80 Saudi Aramco Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Saudi Aramco is the largest producer of crude oil in the world. They account for the majority of the world’s crude oil and natural gas exports.
Best known for Petroleum and natural gas.
Other products & services Petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical derivatives.
Origins Established in 1933 through a concession of Saudi Arabia with the standard oil cooperation of California
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Key people Amin H. Nasser (President & CEO), Yasir Al-Rumayyan (Chairman)
Revenue Over $359 billion
Number of employees Over 66 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2022, Deutsche Bank found the Saudi Aramco’s dealings with dodgy competitor – Petrobras, with 1.5 billion dollars of suspicious transactions.
It is interesting that The company posted a net income of $46.9 billion for the first half of 2019. This is double what the world’s most valuable public company, Apple, made in the same period.
Website www.aramco.com

📝 Saudi Aramco Research Papers Examples

  1. Strategic' Supply Chain Competition
    Business essay sample: As competition increased or becomes stiff, new competition frontiers emerge. One such new competition frontier is the supply chain.
  2. Saudi Aramco Company: Engineering Economic Strategy
    Business essay sample: All operations, explorations, and concerns regarding oil and gas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pass through Saudi Aramco.
  3. Saudi Aramco Oil Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: This case study utilizes different concepts and ideas to analyse Saudi Aramco’s business model and how most of the implemented strategies and decisions have contributed to its success.
  4. Ethical Culture at the Workplace
    Business essay sample: Unethical behaviors are associated with weak ethical culture of an organization where unacceptable behaviors are not defined or where ethical culture is not promoted.
  5. Saudi Arabia Economics: Dependanting of Oil
    Business essay sample: We can say that Saudi Arabia is actually nothing but a giant oil pump, the existence of which only makes sense for as long as it remains operational.
  6. The History of Saudi Aramco from 1930 to 1940
    Business essay sample: Saudi Arabia was sized as the world's largest oil producing country. This success can be attributed to the signing of a concession where Saudi Aramco was established.
  7. Managing Project Teams in Kaust`s Project
    Business essay sample: Paper shows King Abdullah University of Science and Technology project`s experience in people management (from management the employees teams and the owners of the project teams).
  8. The Petrochemical Industry - Sabic and Aramco
    Business essay sample: The output of the company has been high, and it has been increasing over all the years without any issues which could have resulted in a decline.
  9. Change Management in Aramco
    Business essay sample: Saudi Aramco is the national oil arm of the Saudi Government and is the biggest oil company. The company is credited with being in control of the largest oil deposits in the world.
  10. Saudi Aramco Rapid Transformation Strategy
    Business essay sample: Knowledge management and intellectual capital entail various issues related to the application of information technologies, to enhance Saudi Aramco business operations.
  11. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    Business essay sample: ERP systems have proven to be worth investing in as the benefits accrue to the organization for the long term.

🏆 Best Saudi Aramco Essay Titles

  1. Saudi Aramco Company Leadership Style Assessment
  2. Cargo Possession Dispute: Saudi Aramco vs. AMEX
  3. Saudi Aramco Oil Company and Information System Strategy
  4. Issues Plaguing Saudi Aramco Company
  5. Saudi Aramco’s Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Management – Shipping and Logistics Aspect
  6. The Role of Saudi Aramco Company on the Oil Market
  7. Saudi Aramco Specialist Development Program
  8. Analysis of Relative Efficiency of Saudi Aramco
  9. Saudi Aramco: The Largest Oil Company in the World
  10. Position in Global System of Saudi Aramco Oil Company
  11. Saudi Aramco: Its History, Joint Ventures, Future Expansion, and Value
  12. Legal and Regulatory Environment of Saudi Aramco
  13. Economic and Competitive Environment of Saudi Aramco
  14. Economic Crimes and Oil and Gas Transactions
    Oil and gas transactions are one of the major financial transactions that malicious individuals can use to their advantage.
  15. Refining, Marketing, and Distribution of Saudi Aramco
  16. Analysis of Staff Development of Saudi Aramco
  17. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Saudi Aramco
  18. Saudi Aramco: Company History and Business Strategy
  19. Analysis of Saudi Aramco Safety Structure
  20. Appropriateness of the “FMEA” Analysis as Applied in Saudi Aramco
  21. Economic Activity of the Saudi Aramco Company, as a Monopoly
  22. Treats Saudi Aramco Is Facing Among the Industry
  23. Management Development in Saudi Aramco Oil Company in Saudi Arabia
  24. Coaching and Mentoring Program in Saudi Aramco Oil Company
  25. Leadership Development and Organizational Culture at Saudi Aramco
  26. Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities for Saudi Aramco
  27. Globalization Impacts on Saudi Aramco Operations: Overview and Analysis
  28. A Unique Corporate Culture of Saudi Aramco
  29. Cybercrime and Its Impact in the Gulf Cooperation Council Region
    The paper aimed to explore the nature of cybercrime and its impact on the financial sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council region was given extra attention.
  30. The Benefits of the College Degree Program of Saudi Aramco
  31. Saudi Aramco: A Blend Between Profit and Politics
  32. Distribution and Marketing Practices of Saudi Aramco
  33. Expansion of Saudi Aramco on the Global Oil Market
  34. Saudi Aramco: Overview of Current Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities
  35. Political Factors Affecting Performance of Saudi Aramco
  36. Historical Background of Saudi Aramco Company
  37. Value Chain Appraisal for Saudi Aramco Company
  38. Saudi Aramco: A Fully Integrated Global Enterprise
  39. Impact of Saudi Aramco on the External Environment
  40. Saudi Aramco Company: Engineering Economic Strategy Analysis
  41. Analysis of the Role of Saudi Amarco in the Saudi Economy
  42. SWOT and PESTEL Analyses of Saudi Aramco

❓ Saudi Aramco Research Questions

  1. What Alternatives Can Saudi Aramco Take To Initialize a Vibrant Workplace Culture Using the Work-Life Balance Paradigm?
  2. Why Saudi Aramco Is the Most Profitable Company?
  3. What Factors Enhance Saudi Aramco’s Position in the Domestic Market?
  4. How Does Saudi Aramco Communicate Its Image Nationally and Internationally?
  5. What Are the Career Development Practices in Saudi Aramco?
  6. Why Is the Saudi Aramco Most Profitable Company on the Earth?
  7. What Are the Effects of Globalization on Saudi Aramco?
  8. What Is Saudi Aramco’s Marketing Mix?
  9. How Is Intensity of Rivalry Within Saudi Arabia Affects the Performance of Saudi Aramco?
  10. What Is the Position of Saudi Aramco in Global Markets?
  11. How Does Saudi Aramco Affect Air and Water Quality in Saudi Arabia?
  12. What Are Benefits From the CSR and Sustainability Efforts by Saudi Aramco?
  13. How Would You Assess Saudi Aramco Company’s Work-Life Balance and Culture?
  14. What Are Key Broad Business-Level and International Strategies of Saudi Amarco?
  15. How Is Saudi Aramco’s Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Management Organized?
  16. What Are Challenges and Opportunities for Saudi Aramco’s IPO?
  17. What Is the Saudi Aramco’s Security Company Outsourcing Strategy?
  18. How Can Michael Porter’s Five Forces Be Applied for Analysis of Saudi Aramco’s Performance?
  19. What Are the Main Success Factors for Saudi Aramco?
  20. What Are Peculiriaties of Process Selection and Facility Structure in Saudi Aramco?
  21. How Are Saudi Aramco Production Processes Organized?
  22. What HRM Practices Does Saudi Aramco Apply?
  23. How Does Saudi Aramco Organizational Structure Look Like?
  24. What Is the Innovation Strategy of Saudi Aramco?
  25. How Do Business Environment and Economic Trends Affect Performance of Saudi Aramco?
  26. What Is the Weakest Link in Saudi Aramco Company’s Supply Chain?
  27. What Changes Are to Be Implemented for Saudi Aramco Strategy to Improve Their Business Position?

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