Amazon’s, eBay’s, and Apple’s Employee Benefits Program

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The paper focuses on three publicly traded companies, Amazon, eBay, and Apple. Benefits assist in recruiting and retaining top talent by supporting an employee’s family, health, and financial future. The presentation shows a comparison of the employee benefit programs for three publicly-traded companies.

Amazon’s Benefits Package

Health Benefits

Amazon has medical plan options where employees get to pick the best care in their area as the company offers a variety of plans, including numerous network providers and a Health Savings Account (, 2022). Moreover, one gets to enroll in dental and vision coverage and Flexible Spending Accounts for health and dependent care made available by the organization (, 2022).

Financial Security

Amazon’s 401(k) plan allows the worker to defer compensation for long-term savings while also providing a business match (, 2022). Additionally, basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is provided by the company, with the opportunity to acquire additional coverage for employees and their families (, 2022). The company also offers short-term and long-term disability benefits. The awarding and vesting of Restricted Stock Units allows most Amazon employees to become shareholders in the company (, 2022). Employees receive an annual discount on products sold and shipped by

Time Off

Employees are given paid vacation time in addition to paid holidays (, 2022). In addition, Amazon offers a variety of fully paid Maternity and Parental Leave options. The options include the industry’s “Leave Share” option and the “Ramp Back” flexible return-to-work program (, 2022).

Work/Life Balance

Amazon helps with adoption expenses such as attorney fees and court costs for approved domestic and international adoptions. In addition, through Career Choice, employees can gain in-demand skills for future vocations, such as robotics engineers and solar panel installers (, 2022).

Apple’s Benefits Package

Health and Wellness

Apple offers multiple flexible medical plans covering mental and physical healthcare. Employees can also consult medical specialists anywhere and receive free-confidential counseling, whether virtual or in-person (Apple, 2022). In addition, family-friendly features like well-child exams, fertility treatments, and childhood vaccines are included in its medical coverage plans (Apple, 2022).

Time Off

Employees get paid time off if they need to care for an ailing family member, as well as free advice on finding daycare, elder care, legal referrals, and other services (Apple, 2022). In addition, the company provides paid leave and a progressive return-to-work program to all types of new parents (Apple, 2022).

Financial Benefits

Apple ensures that women earn the same as men performing similar work (Apple, 2022). Additionally, it offers Apple shareholder opportunities to every employee (Apple, 2022). The workers are all eligible for stock grants and a discount on Apple stock purchases. Moreover, Apple’s 401(k) matching program can assist employees in meeting their retirement savings objectives (Apple, 2022).

Work/Life Balance

Apple University develops workshops, seminars, and out-of-classroom tools to assist employees in grasping Apple’s culture, organization, principles, and global role (Apple, 2022). In addition, the company pays for certain educational expenditures, including tuition, if one needs additional formal education to advance an employee career at Apple (Apple, 2022). Furthermore, apple employees receive discounts on products for themselves and their families (Apple, 2022).

eBay’s Benefits Program

Health and Wellness

The organization offers Select Health HMO, Kaiser HMO, and Anthem Blue Cross PPO (eBay, 2022). In addition, the company uses Delta Dental to provide comprehensive coverage in dental insurance. Furthermore, it offers the Vision Service Plan for vision insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts, where workers pay tax-free dollars for eligible expenses (eBay, 2022). Employees have the Employee Assistance Program, life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment for all workers for twice their annual salary (eBay, 2022).

Furthermore, the company offers short- and long-term disability insurance, business travel insurance for emergency travel assistance and supplemental insurance, and an eHealth Highway program (eBay, 2022).

Time Off

The company offers paid time off and gives a sabbatical to four-year-old workers to break the pace and intensity of work and give room for recharging (eBay, 2022). The leaves include Personal Leave, Maternity Leave, and the Family Medical Leave Act.

Financial Benefits

eBay’s 401(k) plan provides a simple, tax-advantaged option to save for retirement and has an employee stock purchase plan (eBay, 2022). Furthermore, the company has a referral program that workers use to earn $1000 when their referral gets hired (eBay, 2022). The organization matches employees’ charitable contributions to eligible organizations.

Work/Life Balance

All employees have access to development resources, such as training for supervisors and career development planning (eBay, 2022). In addition, the company offers pet insurance, an adoption assistance program, and ergonomic consultations for its employees.


I would choose eBay to work for. I liked the medical insurance offered by the company, such as Delta Dental, the Vision Service Plan, and the life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (eBay, 2022). Moreover, I was impressed by eBay’s 401(k) plan, which provides a simple, tax-advantaged option to save for retirement.

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