72 Nintendo Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational video game company.
Best known for Video Games and Video Game Consoles.
Other products & services Video game industry, Consumer electronics
Origins Founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters 11–1 Kamitoba Hokodatecho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Key people Fusajiro Yamauchi (Founder), Shuntaro Furukawa (president), Shigeru Miyamoto (fellow)
Revenue Over $13 billion
Number of employees Almost 6 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2010, Nintendo was accused for using minerals that were mined against people’s will.
It is interesting that The NES held the record for most console sales in history all the way through 2006, when Nintendo released the Wii.
Website www.nintendo.com

📝 Nintendo Research Papers Examples

  1. Nintendo Company Strategy
    The video gaming industry is dominated by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The three companies have battled for market supremacy since the late 1990s.
  2. SWOT Analysis of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
    This paper provides a SWOT analysis of Nintendo Co., Ltd, a multinational corporation with its primary headquarters located in Japan, specializing in home entertainment.

🏆 Best Nintendo Essay Titles

  1. Nintendo’s Strategy in 2009: The Ongoing Battle With Microsoft and Sony
  2. Comparative Marketing Analysis of Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, and Playstation Two
  3. Nintendo Analysis of Micro- And Macro- Environment
  4. Strategic Management: Case Study of Nintendo Co. Ltd
  5. Nintendo and Its Impact on Global Innovation
  6. The Role of Nintendo in the Gaming Industry
  7. Nintendo Brand Audit and Fingerprint
  8. Overview of Nintendo Business Model and Key Issues
  9. Nintendo Company: Strategic Management Overview
  10. The Competition Among the Three Main Video Game Companies: Nintendo, Sega, and Sony
  11. Nintendo Company: SWOT and PESTEL Analyses
  12. Blue Ocean Strategy: Cases of Crocs, Nintendo Wii
  13. Nintendo: Disruptor Being Disrupted
  14. Analysis of Nintendo’s Competition Management
  15. Nintendo DS: Changing the Way of Portable Gaming
  16. Supply Chain Issues That Plagued Nintendo Wii
  17. Nintendo Gameboy Colour Launch Retrospective Analysis
  18. Marketing Plan for Nintendo Switch Promotion
  19. Nintendo Gamecube and Its Effects on Nintendo
  20. Nintendo Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps)
  21. Differences Between Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii
  22. Nintendo Product Pricing and Bundling Analysis
  23. Analysis of Nintendo Product Pricing and Bundling
  24. Nintendo’s Innovative Resource Strategy Overview
  25. Innovation Organization Withing Nintendo Company
  26. Nintendo’s New Strategic Approach: A Switch Case Study
  27. Overview of Leadership and Change Importance for Nintendo
  28. Nintendo’s Strategic Decision for New Market Space
  29. Comparative Analysis of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. And Nintendo of America
  30. Nintendo SWOT Analysis and Strategy Recommendations
  31. Strategic Marketing Analysis for Nintendo Wii
  32. Nintendo Target Consumer Groups and Unique Selling Proposition
  33. Marketing Plan and Situational Analysis for Nintendo Switch
  34. Nintendo: The Japanese Video Game Console Manufacturing
  35. Retrospective of Marketing Strategy for Nintendo Gamecube
  36. Nintendo: The Key Player in the Fast-Changing Video Game Industry
  37. Analysis of Market Strategies and Competition of Nintendo Switch
  38. Nintendo Video Game Revolution and Five Forces Model
  39. Nintendo Wii Accidents and Injuries
  40. Nintendo Wii: Marketing Objectives and Target Markets

❓ Nintendo Research Questions

  1. What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Nintendo?
  2. How Did Wii Boost Nintendo Net Worth Internationally?
  3. What Are Video Game Consoles Developed and Manufactured by Nintendo?
  4. Why Has for Several Decades Nintendo Remained a Key Player in the Fast-Changing Video Game Industry?
  5. How Has Nintendo Boosted the Technological Development?
  6. Was Nintendo Just Lucky, or Does the Wii’s Success Have Strategic Merit?
  7. Will Nintendo Survive the Vastly Developing Video Game Industry in North America?
  8. What Is the Nature of Nintendo’s Competitive Forces?
  9. How Has Nintendo Products Evolved Since Entering the Video Games Market?
  10. What Are the Factors That Lead to the Success of Nintendo in the Market?
  11. How Does Nintendo Deal With the Competition in the Video Game Industry?
  12. What Were Nintendo Wii Product Launch-Related Challenges?
  13. How Does Tough Economic Environment Affect Nintendo?
  14. What Are the Core Competencies of Nintendo as a Video Games Company?
  15. How Did Nintendo Make Its Way From Product Loser to Product Leader?
  16. Will Nintendo Be Able to Keep Its Customers’ Loyalty in the Long Term?
  17. Does Nintendo Deal Effectively With Its External Environment?
  18. How Can Nintendo Maintain Its Position as Leader?
  19. What Challenges Has Nintendo Faced During American Market Entry?
  20. Will Nintendo Be Able to Face the Competition and Maintain Its Leadership Position?
  21. What Are the Prominent Difference Between Nintendo and Its Competitors?
  22. How Could Nintendo Avoid Its Failure With Wii U?
  23. Why Is the Nintendo Company So Successful in the United States?
  24. What Peculiarities Does Nintendo Use to Promote Their Products?
  25. How Did Nintendo and Video Games Get Popular?
  26. What Is Nintendo’s Corporate Structure?
  27. Who Are the Targeted Customers of the Nintendo Company?
  28. What Is the Positioning Strategy of the Nintendo Company?
  29. When Should Nintendo Have Launched Its Wii?
  30. What Is the Innovation Strategy of Nintendo?

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