination
  33. Pennies From eBay: The Determinants of Price in Online Auctions
  34. Public Versus Secret Reserve Prices in eBay Auctions
  35. Remorse, Risk Aversion, and Efficiency in eBay Coin Auctions
  36. Reputation and Adverse Selection: Theory and Evidence From eBay
  37. Retail Strategies and Analyses for Amazon and eBay
  38. Special Rules for Selling Software on eBay
  39. Spotting Fakes and Frauds on eBay
  40. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying on eBay
  41. The Best IPO Approach for eBay and Skype

❓ eBay Research Questions

  1. What Are the Business Strategy Adopted by eBay in the Evolution of Its Internationalization Efforts?
  2. Does eBay Deal Effectively With Its External Environment?
  3. What Challenges Has eBay Faced During Asian Market Entry?
  4. How Does eBay Use Data and Analytics to Get Closer to Its Customer?
  5. What Services Does eBay Offer Its Customers?
  6. What Can You Learn From Competing eBay Auctions?
  7. Should eBay Sell Counterfeit Items on Their Website?
  8. Why Does eBay Have Problems in Asian Markets Now?
  9. Can eBay Continue Growing?
  10. Why Have the Sales of eBay Increased Last Year?
  11. What Are the Main Success Factors for eBay?
  12. Should State and Local Government Bidding for Big Businesses Be More Like eBay?
  13. What Are the Prominent Difference Between eBay and Its Competitors?
  14. Should You Run Auctions on Other Sites Besides eBay?
  15. What Are Competitive Advantages of eBay in the Existing Market?
  16. How Have Strategic Decisions Supported eBay Growth?
  17. What Are Obstacles That Prevent eBay From Further International Expansion?
  18. How Could eBay Avoid Its Failure in China?
  19. What Has the eBay Company Done to Help the Community?
  20. Why Do Itunes Gift Cards Sell Above Face Value on eBay?
  21. What Are eBay’s Crucial Success Factors?
  22. Are eBay Auctions Efficient?
  23. What Are Examples of Impact of the External Environment on eBay?
  24. How Has the eBay Business Model Evolved During the Last Several Years?
  25. What Changes Are to Be Implemented for eBay Strategy to Improve Their Business Position?
  26. How Do Business Environment and Economic Trends Affect Performance of eBay?

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