76 Gap Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview An American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer that operates six primary divisions: Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix, Athleta, and Janie and Jack.
Best known for Everyday apparel
Other products & services Apparel, Accessories, Personal care products.
Origins In 1969, the Fishers opened the first Gap retail store on San Francisco’s Ocean Avenue.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S.
Key people Bob Martin (Executive Chairman and interim CEO), Don Fisher (Founder)
Revenue Over $13 billion
Number of employees Over 117 thousand
Scandals & incidents Gap was found to use the child labor for making clothes in India.
It is interesting that Don Fisher found the Gap because he couldn’t find an appropriate pair of jeans.
Website www.gap.com

📝 Gap Research Papers Examples

  1. Hyundai Company’s Strategic Marketing Plan
    What is Hyundai marketing strategy? 🚘 This paper evaluates the performance and marketing concepts for Hyundai Sonata hybrid within the Indonesia market. 🌏 Read it to learn more about Hyundai target audience and business strategies. ✅
  2. Benetton, Gap, A&F Hiring on the Basis of Looks
    Benetton and Gap hire attractive people from diverse races and backgrounds, while A&F has been accused of being too selective, hiring only blondes.
  3. Gap Inc. and Hennes & Mauritz (H&M): Company Analysis
    The analysis will focus on discussing the history of the companies, evaluating the company's performance, and giving recommendations on which company is suitable for investment.
  4. Gap INC Company: Financial Statements
    Gap Inc is doing well financially since it is able to meet its obligations as they fall due, and the assets of the company are also managed effectively.
  5. Bridging the Gap in Business
    Gap is facing several challenging aspects, especially the driving forces which are affecting the clothes industry, including the information revolution.
  6. Employee Engagement in Decision-Making
    ​Employee engagement in decision-making has been lauded in many studies, indicating its relative effectiveness in elevating organizational performance.
  7. GAP Inc.: Strategic Management Plan
    GAP Inc. was established in 1988, and since then, it has evolved into a company employing more than 120,000 people with retail stores in several continents.
  8. Addressing the Diversity Gap in Leadership
    To improve the diversity gap in leadership, organizational management should be addressed. It is related to human resource management.
  9. Lacoste, Pull & Bear, and GAP: Human Resource Practices
    The purpose of the given report is to overview human resource practices of Lacoste, Pull & Bear, and GAP and offer recommendations.

🏆 Best Gap Essay Titles

  1. Company Report. The Gap Inc and the Subsidiary Business Units: Old Navy and the Banana Republic
  2. Old Navy and the Infantilization of the American Consumer
  3. Vendetta: Credit History and Old Navy
  4. Old Navy Promotional Strategy: Overview and Analysis
  5. Production and Demand: Banana Republic Retail Store
  6. Old Navy’s Launching Mobile Marketing Campaign
  7. Relation Between Gap, Old Navy, and the Banana Republic
  8. The Difference Between the Banana Republic and Gap
  9. Abercrombie & Fitch and the Gap: Comparative Analysis
  10. Analysis and Strategy Recommendation for Gap Inc
  11. Gap Inc.’s Decision to Raise Minimum Wages Analysis
  12. Analysis of the Financial Accounting of Gap Inc
  13. Gap Inc and Increasing Its Share of the Market
  14. Old Navy: Advertising Strategy Analysis
  15. Gap Inc: New Business Mission Analysis
  16. Internal and External Factors Affecting Gap Brand
  17. Gap: Strategic Options and Operational Objectives
  18. Brand History and Overview of Gap
  19. Gap Inc: Strategic Management Case Study
  20. The Turbulent Global Economic Conditions: The Gap Inc
  21. Gap Inc Competitive Advantage Analysis
  22. The Gap Inc: Strategy and Corporate Finance Report
  23. Gap Inc Financial Statement Analysis
  24. The Gap Inc: Applying the Generic Competitive Strategies
  25. Gap Inc.’s Strategic Audit and Management Report
  26. Target Market Segmentation Research for Gap Inc
  27. Gap Inc: Industry and Company Analysis
  28. Analysis of Human Resource Training for Gap Inc
  29. Gap Inc.: Has the Retailer Lost Its Style?
  30. Global Brand Management Structure: Gap Inc
  31. Gap Inc Position and Potential Strategy
  32. Analysis of Gap Inc Sales Plan and Promotion
  33. Gap Inc’s Working Conditions and Their Social Responsibility
  34. Integrated Marketing Communications in Guess and Gap
  35. Gap Inc: SWOT Analysis, PESTLE, Five Forces
  36. Limited Brands and Gap, Inc. Financial Analyses
  37. Marketing Matrix Between Gap Inc and Their Competitors
  38. Gap Inc.: Marketing Strategy Analysis of the Company
  39. Recommendations for Gap Inc: Improving Stakeholder Management
  40. Gap’s Structure, Products, Mission, Revenues, and Leadership

❓ Gap Research Questions

  1. What Challenges Does Banana Republic Face During COVID-19 Pandemic?
  2. What Are the Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution Strategies of Old Navy?
  3. What Are Gap’s Core Competencies?
  4. Does Gap Have Strong Financial Leverage?
  5. What Are the Main Domestic and Worldwide Competitors of Gap?
  6. Can Gap Develop a Strategy to Connect With Consumers?
  7. What Are Competitive Priorities and Capabilities, Productivity at Gap?
  8. Can Old Navy’s Boss Lead a Turnaround at Gap Inc.?
  9. What Is the Overall Strategic Position of Gap Inc In the UK?
  10. How Does Process Strategy and Structure of Gap Look Like?
  11. What Is the Fashioning Marketing Strategy of Gap?
  12. Why Does Gap Outsource Its Manufacturing?
  13. What Has the Gap Company Done to Help the Community?
  14. What Peculiarities Does Old Navy Use to Promote Their Products?
  15. What Is the Role of the Old Navy in the International Business Market?
  16. Who Are the Targeted Customers of the Gap Company?
  17. What Are Changes Taking Place in Gap Marketing Practices in the Digital Age?
  18. Is Old Navy’s Main Goal to Maximize Customer Satisfaction?
  19. What Will Lure the Customer to Old Navy for Its Products?
  20. How Has Gap Been Performing the Last Three Years?
  21. What Are the Marketing Challenges in Old Navy?
  22. Does the Big Data Approach Work for All Three of Gap Inc.’s Primary Brands?
  23. What Are the Main Success Factors for the Banana Republic?
  24. Can Gap Prosper Without Mall Stores?
  25. What Are the Prominent Difference Between the Banana Republic and Its Competitors?
  26. What Are Supply Chain Management Practices Applied at Gap?
  27. What Are Obstacles That Prevent Gap From Further International Expansion?

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